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  1. Thank you, the "visit news screen automatically" is exactly the setting I was looking for.
  2. I understand its intentional. Many games let you turn things off that were put there intentionally. I get nothing out of the social media and news, and would like the game NOT to go there every time it stops processing. And yes, for me it is going there every time, even when there are no new items there, but there are new emails in the inbox. Anyway, I did not start this thread to complain, it was really to see if there was a setting I could change to obtain the behavior I wanted.
  3. Whenever the game stops processing, it now switches to the awful news/social tab. I want it to go to my inbox. Is there any way to change this? I'd just as soon get rid of the social media stuff altogether, is that possible?
  4. In the initial setup, using "advanced" from the database dropdown menu, you can choose your desired size, then add continents, regions, nations, divisions. You can add the Sammarinese league there.
  5. I am just talking about adding it to the database. I thought that was what deadfncat meant by having it in the game but not playable. Sorry if I misunderstood.
  6. There will still be the same problem, they will be in Serie D.
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