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  1. Ah! that makes sense thanks. ^_^ I've been wondering.. Gai Yigaal Assulin ? I was considering G-ai Ji-geal As-sul-in But I'm not sure :/
  2. sounds very english-like to me. Ee-van Raak-itish (Most english can't prenounce the first part of his last name)
  3. Iker Bengoetxea = eek-er Ben-goh-et-che-a tx is prenounced che in basque. sheh if he's catelonian.
  4. Agree on most of them,however... Sergio Hellings = Ser-Geeo Hey-ings (if he's spanish) Cillian Sheridan = Sill-ian Shear-i-dun Sam Oji = Sam O-sjee
  5. United is refusing to score with this tacitc o.O Creaing like 30 chances. Only hitting 5 on target. It's probably my own fault, but it's getting annoying Lost a game against WestBrom 2-0 I mean.. seriously?! Any tips? When I do hit the target it seems like super-keeper is back :x
  6. I've mentioned it before but: - I close down players with 15+ creativity or long shots - I tight mark and hard tackle all players except for defenders - I show one footed players onto their weaker foot. And I show wingers onto their weaker foot. Then I check out their 2 CBs. If they have great aerial ability, I give my Targetman (Adebayor/Bendtner) delivery to "Feet". If they're fast defenders and they lack aerial ability, I set delivery to "Head". If they're average CBs, I give "Mixed" delivery. Also, I give team-talks which turn half-time losses into wins by the end of the match (read W
  7. Makoun is doing excellent for me, scoring a lot of goals. I have a problem with corners and Van der Vaart though. After he was voted player of the year he's been lousy. All his corners are far from on target, and when he shoots he usually misses. Plus he doesn't get the chance to score too much. Also, is there a way to adjust this tactic to fit Michael Owen more? Sometimes he does great and scores a hatrick, usually in Home matches, but in away matches he's no good at all. Got creamed 4-1 against Man Utd away. owen got 5, martins got 5 and Beye got 5. Wonder if I'm placing Van der Vaart in
  8. From my experience so far: Away you could easily be overplayed if you are a half-decent side such as newcastle or derby. Here I find short-passing to work much better than mixed. results so far: Newcastle - Chelsea : 1-1 Derby - Newcastle : 0-4 Newcastle - Pompey: 3-1 So far I'm convinced
  9. Great update! letting in significantly less goals now One problem however is that I keep getting sent off in matches against significantly stronger teams. This causes me to even though 2-0 up. be one man less, causing the fast opposition to tear a hole in my team, as one piece seems to be missing. Any way to make my players stop fouling despite having tackle hard set?
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