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  1. Another thing from the screenshots: your DM/D has picked up a knock, yes? Won't really help him hassling the opposition.
  2. Ok, this might be a stupid question, but have you "named" the player roles in those screenshots correctly? I don't really understand why your CM/D is playing further up the pitch then your CM/S on both goals. On the first he's actually trying to close down their winger? Sounds like an aggressive BWM to me, not a defensive midfielder that's supposed to fall back and protect your back four, no? Also, not marking your opponents AM cause "you're Arsenal" is a pretty strange argument. He can still be dangerous, you know.
  3. Thanks again for all the suggestions everyone, but sadly, this formation ain't doing it for me. So I tweaked the tactics a bit: changed the attacker to DLF/S, Anchorman to DM/D and LB to FB/A. Added close down more as PI to the fullbacks, while telling Walker at RB to bomb forward. This saw as pick up some form in the league (also, easier opponents didn't hurt). A few things are working great: We are ROCK SOLID at home. Three goals conceded in ten home games. In several of those games, the opponent have barely even threatened our goal. Me like. We are really attacking as a team, not relying on one or two world class players. Halfway through the season, ten players have scored in the league, eleven has assists (even Defoe, who has played a whopping 17 minutes in total). As I mentioned, Dembele has never been this good. I've always played him as a DLP, but this system gives him the freedom to strutt his stuff. Watching him running all over the place, taking on defenders and advancing into the box has been a true joy. 3 goals, 4 ass and 3 PoM in 18 games so far. And a bit of bonus fun. Despite my job being under constant scrutiny, I managed to get Pellegrini the sack by beating his lame Man City side. However, other things are not so great: While solid at home, we have a hard time unlocking defenses. 0-0 is a too common result. Dunno if it's about tactics or not, but our strikers aren't putting away those chances. I gave Soldado an DLF/S role, which worked a treat - for a while. He linked play excellent, scored quite a few, but then suddenly couldn't hit a barn door if his life depended on it. "He misses when it was easier to score", "even his manager has his head in his hands" are too often heard from the commentators. I fined Ade after another lousy performance, he threw a hissy fit. So a misfiring Soldado and mr rebel Adebayor, at least now I know what AVB went through. Our away form is shambolic. Put pressure on our defence and it will crumble. 17 goals conceded in 9 away games. I've tried to rectify this by dropping deeper and going more direct, which at least gave us 0-0 at Anfield. We saw 35% of the ball, but had 2-0 in CCC's. Then again, Liverpool is not very good in FM2014. Ah, the issue of pressing and the d-line. Truth be told, I'm not very comfortable pushing higher up the pitch. Never been. Never will be, probably. It makes me nervous. Anxious even. Watching Spurs IRL this season haven't really changed that... Anyhow, I've tried it a bit. Was trailing Sunderland away, so told the players to push higher up and hassle. Voila! Forced an equaliser. Minutes later, Fletcher scores on a ball over the top from Xabi Alonso, ehhhr, midfield maestro David Vaughn I meant. Next game home against Fulham. They slightly dominate possession, which I don't appreciate, so at half time I tell 'em to push up and hassle. Five minutes from full time, Rodallega scores the equaliser on a simple ball over the head of poor old Dawson. I probably should have changed it around a bit, but it strengthens my view that pressing = risky. There's an interesting pattern (and probably damning for me as manager) in our games. We tend to start the halves brightly, but cannot see a result all the way home. Also, let me present the horrorshow that broke the camel's back. NLD at home, new years day. 0-0 at halftime after a drab first half, a typical game where no one wants to lose. I tell my players to step it up in the second half. After 15 seconds (!), Lloris with the ball, under no pressure whatsoever decides to punt it straight at their striker. He atones his mistake by saving the chance, with the ball rolling left to Rose. The boy wonder has an easy out in the left mid ahead of him, or he can just hoof it. Nah, that's to easy. Let's just give their only player in the box the ball instead. That was Arsenals only two SoT the whole game, but enough for 3 points. Such a patetic way to end another frustrating save. Anyway, with all this being said. My main gripe with 4-3-3 is that I'm practically giving the opponents a numerical advantage. No, not really, but that's how it feels. I understand the value of sitting midfielders in real life football, but it seems like an underpowered position in FM2014. The DM doesn't contribute to our attack, doesn't stop balls over the top, can quite easily be played around and can't even take a BWM role, since that would leave the team horribly disorganized. AMC's on the other hand, is always a threat and a problem the opponent has to deal with. Like it or not, there must be a reason why the 4-2-3-1 is dominating the PL, both IRL and in-game. And AMC's are really rocking it in FM2014. Look at those Wilshire-stats! Sick. Feels like I'm at a crossroads. I'm contemplating giving Spurs yet another go, this time with some form of 4-4-1-1 which has served me well in the past, but applying some tips and info I've picked up in this thread. Or, the other option: never ever touching this game again. What to do, what to do.
