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  1. Yeah, starting a game as a club that just has a net spend of +£80m in the last window only to see them turn up with about £6m in the bank is a joke. This isn't some obscure team either, it's one of the biggest teams in the country. This would be like Spurs selling someone for £200m and then somebody forgetting to update that in the data. How was this missed? And also presumably it's not going to be fixed now until 2021?
  2. Holiday'ed it on FMT for Sheff Wed and sacked in November. Same with Liverpool and unbeaten in December. Looks good so far
  3. I was thinking holiday to get a general idea of good or bad then instant result once I've got something that's generally working. That sound about right? I'm pretty determined to get a 433 narrow working properly
  4. Which isn't accurate? Both? Not trying to be a bother mate, just trying to get the exact same setup as you to better test tactics.
  5. @knapdo you holiday the year on FMT to test the tactics? Or instant result every match?
  6. Hurry up with this release ffs Dan, don't know what we're paying you for Excited to see the new DB mate
  7. @knap I don't do your type of rigorous testing but narrow and direct formations seem to be clicking best on my saves.
  8. This is after the hotfix. Newgen staff are MENTAL good. They are by far the best staff on the game and are better managers than Pep, Mourinho and Klopp. Here's just one example, I'm sure everybody else will have many too.
  9. Liverpool won the league in the first season on my save, as well as getting to the CL Final two years in a row
  10. To add to this debate, he scouts AMR as 5 stars and had 24 goals and 16 assists in my season with him so I think he's pretty well represented. Scored the winner in the CL Final too!
  11. @Sean Blinkhorn Not sure if already noted mate, but Rodri has a Min Fee release clause in his contract. Presume this is a left over from his time in the Spanish league.
  12. This is almost always a tactics problem. I've got 2 saves, one at Man City using tiki taka and another at Altrincham using route one and on both my strikers are my top scorers.
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