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  1. Hey. I was wondering why is Modric not interested in coming to Chelsea at all in FM whereas that is certainly not the case in real life. I even had my offer accepted by Spurs but the player wasn't interested in any transfer talks. I've tried all I could but he justr doesn't want to come. Why is that so ?
  2. Still can't find a world class CM :/ One who I can use as a deep lying playmaker
  3. Just finished my first season. Won the Premier League and the FA Cup. Lost to Barcelona in the semi's of the Champions League. Had signed Hulk and Hazard in the first season. Now, I want to sign a world class CM like Modric but he just doesn't want to come. Any other suggestions ?
  4. Hey guys. I'm in January in my first season with Chelsea and on the top in the league. But suddenly, I have had injuries to Meireles (4 months) and Ramires (1 month). Also Mikel and Essien are at the African Cup of Nations. So I need to buy a good young DCM/CM. Any help ?