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  1. How can you tell what version you are playing?
  2. Can you change it halve way through a game?
  3. How do I get the updated version on Steam? I'm currently playing version 13.0.2b326362
  4. If Walcott signs for us people will change there opinion very quickly.
  5. Not at all. People go on about him like he's aheadless chicken who wouldn't be playing football if it wasnt for his pace. The truth is he's a very good player who has the potential to be an excellent player
  6. Walcott might just be the most under rate player in world football. He'd be a fantastic signing for us
  7. Borini is boss you weirdos! His movement Is superb. The goals will come
  8. THE REDS ARE GREAT Superb that yesterday, ground was rocking too, positivity from everyone. Joe Allen is going to be a world beater, the lad is so composed on possesion. Him Lucas and Sahin will be an outstanding midfield 3 and free Gerrard up to play with Suarez and Borini. Oh and for whoever said Darren Bent would improve us - Might be the worst shout I've ever seen. Wouldn't suit us one bit
  9. Sahin is a cracking signing. Made up with that
  10. Jay Spearing is also terrible. No idea how anyone can say they rate Pacheco. Based off what exactly?
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