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  1. Ah! that makes sense thanks. ^_^ I've been wondering.. Gai Yigaal Assulin ? I was considering G-ai Ji-geal As-sul-in But I'm not sure :/
  2. sounds very english-like to me. Ee-van Raak-itish (Most english can't prenounce the first part of his last name)
  3. Iker Bengoetxea = eek-er Ben-goh-et-che-a tx is prenounced che in basque. sheh if he's catelonian.
  4. Agree on most of them,however... Sergio Hellings = Ser-Geeo Hey-ings (if he's spanish) Cillian Sheridan = Sill-ian Shear-i-dun Sam Oji = Sam O-sjee
  5. United is refusing to score with this tacitc o.O Creaing like 30 chances. Only hitting 5 on target. It's probably my own fault, but it's getting annoying Lost a game against WestBrom 2-0 I mean.. seriously?! Any tips? When I do hit the target it seems like super-keeper is back :x
  6. I've mentioned it before but: - I close down players with 15+ creativity or long shots - I tight mark and hard tackle all players except for defenders - I show one footed players onto their weaker foot. And I show wingers onto their weaker foot. Then I check out their 2 CBs. If they have great aerial ability, I give my Targetman (Adebayor/Bendtner) delivery to "Feet". If they're fast defenders and they lack aerial ability, I set delivery to "Head". If they're average CBs, I give "Mixed" delivery. Also, I give team-talks which turn half-time losses into wins by the end of the match (read Wolfsong's guide to Team-Talks). You have to spend some time on matches to win. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> No offense but with Arsenal I'd half expect you to beat most of the teams.
  7. eep wrong topic Sorry... please ignore this Again, terribly sorry.
  8. I tried three games with this database, and this is what happens: Pelé leaves santos for 750k Maradona Leaves Napoli for 9.5m Baggio leaves for 5m Pfaff leaves for 2.5m Juventus sell most of their legends. Napoli loses all of theirs to better clubs, within the first transfer window. The biggest clubs all scramble to steal the legends from other clubs and leicester loses both their legends within 2 days of game start. You should add some kind of loyalty fix in their personality and a release clause of well over 100m. As it stands now Chelsea buys half the talent, Milan buys a quarter. Real buys most and the other clubs watch as they go down. The best "small" club I've seen so far is Birmingham. who in 2 of my games managed to keep pfaff. Making them contenders for the title,as no one could score on him (heck even Maradona, Pelé, Cantona, Best, Suker, Müller and Van Basten had to see themselves beat. Also, Franco Baresi, mighty overrated. 19 in marking? Goes for most Italian players, as some has the potential to exceed that of Ronaldo (baggio)
  9. Makoun is doing excellent for me, scoring a lot of goals. I have a problem with corners and Van der Vaart though. After he was voted player of the year he's been lousy. All his corners are far from on target, and when he shoots he usually misses. Plus he doesn't get the chance to score too much. Also, is there a way to adjust this tactic to fit Michael Owen more? Sometimes he does great and scores a hatrick, usually in Home matches, but in away matches he's no good at all. Got creamed 4-1 against Man Utd away. owen got 5, martins got 5 and Beye got 5. Wonder if I'm placing Van der Vaart in the wrong position, and if corners have been reduced in efficincy with this new tactic, as samba, who scored 1 a match before, has gone without a goal ever since I changed to this verison (his heading is 19 and his jumping is 20) Is the left position still the right place to play your best attacking midfielder? I have VDV on the left and Guilherme on the right. Guilherme was voted best youngster with this tactic.
  10. From my experience so far: Away you could easily be overplayed if you are a half-decent side such as newcastle or derby. Here I find short-passing to work much better than mixed. results so far: Newcastle - Chelsea : 1-1 Derby - Newcastle : 0-4 Newcastle - Pompey: 3-1 So far I'm convinced
  11. Great update! letting in significantly less goals now One problem however is that I keep getting sent off in matches against significantly stronger teams. This causes me to even though 2-0 up. be one man less, causing the fast opposition to tear a hole in my team, as one piece seems to be missing. Any way to make my players stop fouling despite having tackle hard set?
