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  1. I had great success with Greenwood as an Inside Forward on the right and also was amazed at how well Daniel James did when he had to come in to cover!
  2. I'm excited to give this a go! Do the database updates acknowledge FFP too? I had a go at editing the database for a similar challenge and realised FFP made it much more complicated than increasing the transfer and wage budgets!
  3. How did you get on with Mbappe? I’m just starting Season 4 and have managed to sign him- £140m up front and £50m over 3 years. I now have Haaland, Mbappe, Rashford and Greenwood to choose from. Maybe I need a 4-4-2...?
  4. Entering the final 3 games of Season 3 and it's tight at the top... Manchester Utd 80points Liverpool 79points Chelsea 79points Man City 76points My last 2 games were Spurs away (1-1) and Liverpool at home (0-0) which was definitely a 'must not lose' game. As things stand it's still in my control to retain the title, although I have a Champions League Semi Final 2nd leg away at Leverkusen to consider as well as the run in which is Fulham (A), Southampton (H), Wolves (H). Lost the Carabao Cup Final to Liverpool, I have an FA Cup Final against Man City to look forward to and looks like it'll Liverpool in the Champions League Final (if I get there). Couple of questions I'd appreciate your thoughts on guys: 1- I've attached a screenshot of Haaland (and squad) He's the top goalscorer in the league but I think the stats are distorted by a spell he had when he was getting at least 2 per game. I noted that my front 3 are putting in reduced numbers recently too (<7). Is this a tactical thing? 2- Looking at this squad where would you look to improve? Bailey has been average on the RW but Bellingham solid, if not a bit inconsistent. I was thinking a RW or CB? 3- What would you do in CM? I have Florentino Luis, Tonali, Pogba, Fernandes and Olmo. I'll rotate but it's nearly the end of the season and I still dont think I've got the balance of protecting the defence, pinging some balls around and midfielders arriving late into the box. Appreciate all the advice
  5. What’s your approach to scouting and regens/newgens? I’m just about to finish my 3rd season with Man Utd and I feel the difference over the next few seasons will be scouting and finding the next superstars- particularly given how much City and Liverpool are spending!
  6. I’ve started Season 3 pretty slowly. Haaland hasn’t been as impressive in the first 7 games- missing a fair few one on ones that he put away last year. My signing on the right wing (Leon Bailey) is doing ok- but I’m also not sure what to do with my midfield three (having Fernandes, Pogba, Tonali, Luis and Olmo to choose from. Lost 1-3 at home to Chelsea- two Rudiger headers very early on from deep positions that I didn’t recover from and only managing a 1-1 draw at home to Valencia in the group stages- after a 1-1 away at Bayern (other team in this group of death is Inter...!) I’ll keep tinkering but I can’t see anything obviously different from last season- just feels a bit ‘flat’
  7. Summary- start of Season 3 Enjoying this Man Utd save- just finished Season 2. Won the League and FA Cup but knocked out in the 1st Knockout Round of the Champions League. I signed Haaland at the start of Season 2 and he was incredible- 26 goals in 28 League games. A lot of the big strikers left in that window- Dybala, Martinez, Dembele so I was pleased to get Haaland for a 'reasonable' 65m. Decisions to make this summer... Retaining the league is always difficult and I need to progress further in the Champions League. Some key decisions I think I need to make this Summer- any help greatly appreciated! De Gea- is now 30 and also on 350k a week. I have Oblak who I signed in January for 13.5m on 205k a week. Do I try and move De Gea on? Along with Pogba he's a Team Leader- has anyone got experience with selling De Gea? Nobody has expressed interest so far so I'd need to offer him out. Pogba- immense for me but it looks like Havertz could be on the move this summer, so I'm considering selling Pogba and swapping with Havertz. Again, a Team Leader, so big impact...? PSG are sniffing round. Martial- with my 1 up front formation (Haaland) rotating with Greenwood, I play Martial AML but I'm tempted to sell him and make Rashford 1st Choice. Bellingham- made the RW slot his own at the end of the season- I signed Willian on a free who was great so may sell Daniel James to raise some funds- although I've currently 145m in the Transfer Budget. Only signing so far is Florentino Luis so I'm looking to build the midfield 3 between Bruno, Pogba, Tonali and Luis. I also have Olmo and Almada so will experiment with them also. Would appreciate any thoughts on the De Gea/Pogba decision or anything else you're seeing in the Squad!
  8. What deal did you offer for Mbappe (and which Season?)
  9. Thanks @JordanMillward_1 Looking at the options, it’d be the Tablet version rather than the laptop. Surface Pro 7, and the choice is whether to go for the i5 or if it’s worth the extra $ for the i7 16GB 256GB model.
  10. Hello all, Great thread thank you. I’m considering getting a Surface Pro- mainly because I’m travelling/flying a lot so something ‘tablet-like’ might suit. Has anyone got any experience of FM on a Surface Pro? Thanks in advance!
  11. Fair point- I'm looking for a light/small (13") laptop mainly for ease/convenience when travelling. I have a HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop which is great, but on its last legs, just too big for travelling!
  12. I'm looking at buying a Mac at the moment and tossing up between an Air and a Pro. Given FM takes a lot of my time, I'm keen to make sure the game runs at a reasonable rate. I'm thinking I may have to drop to the 2D engine on an Air? Any thoughts appreciated 1.6GHz dual‑core eighth‑generation Intel Core i5 processor Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz 8GB of 2133MHz LPDDR3 memory 256GB of SSD storage¹ Intel UHD Graphics 617
  13. Looking to get a new Laptop to replace my HP Pavilion 17" Gaming Laptop. I'm looking for something smaller/compact as I'l be travelling a lot for work soon (including flights). I've got quite attached to the Macbook Pro I had from work, so considering this: https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-mac/macbook-pro/13-inch-space-grey-256gb-2.4ghz-quad-core-processor-turbo-boost-up-to-4.1ghz# What's everyones opinion of FM on a Macbook? Does anyone play FM on a smaller (13") laptop? Appreciate all the previous advice on this thread!
  14. Hello all, Firstly, thank you to everyone who contributes to this site- as a long time (97/98) but fairly unsuccessful CM/FM player, this site has been a great source of advice and inspiration! I am currently in Season 3 of my Lyon save, having finished 3rd in the previous two seasons, behind PSG and Monaco. I've managed to keep the big players- Depay/Fekir but sold Dembele this summer as he wasn't happy we didn't win the league. I also bought and sold (unfortunately). My problem seems to be converting possession and chances into wins. As in the screenshots attached, I draw a fair amount of games 0-0, despite dominating possession and creating lots of chances. It's only early days in Season 3 but I thought I'd ask the question before I get too much more involved and also before the transfer window closes. Am I missing something obvious? It seems to be home and away, although when I played a much more counter attacking style against PSG I won 1-0, although arguably undeservedly. I feel I have good players in the right positions, with the potential for goals but it's falling apart somewhere. Thanks again and apologies if I've missed something straight forward.
  15. Does anyone play using a smaller laptop? I’d like a new one (13-14” screen) but the gaming laptops at this size are limited. Be good to know if anyone has any recommendations for smaller gaming laptops- maybe in the £700 range?
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