  4. @JDownie, thank you kindly for the reply. Much food for thought. Will post an update with results and observations after some more games.
  5. Thanks for the advice, everyone. I've tweaked the tactics a bit and seen some improvements. But will it be enough to save my job? Forget Champions League, I'm fighting for my future here! Let's see how long I survive. One Q: It has always been my understanding that 'hassle opponents' is one extreme that's very situational. But you guys leave it on all the time?
  6. Great read, this thread. Amazing achievements JDownie, take a bow. It got me inspired to have another go at my neverending FM2014 project, to reach the Champions League with Tottenham. This would be my fourth or fifth attempt, haven't succeded yet. Yep, I'm that lousy. Anyhow, Spurs have players that should work pretty well in a 4-3-3. Strong central midfielders that can pick out a pass, tricky wingers who doesn't mind cutting inside and forwards that can lead the line. I would have to sacrifice my favourite Dane, but nothing's free, huh? Here's the basic tactic I went for. Pretty few PI's, mostly telling the keeper to play it short. Wanted to get a feel for the formation before tweaking it too much. But it looks alright, don't it? No gaping holes or glaring errors? And we have played well enough. Some of the attacking movement have been fabulous. Chadli and Townsend have rocked the flanks while I've never before gotten so much action out of big man Dembele. But then you need results too. We're conceding goals left, right and centre while the team and Adebayor in particular is shooting blanks (1 goal in 24 attempts, maybe about 1/3 of those have been CCC's). Basically, I just wanna cry. No matter what team or league or formation I'm trying, nothing's ever working. I'm flabbergasted - and green of envy - that you can take a side like Cardiff to second place in the Premier League. It feels like I've missed a trick somewhere, that makes everyone win while I'm staring down yet another defeat. Well, sorry for ranting or whining or whatnot in your thread. It's great that you can enjoy this game so much. Only wish I could join the club.
  7. Just started a new game in Portugal but lost my enthusiasm almost instantly.
  8. Set it to 'instant' and the game will continue until you must respond to something: match, press conference, transfer bid, whatever.
  9. Is that really the biggest problem? IMHO, tactics trumping player quality over and over again is by far the biggest issue in FM2014. Unless the Arsenal manager makes something really silly, like moving his centre backs to the flanks or whatever, there is simply no plausible tactical switch that should make a team like Hull suddenly score five goals against a strong opponent. And I say that as a Spurs fan.
  10. Have you ticked/unticked 'Continue Game Timeout' in the preferences?
  11. Being extremely complex, yes, thanks to "external" factors: safety issues, transportation, shared stewards, etc. All completely irrelevant in FM. And no, three straight away games isn't a horror show per se, but when it's the norm instead of the exception. Look at the screenshot again. Crystal Palace plays AAA HH AA HHH AAA HHHH(!) AA HH A. That lack of realism is really off putting in my eyes.
  12. After just realizing this problem, I checked around a bit in my save games and it seems more common in certain leagues. Serie A and Bundesliga seems to get the fixtures quite right, La Liga is okay (a bit too many HHAA for my liking), but Premier League is a horror show. I haven't found a single PL team in my saves who didn't have to play at least three away games in a row. Look for example at poor Crystal Palace's schedule here... I can understand bugs and problems in the ME and other stuff, but not getting such a basic feature as the fixture scheduling correct is just poor by SI.
  13. Well, if he had an adventure in China or something...
  14. It's widely considered that this years edition of Football Manager is the hardest one yet. Good luck is all I can say.
