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  1. I've never really cared for the 3D engine, always prefer the true and tested 2D one.
  2. To be fair a high potential player will turn out brilliantly if you just give him some playing time.
  3. Surely if you already have the player it doesn't really matter? I mean, sure you could find out your star player will never become as great as you think, but you're hardly going to drop him and sell him because of that? You usually consider your squad based on performances anyway. I certainly do. If my star player isn't performing I'll bench him or cash out on him and let a "worse" player who performs play. Served me well so far. I see your point if you're looking at potential prospects, but for players you already have, and who you're trying to devlop and just want to see how your training impacts his CA, I'm not sure I agree.
  4. Canabary

    Prolific Strike Pairings

    Balotelli - Agüero - Pedro trio (Balotelli and Pedro inside forwards) Balotelli 35 goals, Agüero 25 goals and Pedro 17 goals
  5. How is Using FMRTE to look at how the CA stat changes cheating? Sure you might realise you don't want to keep the player, but if you don't actually edit anything, or use it for transfers, then I don't really see how it's cheating. FMRTE is a tool, you can use it in many different ways, cheat by giving yourself tons of cash, making your players unplayable, use it to reduce the gap between you and AI clubs (I swear AI clubs have a massive advantage when it comes to scouting) or correcting a few game-mistakes, like say a player hating your guts because you said they had "a good attitude but that you think they are playing well". Using it to look at a stat however surely can't really be considered cheating?
  6. This is why they include the editor and why there's a community.
  7. Canabary

    holidaying till 2999

    I've got a feeling the game won't be able to handle over 900 years..
  8. Canabary

    Unlimited Potential

    I agree, Messi isn't really able to play entirely like Messi because his dribbling ability is in fact better than the maximum of what the game can give.
  9. I've found that boards are generally incapebale of understanding basic finance. You're often given a wage budget and a transfer budget that far exceeds your own revenue, and sends you straight into the red. My strategy with these clubs are to get rid of any unecessary affiliated clubs, try to get a feeder club in a market strong country to get more revenue, ship off high wage earners who really are of no use to me (usually for free tbh), loan out my youngsters and try to sell some players on profit to replace with youngsters instead. Putting your transfer budget into wages also increases your revenue as what isn't used for wages seem to collect interest in a bank somewhere.
  10. Canabary

    Unlimited Potential

    I'm not saying the game has accurate potential ratings, we see on numerous occasions tha tplayers with high potential in the game become poor IRL and players with low potential in game become outstanding IRL, potential is given by nature not by a researcher. And with that a game can not know the "true" potential of anyone, but that there is a limit isv dead certain.
  11. Canabary

    Unlimited Potential

    No.. everyone has a "limit" to their potential decided by genetics (more complicated, but I'll call it that for now). O'Shea can not become as good as Lionel Messi no matter what, his "genetics" doesn't enable him to reach the heights that Messi has reached.
  12. Canabary

    Unlimited Potential

    Actually if you look at the game as a whole there are a lot of players with a "small" potential who seem to be incredible in their position. A goalkeeper with 168 PA can become a world class goalkeeper if he's professional and works hard, and of course has the right attributes. Sergio Asenjo doesn't have the best PA of the goalkeepers in the game but he's easily one of the very best goalkeepers in the game (won Goalkeeper of the year three years running for me), and there are quite a few strikers with an OK potential who play far better than their 185 PA team-mates.
  13. I always seem to fall back to Spain for some reason. The money is lousy and Barca and Real Madrid dominate completely, but trying to break that domination with an average side with a very limited budget is a lot of fun
  14. I've gotten annoyed at this as well. Here's my career and my "applications": 4 seasons with Rosenborg (Norway) League title 4 years running, 3 norwegian cups 1 European cup Hired by Denmark, I win the European Championship with them. applied for Manchester United when Fergie left (laughed at, ok I expected that) applied for relegation threatened West Brom (laughed at) applied for mid-championship side (laughed at) applied for Ascoli (20th Serie B) Managed Ascoli 2 seasons, instant promotion into Serie A first season (got through on playoffs), finished 15th in Serie A next season. Atlético Madrid ask me to take over, I accept England asks me to Manage them, I accept 3CL trophies, 2 spanish cups and 1 league title 1 WC trophy with England AC Milan ask me to manage them I reject. Two seasons later I resign both jobs and apply for Ipswich (21th in Championship 10 matches in), I get instant promotion, budget of £2M with what my scouts say is the weakest squad in the championship (now playing the premiership) which means I'm most likely to be relegated I express interest in mid-table La Liga and EPL sides, I get laughed away. I'm at this point "World Class" and done miracles with no budget to speak of what so ever. I somehow manage to save the spot (last day of the season) and resign in hope of getting a better job. I drift around for a season without any offers, I apply for a handful of championship clubs who laugh away my interest (seriously, wtf?) until I finally get the England job again (they seem to have remembered me), I win the Confed cup and get offered a job by Athletico Bilbao, with every big club in the world laughing away my interest (meh, at least I got a decent job). The AI seem to struggle with the same issues, Pep Guardiola is without a job after a 7 season spell with Barcelona (has been for 4 seasons now) which he lost because I beat him to the title once (atl madrid). While he hasn't gotten any offers what so ever, while almost every coach at Atl.Madrid have been offered top manager jobs. A youth coach I brought in when I started there currently managing Manchester City, my old assistant currently managing Juventus, a fitness coach currently managing Liverpool. Myself and Guardiola were never even considered for these positions simply because we weren't currently in a top club. I feel so bad for Guardiola at the moment that I'm thinking about giving him an assistant manager job as that's the only way he'll ever get another job. The smaller clubs simply do not see him as a viable option, and the big clubs simply won't hire him and go for fitness coaches, goalkeeper coaches and very random people instead. I actually tried an experiment with Steven Gerrard. He had been without a job for 5 seasons (when he stopped playing profesionally), I offered him the England U21 job which he accepted. It took about 4 months and suddenly a lot of clubs became interested (none had been before). Simply because I gave him a role in England... Edit: I also tried to apply for my old job at Atletico once I saw that the new manager was selling all my key players and putting a 3 time CL winner in 6th place, but they laughed away my interest as well. I'm favoured at the club and won them 3CL titles and beat Barca's domination of the league and yet they laugh away my interest? Really?
  15. Canabary

    Tactics too hard SI

    I just don't see how that will explain how a tactic can work perfectly well for 6 months, then fail terribly, and work again 6 months ater after your other new tactic promplty falls apart, as long as the previous tactic isn't in "match preperation". On an unrelated note though, my assistant keeps saying "we dominate them in all parts of the pitch and it's only a matter of time before we turn this around", and I lose 4-1, which is frustrating to say the least... I also have a problem with the: "we are doing a good job with keeping the ball and getting chances, but we need to improve our finishing" which is probably the most annoying advice in the world, what can you actually do to improve your finishing? I've tried lowering the tempo (cuts down on CCCs and doesn't actually improve finishing at all.), getting another striker on the pitch (he also fails to find the net), ask them to work the ball into the box (reduces long shots, but they still miss CCCs and finishing is still poor) and even shoot on sight (which just raises my missed shots count and unecessary long shots..) Any advice would be appreciated.