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  1. Enjoying this tactic - thank you. Can't decide is Bentaleb (Newcastle first season) is best as DLP or BBM.
  2. Well drew 1-1 at home to bottom club Sunderland in the '10 points in 5 games to save my job' campaign. Might switch to the new tactic as have nothing to lose!
  3. Hi - I've been following this thread for a good few months and thought I would share my findings with you as some feedback. Playing with Chelsea, who don't necessarily have the best players for the roles (wing backs, CMs and F9, in particular). Here are my results: A very slow start to the tactic as you can see from the links. Followed by everything 'clicking', followed by outplaying every team, 65%+ possession, shot ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 and losing or at best, not scoring. Struggling at the moment to score in open play but realise I may not have the best players for the roles used. Feedback is generally as expected. Costa isn't a great F9, although provides a large number of assists. I've found Remy to be just as useful. AML (Hazard) and CMR (most attacking CM player - Fabregas) are joint top scorers. Starting team looks something like this: GK: Courtois DR: Ivanovic / Azpil DCR: Terry / Cahill DCL: Zouma / Chambers (£12m) DL: Azpil / Baba DMC: Matic / Mikel MCL: Biglia (£27m) MCR: Fabregas / Oscar AMR: Willian / Oscar AML: Hazard / Pedro F9: Costa / Remy I currently sit 4th in mid Feb so not amazing results at all. That run of defeats in Feb has killed me and just been given an ultimatum by the board to get 10 points from 5 games or I'm axed, so will update. That said, the tactic looks so promising at times, but I sometimes struggle to score from open play. ##Sorry - had this tab open for a few evenings meaning to reply, and this post relates to the tactic on page 1, not the one on this page.
  4. So it's generally specific attributes whilst they're young and roles when older? Obviously not a hard and fast rule, but, y'know....
  5. slovenia such a beautiful country. mon england. mon slovenia.
  6. re:missed handshake Hahaha - the way he tries to cover it up
  7. Got battered using (primarily) the underdog tactic with Sunderland in the premiership, but not sure if that's the tactic or the ****-poor Sunderland squad. Got sacked in Feb. Now with newly relegated Wigan 15 months later. Will give it another bash
  8. Been enjoying this tactic for a season or so but now it seems that, even though I absolutely tank teams 15 shots to 3-5, I end up losing / drawing. 5 of my last 6 games of the season were like this and now (albeit pre-season friendlies) doesn't look that promising. Going to give Dave's adaptation a whirl.
  9. In a game where my team has 15ish shots, 50-55% possession and wins 2-0,how many passes would you expect my trequartista to make as a striker in a 4132? Really don't think my trequartista is influencing games as he should.
  10. Why? Is Gerrard's long passing 87? 83? 92? Mikel's stamina 67? 72? 73? Suarez's biting 99? 92? 89? 1-20 is far more accurate.
  11. Love it. I still don't get what happened with Malouda.
  12. Hey, Robben, remember when you missed THAT penalty? :*)
  13. Randomly been doing some reading about Bebé today. Injuries restricted his development (he's now 22 fwiw) or never good enough and one of Ferguson's worst buys?
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