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  1. What do you think of the added attention to media related stuff like more question for pressconferences, more opportunities to interview players, tunnel interviews etc. Should SI stop it or should they continue down the path?
  2. Press conferences is such a failed concept! I have two friends who haven't bought FM since 2010 because it's too frustrating and tiresome. I probably won't buy this years update for the same reason. Really, who wants them?
  3. I'm just curious as to how many achievement you guys have earned compared to hours/seasons played i FM14. In my case: Team: Brøndby IF (Denmark) Seasons played: 6,5 Hours played: 277 Achievements (out of 108): 40
  4. I can only agree to this. I too have made it a habit to hoard world class youth to a point where I feel I'm somehow cheating... or working for the BBC. The problem lies not so much in my ability to do the hoarding; It lies in my ability to find the young unknowns in the first place. I'd love if there was an option to turn attribute on scouted players into star ratings, ranging from worst to best. That way you only see a players true ability after purchase. Having star rating for scouted players also leave a big margin of error, and we - the players - get to feel all warm and fussy when we can click on our newly bought player and discover that he is as good as we had hoped for. Or, equally as exiting, that our much hyped star striker is far from what we previously had guessed from the reports and/or match-scouting, reminding us that football is also a game of uncertainty. :-)
  5. I'm having tons of ridicolous job offers from all over the world in my save. I am a one team kind of person, and always reject them. The problem is, the game pauses everything everytime some ;exican 2. division club or some other team come with their offer. Please make an option to auto-reject the offers so I don't have to keep returning to the game while it process just to find it stuck on a job offer I have no intention ever in signing. Oh, and please, while you're at it, install a "tick-untick all" button in squad filter. Better yet, make it a "restore all" button so all the ticks go back to default with just one click of the mouse. This is coming from someone with carpal tunnel. :-(
  6. Thx! 1 problem. I can't seem to change the colours of the boxes even though I have followed your advice to the teeth. I'm using the "fm dark-widgets-instant" skin. Edit: Nevermind, solved the problem by re-downloading the skin. You have done me a great service by making this public. Thank you again. :-)
  7. I must be from another planet then. I have had such an easy time getting great young players, I'm now dominating my league and doing well in Europe with a transfer budget that allows me to buy even greater talent. I'm playing Brøndby and have just gotten to the start of my third season. It's not the fault of the ME but rather the inability of the AI to develop and purchase said great talent.
  8. Things I have noticed so far (half a season completed) 1: Lobs over the keeper has gone up. I, for one, like it, but it's frustrating that you can't tell your keeper to stay nearer the goal and not rush out. 2: Penalty kicks have gone up considerable. I don't know if it's realistic, cause it's not just my players who fouls. I get a lot more goals scored on penalty. 3: Central defenders have a tendency to push a bit too much it seems when a midfielder goes on a run, often leaving a gap to be explored. This too goes both ways. Again, I'm not sure it's a bug and will try tinkering with the defensive options before complaining. 4: More goals. I guess it's something to do with less missed CCC. I prefer it this way to the patch before even if it's a tad unrealistic. 5: Double teaming: It's seems to be improved! My defensive minded MC (post-to-post or something like that in english?) is often running to cover the wings, even if it is covered by my back. It often leaves an easy open backpass to an opposing MC on the run towards the penalty area, but I can just change his role though, so it works really well when you need that extra pressure on the wings in defence. 6: Attacking corner kicks. The game does not seem to correctly calculate where I have no players present. My corner taker often put the ball to a specific spot near the back post, but I have specifically ordered no players to be near the back post. He's on random distribution but he should know that no players are going to be in the area he is aiming for. 7: Keeper distribution is still wonky. Better, but not optimal. 8: Headers: A lot better! Especially close to goal headers who previously almost always sailed over the bar. 9: the variation of play and goals is improved immensly! Well done! 10: For me the game seems to have gotten a lot easier, but I can see it's not the case for everybody. I use a couple of variations of 442 and they work really well. 11: Low rated 1/2-star players in B-team acting all hostile for not getting to play in the first team. Is this normal? They should realise that they have no chance in hell and everytime they do it, I just fire them. No biggie. 12: Can we please have en option to turn down job offers automatically? I get a lot of them and since I like to let the game process in the background with a timer I often find myself returning to the game only to find it stuck on a day because I have to decline a job-offer.
  9. Re: Lobs: Me too. Mostly against me, but I reckon it comes down to positioning?
  10. I too have noticed that the corner taker will put the ball to the back post almost every other time, even if you have noone to attack or stand at the far post. My corner taker will practically lob the ball to the same empty spot every other time, often resulting in an opposing throw in as there is no one to pick up the ball before it exits the sideline. It's not a big problem, I just had to put a player in that position, but it's there. Edit: It should be noted that my corners are set to random.
  11. Big positive difference to the ME! I won 6-1 at home against Shaktar in my first post-patch match and that have me worried a bit. I pLay a relatively small team (Brøndby, Denmark) and hope that's a fluke, I wouldn't want the game to easy. I will play a handful or so games and come back with a more proper evaluation.
  12. Have anyone seen a goal scored by a lobbing the ball over the keeper in a 1-1 situation? I haven't. What about wingers going down the line, cutting inside before the box and then try to pass to a striker who runs diagonallly to him to tear op the defence? In my games what usually happens is, the winger cuts inside, ignore everybody and either try to run it in the box, shoot from the outside or loose the ball to a defender after a failed run. I never see the winger make a direct pass after shaking off the first opposing defender. Or what about a striker who has a clear run to goal with the ball who actually does it? My strikers almost always try to pass wide or something stupid instead of jolting down the field with the ball, using his speed advantage (he has 17 for speed and accelerating).
  13. LOL, that is so sick. How come people would write a wall of text like that without even using a single paragraph? Can't you see it for yourself? Nobody will read this.
  14. How come it has to take so many clicks with your mouse to appoint a simple man marking specific player instruction? In a perfect world you'd be able to: - Right click on any opposing player you want to mark from the match preview formation screen or in the "set opposing player instructions" screen just before kickoff - Choose a player to mark the man from a drop down list - And of you go. Or even better: - Just let us drag the opposing player from his formation over to the defensive player we want to do the marking in match preview where the formations are shown before kick-off. As it is now we have to: - First go to tactic view - Then choose player view - Then click on the player we want to ask to man mark - Then choose the player to mark - Then exit the screen again... Does that strike only me as an unnecessary cumbersome way to go about a very simple request to a player? It's the same with the filter screen in team selection. For years, literally years, I have requested a tick and untick all button, so that we are not forced to choose and dechoose several position categories just to see to a specific player position in team view.
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