  15. Sounds plausible enough. But that would implicate flaws* in the game, since this is clearly not happening in real life football to the same extent. (*Assuming you view immersion/realism as an essential part of FM, which I do.)
  16. But how would you then explain the constant underachieving by big clubs? Not when being managed by half-wits like me, but when AI controlled. Several posters on this forum have reported strange seasons with clubs like Roma and Liverpool getting relegated. In my Roma save, after I resigned in october I simulated the rest of the season. Juve won the league in the end with a mighty 68p - the last six-seven years the Serie A champions have ended on ~85p. Napoli finished 11th. Fiorentina only escaped relegation on the final day of the season. Did they all over-complicate their tactics? Strange patterns can be found on a player basis too. For example, the top20 chart for average ratings consisted of 15 defenders and 5 mcs. Not a single forward, attacking mid or gk. Something is off with the tactics system.
  17. "Fun" for me would be about building a team, putting them out there in a decent tactic and not get constantly run over. Or to put it another way. The game should absolutely reward the tactically gifted. If you're clever enough to reach a CL spot with Stoke in your first season with Arnautovic scoring some 20+ league goals (as I saw one streamer do), sure, fine, that's great. But the game shouldn't punish the tactically "disabled" among us to the extent that it does now. Or to put it another way. There are endless ways to spice up a challenge if you find the game too easy: pick a smaller club, use only home-grown players, fire all your scouts, whatever. But what to do if the game's too hard on you? Play with Barca? I don't want that.
  18. For me, the "fun-feeling" is definitely gone. FM2014 has provided maybe 1% enjoyment and 99% frustration so far. I've spent hours reading in the tactics forum, even started a thread or two, but I've must be tactically r*t*rd*d cause no matter what team or formation I'm going for we're constantly outplayed and outsmarted. Listen, I understand that some players want a challenge, I really do. And it's great that the game supports wonderful experiments like this one. But IMHO it should also be possible to put out a fairly basic formation and let the players do the magic, if they're good enough. Good players should beat inferior opposition most of the time, unless the tactics are really messed up. One real life example from this years boxing day games: Tottenham played the most basic 4-4-2 you'll ever see in the Premier League, against a West Brom side packing the center. And yet Spurs had ~65% of the ball, thanks to home advantage and just having better players. If I would try this in FM2014, I'd be glad to even see 40% possession. Tactically, FM2014 seems very unforgiving: unless your tactics are spot on the game will punish you. I even feel that the game is biased towards good tactics over good players. The best indication that the tactical element is too hard? That the AI managers are struggling too! I've simulated the first PL season a couple of times with no human interference. A clear pattern has emerged: the best teams are losing more often than they should, the best players aren't performing as they should. Spurs and Pool are constantly underperforming, but I've also seen Arsenal and Man City do 55 points-seasons, which would NEVER happen IRL with their current squads. Or how about this. I've just started a new save with Roma. Struggling badly and will soon get the sack, of course, but at least I'm in good company. After matchday six, misters Benitez, Conte, Mazarri and Montella have led their teams to a whopping three wins, all in all. Four great managers, four squads loaded with talent, but no results whatsoever. Instead average teams with average players are leading the tables. Guess they got their tactics right. TLDR: Tactics, good or bad, seems to trump player quality. Not fun.
  19. So, two more games played. Juve away was an inevitable defeat, despite them losing Lichsteiner to a red card after 15 minutes. They moved Pirlo to the right wing back position, played 3-2-2-2 and controlled the game: 64% possession with ten men. Goals from a penalty and a long throw that would've made Delap proud. We didn't threaten at all. After that I figured that maybe we're too passive in midfield and just letting the opponents move it around. So for the next game, Catania at home, I added hassle opponents to the team instructions. Did it work? Not at all, if anything we got worse. This is how the first 25 minutes played out. With a standard 4-2-3-1 they are pushing us waaay deep back. And whilst our passing is all over the map, they seem to pass the ball with considerable ease in our half, with us unable to win it back. According to my assman, we have the league's best midfield in tackling, teamwork and decisions, and the fourth best passers. After 25 minutes, they got a man sent off (that's the fourth red card going our way in nine league games!) and fell apart completly. On a side note, unrelated to my tactics, their behaviour one man down was really strange. They pushed men forward, played with one CD and gave us unbelievable spaces to counter. 2-0 down they shored up things, but a bit late by that. I'm happy enough with our results so far, but I don't feel any closer to understand why the matches plays out like they do. Disappointing, really.