  12. This is probably way too late.. but. Training System I find that the training system is lacking. The sliders in the game give you no real indication on training at all, also you never really know how the training sessions went, if a youngster is training well, looking awkwardly for his "position". There are plenty of players out there who play in the wrong position as youths. I'd like some kind of indication from the assistant manager exactly how each and every one trained. Especially youths. "Guiseppe Rossi trained exceptionaly well and is showing great promise in the forward position, He's developed his shooting quite well and could possibly focus more on pace, as this is a lacking attribute." Of course the better the assitant Manager the better reports you get. But I would really like more information on how my players perform in training. The current Did well did poor is not enough in my opinion. Especially not for youngsters. I would also like to point out that even though most clubs train together and in specific groups. Each player has his own "scheduel" and specific areas he should improve. In the current game you can't have training groups AND individual training, you can only have one. Which is slightly frustrating. As a rooney would not need the same kind of training as Huntelaar and Saha, I believe it should be possible to assign indivudal training in addition to the group training. Player Problems and Team Chemistry Also in real life managers have to deal with a players problems. Some manager tell their players to get over it, and practice a disiplinary line, but some managers tend to "help" their players. I'm not sure how it would be included, nor if it should. But I just think that player involvement is lacking. A manager is responsible for his players, and needs to help them through the rough patches, be it personal problems or problems on the pitch. "It seems Rooney and your new siging Nani isn't getting along too well. It could be smart to find out what is bothering them" basicaly with problems within the squad, a squad can't function. Team Chemistry is very important and could make the difference from fourth place to champions. Who you choose to talk to will eventually lead to more problems or a resolve, based on the proffesionality of the player and his influence in the squad. Chosing to take the less influental players side might cause the other team members to respect him more. Youth Development Youth Team development, it is one of the most important aspects of football today. Even though forgotten by the media and ignored by many, this is where the talents come through. The possibility to have a proper youth academy, with reports, match results, training reports, development stats (monthly, "this player had developed well in this and this area but are struggeling to keep up with this and this") and "talent scouting", scouts who are specificaly used hired to find young talent in youth devisions and such, would be great. Possibility to see the youth matches without managing them. This could help you determine what kind of youngsters you should be looking for and if you should go ahead and buy a new player or wait for the young one to prove first team worthy. The same "individual" training with youths, but with even more detailed reports on their progress, current ability, current proffesionality ("We consider Tommy Hinchly to be a model proffesional") expected growth curve, positional ability and relationship with different coaches. A youth player needs a "main coach" who can help him with personal problems and encouragement, someone who's "responsible" for his growth as a player. If the youth dislikes this person, he will most likely never give it his all and never develop into a star player. Of course the manager does not need to know about these problems, so theres no reason to code that into it, and the relationship could be random. However I do believe nationality, personality and area of expertise should come to play into this. A player with roughly the same personality as another player is more likely to get along than someone with complete different personalities. Also, when it comes to the whole learn from player part, I believe you should have some sort of indication of who on your squad the youth is similar to, it would help a great deal in making good matches and I would also think that not only the young player learns from this experience, but also the older player. May it be sportsmanship, technique or flair. A young talented player who train with you often will always cause the older player to feel a sense of responsibility and often sparks life back to his passion. If not technically, a young player would help the older player mentally and personality. Post-Penalty Situations When it comes to penalty situations. There is no way we can see if the player dived or not. Of course as a manager you're supposed to see this. But since we only see Dots, I really can't figure out how we'd see if a player dived or was tackled. Is there anyway you could have someone or something tell you if it really was a penalty or not. And if you do say you believe the player dived, the player will lose some faith in you if unproffesional, or get his act together if he is proffesional. Instead of the FA becoming angry with your answers regarding penalties you should make it affect the player. And make it so that we know with 70-99% certainty if it was a penalty or not. The Thing That Annoys me 90% of the time One last comment about one of the match comments "The Team couldn't have dreamt of a worse start" You don't dream of bad starts you dread them. It doesn't make sense to dream about horrible starts of a match and frustrates me.. I might be the only one annoyed by this, but yeah... seriously annoys me. Don't know why..
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