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  1. As has been mentioned several times in multiple threads: it ABSOLUTELY DOES have influence on gameplay, for some people. Please stop making sweeping generalizations and assuming how people play this game and/or WHY people play this game. Some, like me, like to play FM-games and get immersed into the world of football the game creates. That includes forming bonds and connecting with fake players. It also includes not breaking immersion every time we see chernobyl-mutated newgens and managers.
  2. He has always wanted to dictate how people play this game. If one would try to engage him in a discussion about topic X he would respond with "I think I'm in a better position to talk about X". If one then disagrees = BANNED. That way he can live in his twitter bubble and recieve only praise. Truly an adult way of acting =)
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. As of now there is no discernible way to determine the exact league average.
  4. My feedback for this incredibly realistic and rewarding game will come in the form of some stats. These are the latest 10 games I haven't won. I would go back further (spoiler: it's the same pattern), but I can't see the stats from those games. Note: All my players are world class or slightly below. Second note: If the problem is my tactics, why are we creating sooo many good chances, hitting the woodwork, or opposition goalkeepers playing like Schmeichel while their strikers play like (fat)Ronaldo? PSG-Southampton: 3-0 Shots: 14-14 On target: 7-4 Possession: 56-44 Woodwork: 0-0 CCC: 3-3 HC: 2-2 Longshots: 3-2 West Ham-Southampton: 1-0 Shots: 8-12 On target: 3-4 Possession: 48-52 Woodwork: 0-1 CCC: 1-3 HC: 0-1 Longshots: 3-3 Swansea-Southampton: 2-1 Shots: 6-24 On target: 5-12 Possession: 44-56 Woodwork: 0-1 CCC: 2-3 HC: 2-2 Longshots: 0-4 Southampton-Man U: 2-2 Shots: 20-3 On target: 8-2 Possession: 63-37 Woodwork: 0-0 CCC: 5-1 HC: 5-0 Longshots: 2-1 Arsenal-Southampton: 1-0 Shots: 6-12 On target: 3-5 Possession: 45-55 Woodwork: 0-2 CCC: 1-2 HC: 1-4 Longshots: 2-4 Southampton-Liverpool: 2-2 Shots: 20-13 On target: 7-2 Possession: 60-40 Woodwork: 0-0 CCC: 4-1 HC: 3-3 Longshots: 4-3 Southampton-Tottenham: 3-3 Shots: 20-12 On target: 8-3 Possession: 56-44 Woodwork: 1-1 CCC: 3-1 HC: 5-2 Longshots: 3-2 Man C-Southampton: 3-2 Shots: 5-15 On target: 3-5 Possession: 43-57 Woodwork: 0-0 CCC: 0-3 HC: 1-2 Longshots: 2-3 Southampton-Stoke: 1-1 Shots: 23-4 On target: 8-2 Possession: 59-41 Woodwork: 0-0 CCC: 2-0 HC: 4-1 Longshots: 5-3 Southampton-Man U: 2-2 Shots: 20-3 On target: 8-2 Possession: 63-37 Woodwork: 0-0 CCC: 5-1 HC: 5-0 Longshots: 2-1
  5. Soooo many goalkeeper vs striker/winger 1v1 that the opposition goalkeeper saves. I get at the very least 3 per game, and score maaaybe 1 (if I'm lucky). My striker is Diego Costa, my wingers are E. Hazard and Reus. They simply cannot fathom dribbling past the keeper, placing the shot, a simple chip, or ANY other method than shooting straight at the keeper or for some reason shoot 5 miles wide.
  6. Why can't any of my players score any 1v1?? I get an average of 3 per game (at the very least) and score maybe 1 in 5 (at the very most). Ridiculous.
  7. Sorry for the background text being in Swedish, but these are (to me at least) som big issues:
  8. 5 people just stopped playing, they must be preparing an anouncement! #figurativelydying
  9. I agree with everything you said, except the part about beta-release being a bonus. It is being used as an incentive for pre-ordering. Therefore, it IS a feature.
  10. Don't do this to my fragile heart. Haven't got any work done in the last 2 hours.
  11. Yes, lets start arguing about definitions. How about just saying those of us who want the editor want it WITH the actual game.
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