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  1. You can do the interview and if offered the job, ask to delay the decision until end of the season.
  2. Just tick "Realistic regular loans" on the show filter, and it should give you what you're after.
  3. Yes, it will. If you go to the in-game screen for adding more leagues, it will give you an "approximate player count". For example, I'm running France only with a small db; 11 000 players. If I were to add the Bundesliga, it will be 15 000. Add Italy, 19 000. Etc. Pretty sure that was the case in FM2014.
  4. This is important. I don't know how it effects individual player perfomances, but in my experience bigger clubs tends to perform considerably worse when simulating games without full details enabled.
  5. http://www.givemesport.com/502157-zakaria-bakkali-frozen-out-at-psv-after-refusal-to-sign-new-contract His refusal to sign a new contract had made it into the database. If you use the official editor before starting a new game, you can untick "Will Leave at End of Contract" on his club contract screen. Of course, that's no guarantee that he'll actually stay at PSV, but at least it makes it a possibility.
  6. Zaragoza. Classic La Liga team that won the Cup winner's cup back in '95 (Nayim from the half way line!), but haven't had much to celebrate in recent years. Stadium capacity of 35k, but around €80m in debts. Can you dethrone Real and Barca with this lot? Now, there's a challenge for you.
  7. If you activate 'Continue Game Timeout' in the preferences you will sort of semi-holiday between matches, with the game only stopping for more pressing issues (like upset players wanting to talk).
  8. TOTTENHAM SEASON 2015/2016 Review So, fresh off the first season where we won the FA Cup and Europa League, but saw Chelsea pip us to the league title (long post about it here), it was time to boost our squad somewhat. Ross Barkley was the first one through the doors. We didn't really need him, but for some reason Everton wanted to get rid, and who am I to deny young, english talent? Nice back up to Eriksen at the very least. Unfortunately, Everton weren't quite as keen to let Lukaku go, and turned down our repeated offers. Instead, I tried to bring in Chicharito - quick, hard-working, with an eye for goal - but his work permit got turned down. Bummer. Players like Immobile, El Shaarawy, even Max Kruse wanted silly money, so in the end we had to settle on Anderlecht's Mitrovic - the serbian Drogba? - despite me being less than impressed over his mental attributes. At 36 years old, Abidal was maybe a strange buy, but I wanted someone calm, cool and collected, a been-there-done-that type of guy. Just like Redknapp loved to sign your Parkers and Friedels and Gallaseses, Abidal really fit the bill for me. I even made him vice captain when Lloris was promoted to captain. Pereyra rounded out our signings. Free from Udinese. More on him later. No big sales, just freeing up some room on a congested midfield. Shame about Mason and Carroll, but they just weren't cutting it. http://i.imgur.com/mF3pnBC.jpg The january window was all about keeping the team together. PSG and Real wanted Lloris while Barca offered some £70m for Lamela. I was never really tempted to sell, and somehow our players didn't go batshit crazy when we turned down the offers. More interesting in january is that a couple of world class names suddenly weren't unrealistic transfers anymore according to my assistent manager (Steffen Freund says hi, I promoted him back) - players like Varane, Isco, even Pogba. But out of our league financially, of course. THE CUPS The season started with double supercups against our dear rivals Chelsea (not only league champions, they won the freaking CL too). We lost at Wembley, but got back at them in Georgia of all places. The league cup was used to try out some kids while our FA Cup tour through the nation ended prematurely in Manchester, a mistake from Vertonghen minutes from replay denied us the chance to defend the cup. Oh well. http://i.imgur.com/k5PQrdq.jpg CHAMPIONS LEAGUE We were ranked ninth in Europe with all of the eight better teams qualifying for the CL, so we went into the second pot for the group stage. However, the draw treated us very kindly, with Atletico, PSV and Sparta Prague as opponents. We did our job well enough initially, but had some bad luck in Eindhoven and really messed it up in the last game, which meant we had to face one of the group winners in the knock out phase. The draw gave us another trip to Madrid, now to meet Real. First game at the Lane however. A simple corner goal from Sergio Ramos meant we faced an uphill battle, but at least Soldado found an equaliser. I expected them to batter us in Madrid, but our guys really rose to the task, not least after Ronaldo got Abidal sent off (who else?). Lamela secured the victory with a stunning free kick. We did a solid enough job at home against Bayern in the QF, despite Soldado missing a penalty (grrr...), but they were just too