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  1. Just cannot see all that much difference, might just stick to the 10 version. And I've never done this before, I've always got the latest version.
  2. Well game crashed, and also way to many yellow cards and red cards
  3. Well only played one game and have to say the ball seems to small to me, it's hard to see it when a shot occurs.
  4. After months of being annoyed by this game, i've decided to start yet another save. Anyway in season 3 with Blyth and top of the league and doing okay, however the forwards are scoring goals but getting awful ratings. Have him set as a complete forward. Anyone got any tips how to get higher ratings out of him, the rest of the team are getting good ratings.
  5. hate the winter ball, as you can not bloody see it.
  6. Where am I going wrong

    Maybe that is my problem as I try and set things up like real football. Anyway, i've given it another chance, and currently 4th in the BSP with Chester after 10 games so not a bad start to the season. Now the problem is will it last, or will the dreaded random stuff come back. Will have a look at the thread mentioned, to see if it helps.
  7. Where am I going wrong

    and there you go, after being unbeaten for 5 (won 4 and drawn 1), I go and lose the next 5 and scored 1 goal. Going back to 2009 version, and seems that after a lifetime of getting this game without any thought, this won't happen again. Gutted.
  8. Where am I going wrong

    Thing is i've always moved on to the next instalment, but this one seems the worse ever. Have tried all kinds of tactics since I last posted, some worked for a while and then guess what they failed again. Now gone back to a tactic that I created when I first started this save and guess what just won 4 on the trot. I really don't want to go back to 09 version and of course it will break my heart to not get 11. The problem is that the game just does not seem a game any more and is it not as enjoyable as it used to be. Tactics of course should play a part, but players play the game not tactics.
  9. I've played every game within this series for as long as I care to remember and have over the years become frustrated with the game, but nothing quite like this. So far on FM10 i've put in the hrs. 1st save got to 2024 with around 10 days 4 hrs played 2nd save is currently at 2018 with around 5 days 7 hrs played. Add together all the time i've ever played this game, then I think half my life is spent on it, so I understand how it works etc. Yet this time i've tried everything, i've used the new tactic creator, back to the old way. I've tried 4-5-1, 5-3-2, 4-4-2. I've created all kind of filters for players. Now the problem is simple for me, that the game seems to be so random, example was last season with Chester in the BSP, I won the first 5 and then went 14 games unbeaten and then went and lost the next 6 and ended up fighting relegation. Now I understand this happens from time to time, as a Sunderland fan this season I saw my team start the season the best they ever had in the EPL, and then go 14 games without a win. So I get it happens. However it seems to happen every season on this game. Again this season went and won 5, and now guess what, lost the next 4, including a game where I was at home in the cup with odds of 1.03. Now again while I understand teams do lose, I was battered by a team that, sorry like no matter what formation etc I play, I would beat every day of the week. (if the odds are anything to go by). It's like first choice Man U losing to a team of school kids, with odds like that. I love this game, but went 2 months not playing between save 1 and save 2, but like I've said it seems to have lost it's way (or is it just me). I'm not expecting every season to be great and winning everything, if I wanted that would start at the top of the leagues, rather than the bottom. Bloody sick. (also while i will read everything I can, i wont use someones else tactic, however sometimes wish I could bring myself to do so, as it might save me all this pain)
  10. Must be fixed for next time

    Daft thing is, if the QPR job does come up, i'll be away like a shot.
  11. Must be fixed for next time

    Sunday league.
  12. Must be fixed for next time

    Which is true, but should not even be getting linked to be honest.
  13. In my second season with Blyth, and came 2nd, and this season just mid table. However i'm linked with the QPR job who are 10th in the Championship, this is stupid, and will be even more so if i'm offered the job.
  14. Sould it be harder to get jobs

    As i've already said my rep was sunday league.
  15. Sould it be harder to get jobs

    Thats the one I did start with.