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  1. I was thinking maybe a tally or statistics sections on a players profile,team stats or league stats where each player is linked to another player for example. There could be a drop down menu where you can select two players to show the stats for when these two players play together. For example,striker/midlfield/defensive/winger and striker/attacking mid and defensive mid partnerships etc. I though this would be interesting to see so you can find your best combinations. Like finding the best strike partnerships around the globe(maybe a yearly award) or anything along these lines?what does people think about that sort of thing being introduced into FM 2008? Also, this is a bit of a long shot but.....how abouts a personal bank/financial account for you,as the manager. Because at the moment i don't want nottingham Forest to be spending loads on my wages as my wage budget then decreases,so there is no incentive for us managers to gain loads of money. So,why not have a personal account where you can keep on earning money until it builds up. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this money could be used for,or should it only be there for a point scoring system(maybe make managers competitive to boast about how much they can learn within a 10 years management span?)or maybe the money could be used for a manager to invest or buy shares in clubs around the world?would you man utd fans be happy with your manager making investments in man city?im just rambling now but ive got loads of ideas like this just to increase the amount of 'new introductions' for the next fm. Just another quick idea,for the managers money situation....if you watched dream team for the past few years you would have seen the manager/chairman of harchester united club together to buy monday bandele (some striker) using their own personal funds. Could this be done in fm2008-it could be one way of winning over your fans?or maybe paying a percentage of a players/staffs wages as your board won't sanction the wages they require? Whats your opinion? cheers
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