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    my all-time fav. pc game was cm01/02 which i feel i completed when i brought scunthorpe to the prem

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    Football Manager 2005, real-life soccer coaching, music(oasis)

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  1. First of all, more in depth tactical options for those of us who actual enjoy the tactics, things like on the ball and off the ball options? Perhaps Arrows relating to when we are in possession and when were not. For instance if i was playing a Defensive midfielder, and wanted him to drop in to centre half when we have the ball and my full backs have pushed on, but wanted him to come out as the closing down midfielder when we are defending and the back line are all present etc.. Or perhaps an option like the 'swap with' option, to cover, so like when my Full backs pushed on, i could tell my centre backs 'Cover right back' then the defensive midfielder, 'cover centre back' do you all understand? Also I have suggested this many times and it is getting better every time, but what about a non playable school boys league? Or an academy system over which you can hold more influence or control. Or the ability to advise the Reserve manager how you want him to manage his team, for example if you want him to develop skillful players, develop hard working players, develop hard tacklers..etc.. One last was a slightly more in depth option to training. Some way of training specifically for tactics, like in the build up to a match, say as well as having the sliders for attacking, defending, etc which work on individual stats, have a selction for match specific tactics training which works on the the team playing together. Like practise holding up the ball and then have that controlled by the tactics slider, or practise passing and moving, etc etc so the tactics slider would just have a drop down bar if you wanted to do match specific tactics training. This could help in the 'gelling' of a team and building a greater understanding etc
  2. I cant find it on fmdownloads and rapidshare wont work for me tactical limbo....
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