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  1. This is not just 16.1.0 but it's still there. When it looks like the goalkeeper can come out easily and intercept the ball, they won't do it. It looks very awkward.
  2. On Steam 'View game info' make it possible to see the current score of that particular game Example
  3. I think you should always check what player 'squad status' is and set them rightfully. It actually helps!
  4. Well I could detail them all 1 by 1 but I think this way is much better and more clear. Here is my € 0.02. 1. A way to see where staff attributes improve like players. 2. More youth teams (U17, U15, etc). Better way of building up a nice academy. 2b. Implement solidarity contribution - http://blog.fieldoo.com/2014/04/what-is-solidarity-contribution-in-football/ 3. Improve randomizing fixtures. Right now you have many situation that TEAM1 faces a team that TEAM2 played the matchday before. 4. Make contract bonuses like 'Winning the [EVENT]" depend on how many games you play. For example if you have as bonus 300k to win Premier League. You only get that full bonus when you played at least 28 games or so, otherwise you only get a lesser % bonus from the total. 5. I think it happens too often that a player ask for a new contract after some good performances. 6. Able to search on 'Scouting knowledge' on staff search. Or would that be too easy? 6b. Also youth coaches should be separated to filter on staff search. 7. Add up more type of questions during press conferences. Gets boring after a while. 8. Co-op manager system. You can be manager with your friend/online player and take care of the team. For example my friend takes more focus on the first team, transfers, scouting etc, while I do youth team, reserve team, and training etc.
  5. cdkeys.com will give you the 2nd (full game) cd key and it works now!
  6. Players don't seem to listen to my set-pieces strategy. Not just sometimes but like 90%.
  7. Following issues. 1. During matches I see every game a weird pass back to keeper that is never accurate and leads to a corner for the opposition. Now this can happen at times but every game at least 2 times? My defenders aren't even under pressure! 2. Sometimes I can not see when a goal is occured because it quickly skips to the kick-off. 3. Rare moments that a player in pitch 'teleports' from A to B. 4. Players get unhappy for someone that doesn't get his wish for a transfer or contracts. Seems a bit extreme at the moment. 5. Not sure if with others teams but at Ajax agents already ask 4x more money when they want to sign a new contract. (500k to 2m) 6. Players always unhappy about 'Feels he is not getting enough coaching attention during fitness training'. I tried everything but I don't know what to fix this. 7. There is no ball possession tactic possible since I can never get 65%+. Of course this can be due opposition plays the same way but it seems impossible so far although I am still playing on. 8. At competition screen on friendly cups I always see 'Knocked out in Third place Playoff by [own team(Ajax)]'. Obviously a bug. 9. My first league match doesn't show in the new feature 'games won/drawn/lost'. For example it says '2 games drawn' but only shows 1 of them. 10. I have no idea how job searching works but isn't it possible to just keep searching till I decide to stop the search? Also when I sign 1 of them it automatically cancels while I am still in need of staff members. 11. Players get unhappy pretty quick for 1st team football. Way too quick in my eyes.
  8. Because there is no scripting aids handicap momentum in FM.
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