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  1. Does anyone play using a smaller laptop? I’d like a new one (13-14” screen) but the gaming laptops at this size are limited. Be good to know if anyone has any recommendations for smaller gaming laptops- maybe in the £700 range?
  2. What has everyone done with backroom staff at Lyon? Overhaul or relatively the same? I’m always keen on Assistant Manager recommendations- I tend to use (need!) mine to have skills in Training and Tactics.
  3. How’ve you all managed with signing either Jovic or Pellegri? I managed to get Pellegri on loan once for Newcastle, second season I think, but not a prayer of a perm deal!
  4. Midway through season 2 after finishing 10th last season- currently bouncing between 7th and 11th- it's very tight, with the Top 6 pulling away. Current issue seems to be killing off games and the majority of goals come from Corner/Free Kick routines, although Pellegri has started to grab some goals since coming in on loan. Who has everyone signed as Strikers for Season 2 onwards? I've been unable to convince Dolberg, Batshuyai to come despite having bids accepted. I have 25m to spend this window if i need it- or do I wait for summer? Current team: GK: Dubravka RB: Yedlin/Manquillo CB: Lascelles/Souttar CB: Smalling/Chambers LB: Moreno CM: Shelvey CM: Diame/Hayden/Longstaff RW: Ritchie LW: Shaqiri ST: Arp/Muto ST: Pellegri (Loan) Any help appreciated
  5. How has everyone been setting up their team? I’ve been really struggling- just about avoiding relegation in the first season and heading that way in the second, despite some reinforcements. I struggle to control the game, possession is rarely in my favour and quite often get dominated in the Shots department too...!
  6. Hello all, A bit of advice needed please Just finished Season 2 with Spurs having finished 4th and won the Europa League. Need to try and push on in this next season and it's looking like I'll have approx 45m to spend. I think I need a DM and CB- a DM in the Vieira mould, someone physical who can protect the back 4, or should I promote Dier there? I've not managed to get Embolo firing yet and need to think about my keeper situation with Lloris, Rulli and Dragowski- it'll be hard to keep all three happy. So, the question is, with that squad- what would you do? Thank you!
  7. Thanks guys (Smurf in particular) for all of your input and advice to new laptop purchasing. I'm in the market for one too, with the complication being I'm based in Australia! Currently looking at machines such as; HP Pavilion 15-ak006TX 15" HP Spectre 360 Dell Y510995AU XPS Couple of questions- whilst I appreciate it's not a case of 'one or the other' - where should the focus be- CPU/RAM/Hard Drive space or Graphics? I think I usually load approx. 4-6 different nations, large database and like as high graphics as possible. Ideal laptop would be 14", i7, 8GBDDR, 250GB SSD and 1TB HDD, Geforce 920+...I can't seem to find the perfect combo though!
  8. Hello all, Any help appreciated. New save started with Newcastle with following leagues loaded; England, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy (playable) France (view only) Just looked to sign Kevin de Bruyne and he can't be found? Can anybody explain why this is? I thought he was of a level/ability that would make him always available? Have I done something wrong?
  9. Hello all, Be grateful for your help. First season with Newcastle Utd and in keeping with the French theme in the North East and following some recommendations on here,I was looking forward to 31.03 when the Clairefontaine academy players become available. However,they all appear to be still greyed out and have continued to be so during the summer. Have I don't something wrong? Is this correct? Thank you in advance.
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