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  1. I would love to see stats presented as seen below in the game. Would make judging players on the transfer market at bit more intuitive - at least for me:
  2. My main grievance is the lack of updates trying to fix the match engine. I understand SI is working on it, but why not use the beta-patch to get peoples feedback? I haven't played the game in weeks, waiting for an update. My money was squandered buying it on day 1.
  3. I've made a thread so people can complain about the lack of updates and things that just doesn't work as intended. Those threads are not welcomed in the feedback thread: From mod team: So here's your chance to write your grievances without them being deleted. Maybe, only time will tell.
  4. But in this case it was MU who won the FA Cup and the team placed 2. in the league. Shouldn't that mean that I get the last spot since I lost that FA Cup final and placed 7th?
  5. Thanks! Shouldn't my team be the next highest team if I placed 1 spot outside the top places for European qualifications that same season? Screenshot:
  6. I think it's my formation. I play a 5-3-2 and it seems the central defenders marks the same guy as one of my other defenders, thus leaving one unmarked. I don't want to change my formation just to fix this problem, though. EDIT: Here is a game where it's pretty evident just from seeing the opp. throw-ins. I play as Brentford. Newcastle v Brentford.pkm
  7. I hav a similar question: I lost the FA cup final to MU, who finished 2. in the Premiership. Shouldn't my team get the ticket to the European competition? Or is it gone entirely? I finished 1 spot off the qualifiers in the Premiership that same year, so missed on both accounts. No Europe for me next season.
  8. Have left a 'not recommended' review on Steam. So many frustrations and errors this year that it can't really be recommended this years edition, especially when a two year old version of the game is so much better match-wise.
  9. Does the game just stops for up to ten seconds once in a while during matches? Happens pretty frequently at my end and it's pretty frustrating as I often accidentally click on something that then counts as clicked when action resumes. Only happen during playback of chances.
  10. There should be SOME way to adjust defensive throw-ins that's not going long. Here I defend a throw-in. I'd like to put 1 of my strikers down to the marked area. Otherwise we are outnumbered. That seems impossible. The unmarked guy went on to score. And here is a throw-in a little bit further up the field. Now this guy is totally unmarked: Here is a throw-in from the other side. Same match as the previous 2: Another player unmarked, another huge chance to score: The three screenshots are all from the same match and even from the same half. So many chances are created this way, it's almost unbareable. Playing a 5-3-2 formation.
  11. OK I'm gonna stop playing until this is fixed. Just had a goal against me in the next game for this exact thing.
  12. Is there any way to stop this player (D/R) from being so open when opp. has throw ins around my own byline? Too many good chances are made when crossing. Another example where I am not able to do anything about Bellerin being wide open:
  13. I don't get the "Lost possession" for my own players in match analysis. 1 of my defenders had a bunch of them in a match, but after reviewing all the clips afterwards it seems he actually did wonderfully, many of the "lost possessions" were successful clearances to my midfielders or simply him taking the ball from the opposition. Only a few were kind of "lost possessions", ie. a missed pass. What is going on here? How is "lost possession" defined in the game?
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