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  1. You can protect your full backs more by replacing the player roles in midfield to Carriello, Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend) and Mezzala (Support) for home games and CM (Support), CM (Defend) and CM (Support) for away. Also for the opposition instructions ask your assistant manager to apply advice to team. I have only used this tactic in Serie A and still to win the CL so It is not perfect!
  2. Yes the regens are much better than real players but only buying players that my scouts suggested is a good idea. Another thing I could do is to let my DOF make all the signings.
  3. No worries about that. Regens make the game too easy and I will play this save for eight seasons. Also not having the best players tests your tactics and training. Juve finished 13th last season in my save and have sold Dybala and Rugani. This season i have won 7 out of 7 and my GD is +24 so the opposition is getting weaker. When my save is finished I might manage Milan and Inter using only Italian players.
  4. I posted similar tactics in January and I am that "other guy" lol. You only need to tweak the tactics when the opposition pitch is narrow (exploit the middle, play wider) I am struggling to find a brilliant Italian left back as Murru and Barreca are only decent. I only use Italians that have their nationality since birth and no regens to make it more difficult.
  5. Now in my fourth season managing Samp and have won the league three times in a row using the 4-3-1-2 narrow formation. The squad contains only players with an Italian nationality. Mattia Caldara, Nicolo Barella, Felice D’Amico and Andrea Pinamonti are amazing! I still have to win the CL and can improve my squad by signing Alessio Romagnoli, Patrick Cutrone and a new keeper. The first screenshot is my home tactic for games with Juve, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina. The second screenshot is my home tactic for the rest. The third is my away tactic for games with Juve, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina. The fourth is my away tactic for the rest. The fifth is for away games to major English Spanish and German teams in the CL. The only player instructions I use is for the GK to roll it out and to distribute to fullbacks.
  6. I have not altered the setting for corner/ free kicks. For Viviano as Udinese are third bottom and looking to be relegated Alex Meret would be perfect. As for Alvarez I will hopefully sell him in the January 18 window and rotate Ramirez, Djuricic and Capriari until D'Amico if purchased is a three star player. The Samp youth team have three excellent prospects, Gergely Hutvagner, Mario Ferreira and Ibourahima Balde. When they are 18 I plan to loan them as a first team player to Italian B or C teams with Great/Superb training facilities. I find using only Italian players a better challenge as it limits your choice and they are far more expensive to buy which makes for a longer save! Another tip is to have three of your best prospects in the first team squad and make them available for the U18/20 as the first team coaches are far better.
  7. No worries. 4-3-1-2 is my favourite tactic and in previous FM editions I have won consecutive Serie A titles and the Champions league. I have no individual player instructions as I like the players to have their own PPM’s. Fullbacks will run with ball down left/right. Centre backs stay back at all times and mark opponents tightly. Midfielders try killer balls often. Attacking midfielder will run with ball often and try killer balls often. Complete forward will shoot with power and try killer balls often. Advanced forward will run with ball though centre and place shots. In my save I’m currently at the beginning of January and still first. I'm confident I will win the league as I'm out the Italian Cup and there is no fixture congestion to worry about. Quagliarella and Zapata don't miss many chances but the weak links are Viviano and Alvarez but that is why they are three stars! PSG have made a bid of £24M for Torreira but I have renegotiated it to £30M. If he goes I will replace him hopefully with Manuel Locatelli. I buy only Italian players so my Samp squad will be all Italian by season 4. In season two I plan so sign either Alessandro Bastoni or Riccardo Marchizza to replace Ferrari as he is not worth signing outright for £12M. I will also look at signing Felice D'Amico who will be my first choice attacking midfielder by season 4. I’m sure I will receive bids for Linetty and Praet in the summer so I will look at Nicola Barella and Alberto Grassi to replace them. In Fm18 I am finding that clubs are bidding for my players regardless of ability as I received a bid from Napoli for Sala. In FM17 I had to offer to clubs before a transfer bid was received for any of my title winning squad. Also the future transfers is incorrect as Schick is to be bought by Roma for £8m but there should be an extra €20m to be received in 2020.
  8. In my first season managing Samp using the 4-3-1-2 narrow formation with success. The first screenshot is my home tactic. The second for away games to Juve, Napoli, Roma, Lazio, Inter, Milan and Fiorentina. The third for the rest. I played 8 pre-season friendlies 4 home and 4 away against non league teams to ensure morale was high before the league started.
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