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  1. What are some of the ideal PPM's to have for a forward playing as a DLF on attack?
  2. Hey folks, currently 9 seasons deep in a network save and I've finally achieved promotion to the premier league and I did it in style. Dominating the league pretty much from start to finish, the football for the majority was a joy to watch, goals galore in my favour. This is my tactic that dominated the Championship scoring over 100+ goals and remaining undefeated at home throughout the season. 4231: Sweeper Keeper - Defend RB: Wing Back - Support, RCB: Central Defender - Defend, LCB:Central Defender - Defend, LB: Full Back - Attack (Stay Wider) RCM: Deep Lying Play
  3. Sam Surridge will be lethal in the right tactic in the championship. 8 seasons deep and he's been my go to forward in that league, guarantees me 30+ a season. Jade-Jones as already mentioned is pretty good also.
  4. On my current save I'm finding most forwards with the likes to beat offside trap combined with shoots with power ppm to be an absolute beast. Sam Surridge is a 30-50 goal a season striker for me.
  5. Given this tactic a little try recently, playing on Touch so tactical familiarity isn't an issue. I'm only 2 games in and yet to win but that's expected when I look at my team against the sides I've come up again, however the performances have been decent and I only lost both via 1 goal, one of which was a corner set piece. I've given it a couple of small tweaks to better suit my personnel such as wing backs on support now on full back - attack. I push d-line up a notch also for a little bit of better compression plus I've a rapid centre half which helps with that higher line. I was wonde
  6. Has anyone had any success using Ryan Edmondson in the football league on this years FM? I'm playing an online save and in our 4th season I believe it was, my friend managed to get Edmondson banging in over 50 goals! Couldn't believe it, as I'd never seen a goalscoring record like it before on any FM saves I've done.
  7. Quick update on this. Seem to have found a nice tactic similar to the opening post. Changes off the top my head though were. CM(d) instead of the DLP, Inside forward instead of IW & the Winger might be on support now too. I play Narrow, the LOE is slightly higher and team press is slightly urgent. The combinations across the pitch result in some lovely football being played, my pressing forward is an absolute machine I think that could be partly down to his PPM's helping though. One further question I have though is I have an emerging left winger who only suits being an out and out wi
  8. My current best youth newgen. Does this guy look decent? Any ideas on best way to go about improving him also? (His future move is a loan to my friend's human club btw)
  9. I tend to agree, I've chopped and changed formations in my current save now as I've struggled to find consistency. My current tactic is set up from using the default gegenpress 4231-wide but I've toned it down ever so slightly and modified 2-3 roles just to try make it a little less aggressive. My pressing forward - attack. Is currently a goal machine. Something quite satisfying seeing my £150k transfer listed signing (Sam Surridge) rip up the championship.
  10. Let me start off with a quick apology for creating a new thread so soon to my previous. It's just i am struggling for ideas on how to implement what I am hoping to achieve. I play on FM Touch btw so my tactical tinkering shouldn't affect familiarity? Anyhow I was recently binned off from my previous club so I've taken over at a mid table championship side. The board wanted Attacking football which is what I am hoping to create too with this system. I have had a quick scan of the players at the club and IMO these roles suit the players I have available to me best and again it looks fi
  11. Appreciate the replies I recieved lads. Unfortunately I wasn't able to save myself from the sack in time to turn my season around. Started a quick test save though using default gegenpress 4231 but altered a couple TI's, mainly to increase width and have more runners and numbers in the box for the crosses I'll be putting in. Early signs are promising
  12. Running the risk of sounding thick here, what does optimal level of compactness mean? Attempting to set up a split block in a 4231 tactic i have and unsure on how high my d-line & LOE should be that's all.
  13. Hello, quick bit of a background firstly, I haven't played any version of FM in recent years until this year, I am playing on FM Touch, Started out as Blackpool, first season managed to finish 3rd losing in the playoffs semi's now into the 2nd season, average start thus far. Been using the preset Gegenpress 4231 as shown in the screenshot (depending on player personnel available I may switch the BWM to a DLP) initially the tactic worked great in every way, it was creating chances with high XG & it was solid defensively. Howver I have noticed as the seasons have progressed the vas
  14. I have had this 15 year old, 6'5 beast come into my club via my first season youth intake & just wondering what approach I should now take to help him reach his potential before I inevitably have to sell him on? My HOYD said he has the potential to be one of the best of his generation.
  15. I signed Doucoure for my PSG side and as a mezzala on attack he is currently my top scorer for the season on 8. Deffo have a midfield to build around in that Watford squad
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