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  1. Help with 4-4-2

    Glad to see it help in some way.
  2. Help with 4-4-2

    I've just had a quick play around with Brighton using a 442 quite similar to the one used IRL. It was pretty similar to yours in that I used control/fluid for home, standard/fluid to begin away games. Other changes to the lineup were, both Dunk & Duffy were just standard defenders on defend duty, Bruno was a wing back on support (stay wider), Kayal was set as a CM (d), Knockaert was pulled back to MR as a wide midfielder on attack with (stay narrow & cut inside with ball) * sometimes I took off cut inside with ball*. Murphy or whomever you use in the LM position as either a wide midfielder attack or winger support & finally Baldock was a defensive forward on support or defend if opponent had a DM playing. It worked quite well, i didnt conceed in the couple of games i played and dominated both matches. Used a few TI's throughout the games such as play out of defence, short passing, work ball into box etc.. but usually it was one TI that I used, at a max I used two together. Hope this may help you out.
  3. FM17 Training Camp

    One Q. on this also if I may, Is there any point in allocating one of the spots to players out injured for the duration of the training camp?
  4. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Finally got round to starting as the Blades, unsure how long it'll continue for mind. I've gone with Wilder's current formation IRL the 352/3412 & I'm going to try to keep it as realistic as possible. I've only played two games so far, one being a late 2-1 win over Bolton with Lavery netting the winner, then I managed to beat Carlisle in the EFL cup 3-1 I did need extra time to overcome these though with two goals coming from Scougall & Done.
  5. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    That's the logical position for him but even still I used Done as the advanced forward on max closing down & Sharp as the dlf (a) mainly due to the fact he would hold up the ball but still get into goalscoring positions, this pairing seemed to work fairly well.
  6. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Hey, I was thinking of using Fleck as dlp (s) too but for the resons you suggested i thought best against it. What role do you use Sharp as?
  7. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    I'm now really wanting to start a save with United but only if I can replicate Wilder's 3-4-1-2/5-2-1-2 or however you interprate it tactic. Currently I see us playing something along the lines of. (R-L) Goalkeeper: Moore - Goalkeeper (Defend) Centre Backs: Ethan Ebanks-Landell - Central Defender (Defend), Jack Wright - Central Defender (Cover), Jack O'Connell - Central Defender (Defend) Wing Backs: Kieron Freeman - Wing Back - (Attack?), Daniel Lafferty - Wing Back (Support) Central Midfielders: Paul Coutts - Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend, (Maybe Support)), John Fleck - Central Midfielder (Support) * This role I'm really unsure of. Attacking Midfielder Central: Mark Duffy - Attacking Midfielder (Support) * Roam from position & more risky passes selected. Strikers: Billy Sharp - Deep Lying Forward (Support) * again unsure of his role on FM, Matty Done - Advanced Forward *Maximum closing down set. Team instructions perhaps something along the lines of. Retain Possession or short passing, Work ball into box, play out of defence, higher tempo (untick retain possession if I would use this) & high closing down. Any thoughts folks?
  8. Any clue on when you will release this? I was waiting on you to put out a new update before I start a new save game.
  9. Now I can't remember for sure if I read on you're change log if you had done these however I think you may have missed off the following, David Oldfield and Dirk Heesen have left their respective roles of assistant manager and first-team coach at Queens Park Rangers along with Performance consultant Chris Barnes. Micky Moore is Grimsby Town's new assistant manager National League side Solihull Moors have appointed Hednesford Town boss Liam McDonald as their new manager. McDonald will also be joined at the Moors by assistant manager Nick Green and coach David Bridgwater, his backroom team at Hednesford. Paul Raynor is assistant manager at Mansfield Town
  10. FM17: Rotherham United Football Club

    I've been searching for a side who look capable of playing a 4-5-1 that I fancy trying and these seem to suit that down to a tee. I'm really tempted to begin a new career game in the near future. Nice work on the club guide
  11. FM17: Sheffield United - Be A Blade

    Aaah about time somebody did a Sheff. Utd thread! Good work mate.
  12. [Shrewsbury Town] (Official) Data Issues

    Louis Dodds & Shaun Whalley's 'percentage of future transfer fee' need removing.
  13. Currently using a 3-5-2 counter attacking system. My strikers tend to be AF & DLF (s). The DLF (s) player is more suited to a Target Man so I have given him this role and added the PI (Dribble Less). My AF however can be susceptible to injury and my only backup striker has the PPM 'come deep to get the ball' & just doesn't suit playing the same role, he is a player with a v.good workrate though. What other roles are there that I could potentially use to compliment my other forward the DLF (s)?
  14. Read up on this thread recently and implemeted some of the things said along the way into my own tactic. Currently using a 3-5-2 wing back formation with Burton no TI's/no PI's. It seems to be going pretty well so far I have currently just battered Sheffield Wed***day 4-0, which as a United fan pleases me greatly. Kudos to Cleon for this thread and others who have contributed.
  15. Not a big deal this really, however just curious to hear if anyone else is noticing too many mis-hit crosses forcing the keeper into a save? Happened at least once in pretty much every match I've played so far pre-season Note* I am playing on 2D Classic. - Unsure if that would make a difference anyhow.