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  1. It's already 1 month since the beta, and they haven't fixed the slowness/lag within the game. That alone itself possibly makes this 2018 version worst ever. So please fix this random freezes and lags.
  2. FMT makes sense if you want your game to be 1-2 seasons max. For long term save or to create a legacy, full game is better.
  3. Reading some comments, I get a feeling it's like the test cricket vs T20 debate. Some people prefer the traditional way while some are happy with new stuffs and details.
  4. Enable Continue Game Timeout. (In preferences section) Haven't played FM18 yet, but enabling timeout in earlier versions, did wonders. Please check yourself if that function exists for FM18.
  5. Am not a fan of this year scouting system, I always prefer getting the complete stats by just the report card. So now is there any way how to handle that? I don't want both incomplete stats and attributes ranges. Like how to improve the areas yet to assess?
  6. That's a good site. But seems it won't work in Asia. Any others?
  7. With festive season, and holidays, I want to play this game edition. So any good offers on where I can buy the game? I only want the downloaded (cd key) game, not the DVD package.
  8. I remember, there was one FM version which was branded as "polished". FM 2015 is another of those "polished" version. It's like upgrading from iPhone 5 to 5S. So overall a disappointment.
  9. Problem, I cannot use the "show filter" button on the squad screen. Simply nothing happens.
  10. I had the same problem, brought a boxed version game with no mention of region locked or whatsoever.But only to find out it is region locked when enterring the stream code. Contacted Sega, shown them the invoice copy, the picture of the boxed game and they gave me a new working code. That your best bet here, try to contact/email to those Sega support. All this would take at least 2 working days
  11. In previous versions, there was a button of Yes or No for counter attacks, or similarly alter the tempo, width etc. How to do that during match or matchday?
  12. In previous FM, there was one option for fastest fixture processing, cannot find it in 2014, where is it? Similarly, where the option for move match for TV ( Believe that should be unchecked for faster processing)?
  13. Leaving aside better CPU specs, what are some in-game tips or helps to speed up the game? I know of the following - Load minimum leagues, smaller size of database - Use software instead of GPU for rendering - Minimize shortlists and news subscriptions (thus lower simulation of events) - Changing the detail level to none. What else?
  14. Can anyone confirm if the AI can handling transfers better? Like Opening offers & negotiations? S
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