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  1. Steam: some italians opinions

    -Brescio- : I've recently been playing through Steam to FM and I've never had problems, automatic updates are very comfortable
  2. Hi! We are an italian forum, Gold affiliate member of Sports Interactive community. We tought to write here what some italians users think about the new way to activate the game using the Steam platform. Freddy: Good decision, probably the best, and if less piracy will lead to greater improvement of the game, it's welcome. hesod: very unfavorable, steam creates a lot of problems with other games that I had the "misfortune" to try jjgarella: I do not want steam ....... absolutely contrary to my computer ... only to install the demo already has created problems with dirt I do not know why 3 does not work anymore and gives me an error when steam ..... you continue on this track could also decide to give up ..... We will continue to write other opinions, to make a useful service to the community Greetings, fmlive.it