  20. Thanks for the link, will have a read! It's in the first screenshot, no? Mentality: standard, fluidity: fluid, team instructions: shorter passing. Nope, not necessarily. But with 4 central midfielders against 2 or 3 that's usually technically inferior, it should at least happen sometimes. Unless our players are complacent/uninterested/upset which I haven't seen any traces of. Or the tactic is flawed - which it might be, but I cannot figure out how or why.
  21. Another related issue is when the player wants to discuss something, but when you get to the screen it's blank with just an end conversation button, nothing else. What's the matter, lost your tongue boy?
  22. Hello tacticians, anyone care to help me understand my Inter save a bit? A few words on my background. Been playing CM/FM since the late 90's. Always enjoyed it despite never achieving much (winning the CL with an average pre-Magath Wolfsburg side is my biggest claim to fame). But in FM12, something clicked. Won several league titles with Spurs and managed three promotions in four seasons with Charlton, QPR and Newcastle, all while playing pretty basic 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 formations. Tactically, I'm more of a Redknapp guy ("play where you want!", "just f**king run around!") than someone like Bielsa or Pep. This obviously worked great in FM12 - but not so much in FM14. I've been trying quite a few teams in FM14, often neglecting the tactical side I guess, and failing badly. So I've decided to change aproach. In this save, results aren't the highest priority (though I would love to take a CL spot), instead the goal is to really understand what's happening and why. When setting up my tactics, I'm quite pragmatic. Getting the most out of what's avaible is more important than imposing a certain style. Looking at Inter's squad we have a strong core of central players but is really lacking on the flanks, where all width must come from the full backs. I contemplated going with a back three but felt it was best to keep it simple, so decided on a 4-1-3-2. The idea is to keep the ball, give the CM's freedom to dictate play at their own will, use rampaging wing backs to get width with Cambiasso providing cover and finally Palacio dropping deep to find space and mess with his CD. The only player instructions is for GK to pass it shorter + distribute to defenders and for F9 to shoot less often. The results have been fine so far. Most of all I'm delighted with our defending, which has often been a problem for me. Unfortunately, it's not great football that has won us matches, but doing it like Stoke. We've scored five corners, three free kicks and several of our goals from open play has occured like this: short throw in > pass > cross into box > goal. The beast of Ranocchia is in second place in the scoring charts for Serie A, only behind Llorente. We're getting shots on goal, both long shots and inside the box, but struggling to create CCCs (6 in 7 games). But what's really driving me crazy is how we constantly loses the battle for possession, despite playing mostly inferior sides. Now, possession is not an end goal for me, I'd take three points over possession every time - the problem is that I can't understand WHY this is happening (which as I mentionted was the primary goal in this save). Here are the results so far (our stats first): 1-1 vs Udinese (A), [49 vs 51% possession, 14-15 shots on goal] 4-0 vs Cagliari (H), [54 vs 46%, 23-5] 2-1 vs Sassuolo (A), [42 vs 58%, 10-5] 3-0 vs Verona (H), [44 vs 56%, 17-5] 1-0 vs Genoa (A), [48 vs 52%, 20-9] 0-1 vs Lazio (H), [41 vs 59%, 9-10] 3-0 vs Bologna (H), [53 vs 47%, 19-10] Our pass completion rate is normally between 80-83%, but the only times we've seen more of the ball is at home against weaker sides - that've got a man sent off! (Happened to both Cagliari and Bologna). Even when playing against 10 men, we are hardly bossing it. For example, here are the heat maps from the first half against Lazio. We're playing at home, we have a clear numerical advantage in the middle of the park, while staggering our lines and (in theory) creating ample opportunities for passing triangles. They are playing a flat back four and a striker looking really isolated. Still they had 64% of the ball in that half! Despite that we won the shots 8 vs 4 and got fouled 8 times vs 3 fouls conceded. I just can't make any sense of it. Any suggestions? I've putten the game on pause for now, since our next match is away at Juve and I'm afraid we'll get absolutely torn to pieces.
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