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  1. I have had this 15 year old, 6'5 beast come into my club via my first season youth intake & just wondering what approach I should now take to help him reach his potential before I inevitably have to sell him on? My HOYD said he has the potential to be one of the best of his generation.
  2. I signed Doucoure for my PSG side and as a mezzala on attack he is currently my top scorer for the season on 8. Deffo have a midfield to build around in that Watford squad
  3. Just about to begin my 2nd season as PSG. 1st season I won the league in some style winning 31 games & drawing 7. However I was knocked out of the domestic cups in the latter stages, both on pens & Liverpool gave me a real good battering in the CL quater finals. Signings in the first season were: Dubois, Ndombele, Elneny (loan) & Ikone (loan). I sold Draxler for around £40mil to Real Madrid. Signings so far for my 2nd campaign are: Ferland Mendy, Doucoure & Felix Joao. Lo Celso has come back looking mightily impressive from his loan spell so he is now in the first team squad. I have so far sold Kurzawa to a chinese club & a couple of other squad fillers. I am now relentlessly pursuing De Gea to be my next major signing as my replacement for Buffon who is due to retire mid season.
  4. I would absolutely love to set up a system similar to that of Chris Wilder @ Sheffield United, the overlapping centre backs is truely a unique style, but correct me if I am wrong this would be difficult/impossible to do with the current match engine. I have attempted to create something relatively similar with the other aspects of the style Wilder uses on a throwaway save and it seemed to work not too bad considering I am pretty poor playing this game. His man management style is something I like to try and model all my teams on too. Basically I love this man haha.
  5. Looking to start a save in the Championship, leaning towards starting as Ipswich Town. Any reccomendations for players from League One, Two or even the National League who are capable of playing in the championship?
  6. Wondering what roles people use for or would use for Hernandez & Saiz if trying to replicate the real life formation 4231? Hernandez (IF(s)) & Saiz (AP or AM)?
  7. Late to the party playing FM18 this year, I'm now waiting on the latest update before getting stuck into a save game. But I have been messing about taking over various clubs and trying different formations & styles. This was my first game with Celtic using a 4-3-3 (3 central midfielders & 2 inside forwards). *Note the times of the goals scored. It was over before it really begun.
  8. I've just had a quick play around with Brighton using a 442 quite similar to the one used IRL. It was pretty similar to yours in that I used control/fluid for home, standard/fluid to begin away games. Other changes to the lineup were, both Dunk & Duffy were just standard defenders on defend duty, Bruno was a wing back on support (stay wider), Kayal was set as a CM (d), Knockaert was pulled back to MR as a wide midfielder on attack with (stay narrow & cut inside with ball) * sometimes I took off cut inside with ball*. Murphy or whomever you use in the LM position as either a wide midfielder attack or winger support & finally Baldock was a defensive forward on support or defend if opponent had a DM playing. It worked quite well, i didnt conceed in the couple of games i played and dominated both matches. Used a few TI's throughout the games such as play out of defence, short passing, work ball into box etc.. but usually it was one TI that I used, at a max I used two together. Hope this may help you out.
  9. One Q. on this also if I may, Is there any point in allocating one of the spots to players out injured for the duration of the training camp?
  10. Finally got round to starting as the Blades, unsure how long it'll continue for mind. I've gone with Wilder's current formation IRL the 352/3412 & I'm going to try to keep it as realistic as possible. I've only played two games so far, one being a late 2-1 win over Bolton with Lavery netting the winner, then I managed to beat Carlisle in the EFL cup 3-1 I did need extra time to overcome these though with two goals coming from Scougall & Done.
  11. That's the logical position for him but even still I used Done as the advanced forward on max closing down & Sharp as the dlf (a) mainly due to the fact he would hold up the ball but still get into goalscoring positions, this pairing seemed to work fairly well.
  12. Hey, I was thinking of using Fleck as dlp (s) too but for the resons you suggested i thought best against it. What role do you use Sharp as?
  13. I'm now really wanting to start a save with United but only if I can replicate Wilder's 3-4-1-2/5-2-1-2 or however you interprate it tactic. Currently I see us playing something along the lines of. (R-L) Goalkeeper: Moore - Goalkeeper (Defend) Centre Backs: Ethan Ebanks-Landell - Central Defender (Defend), Jack Wright - Central Defender (Cover), Jack O'Connell - Central Defender (Defend) Wing Backs: Kieron Freeman - Wing Back - (Attack?), Daniel Lafferty - Wing Back (Support) Central Midfielders: Paul Coutts - Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend, (Maybe Support)), John Fleck - Central Midfielder (Support) * This role I'm really unsure of. Attacking Midfielder Central: Mark Duffy - Attacking Midfielder (Support) * Roam from position & more risky passes selected. Strikers: Billy Sharp - Deep Lying Forward (Support) * again unsure of his role on FM, Matty Done - Advanced Forward *Maximum closing down set. Team instructions perhaps something along the lines of. Retain Possession or short passing, Work ball into box, play out of defence, higher tempo (untick retain possession if I would use this) & high closing down. Any thoughts folks?
  14. Any clue on when you will release this? I was waiting on you to put out a new update before I start a new save game.
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