strong for us in Munich. Of course, they did get their slice of good fortune too, just check the goal scorers. http://i.imgur.com/Z7S4fx6.jpg PREMIER LEAGUE With no success in the cups this time around, the league turned out to be our only chance of silverware. However, it was a really strange season. Chelsea started brilliantly, just like they'd ended the last season, taking 28 points from their first ten games. We on the other hand conceded some sloppy goals, dropped points we really shouldn't and looked some way off. However, no other team were even close, the title would end up in London again. But where? Just before Christmas, Chelsea had to jet off to America for the FIFA Club World Cup, only to come home and play the QF and semis of the league cup, which gave us the chance to build some advantage. By turning the many 0-0's of last season into solid victories, we managed to rush into top spot by winter. After 30 games we had 72 points, seven points before Chelsea on 65 - but they had f-i-v-e games to spare! Could they catch up on us? By late april the table read: 1. Spurs 35 82p +52, 2. Chelsea 34 81p +64. After Chelsea lost at home against the Arse and away to Wolves (Terry own goal for the win!) we would've secured the title away to Swansea in the penultimate game of the season, but despite our best efforts could only muster a 1-1 draw. But it didn't matter, an exhausted Chelsea side couldn't find a way past already relegated Sunderland and that was it. With one game to spare, the title was back were it belongs, some 55 years later. Glory glory, praised be the footballing gods. http://i.imgur.com/qd9dCWM.jpg SQUAD STATS As the league summary above suggests, our players did a pretty handsome job. Lloris ever so steady in goal, with Vertonghen and especially Kaboul in something of a comeback season doing the dirty work in defence. Walker and Rose almost unstoppable at the flanks, when fit. At top, Soldado did his job without much ado, but the real magic came from our deadly argentinian midfield duo of Lamela and Pereyra. With Capoue and Dembele adding bite to the midfield, Lam-Eyra were free to tear up opposition defences all day and all night long. Seeing the spiritual inheritors of Villa and Ardiles was such a joy, I don't really know what could top that (gamewise, that is). http://i.imgur.com/gQ1xMY4.jpg (GK's + defenders) http://i.imgur.com/KoblB6B.jpg (Mf + attackers) THE FUTURE I really like this squad, how could I not? I don't see the need for major changes. One world class striker and someone who can threaten from the left flank, that's all we need. The only major question - unless Real/Barca/PSG offers silly money for anyone - is wether to give Kaboul a new long term contract, or sign someone younger and better. However, in FM terms, I've never been the kind of player who stays for decades at a club and wins 45 titles. Once I reach a pre-set goal like winning the league, I'm quite satisfied, and perhaps need some extra type of challenge to keep my interest up. A bit restless, absolutely, there's always other clubs waiting to be rescued/ruined (although there's only one Spurs). Just for fun, with the season done I resigned to see what Spurs would do. Turns out they went and hired the latest coach to win the Eredivisie - not de Boer, but PSV's Cocu. His first move was to re-purchase Chiriches from Wolfsburg for £20m. Lol. Then I got the chance to take over England from Hodgson (they lost the Euro finals against Italy on penalties, would you believe it?), but that's another story.
  9. Dunno what year you're in, but how about a cheeky bid to bring in Pirlo (if he's still active) as an option? He's more or less the definition of a regista.
  10. Isn't close down more a standard setting for bwm's? I use him as a CM/A or roaming playmaker. He might not have the greatest vision, but he creates havoc by just running at the defence, drifting to the flanks or taking long shots - which often rebounds into easy tap-ins for his teammates.
  11. Haha, I know! Exactly. Getting tactical advice if you're struggling is one thing, but just downloading super-plug-and-play-tactics? Boring. Also, I tend to avoid buying the same players with different teams. If I find a cheap world class talent on one save, it's just lazy to keep buying him on all other saves.
  12. Looks good, of course, maybe just a bit lacking in the home-grown department. Also, without wanting to sound too harsch, but... pretty boring honestly to see yet another team with guys like Balanta in it. Is there a FM player, ever, that didn't sign Balanta for his defence?
  13. Moussa Dembele is great, you just gotta love him enough.
  14. The Gold Cup just started, but there's no scheduled break for the MLS? Oh well, scraping by with greyed out players it is, then.
  15. Is New York City supposed to have zero allocation funds in 2015? After getting a bit greedy and picking up too many high earners in the expansion draft, we were way over the total wage limit and could barely register a complete squad. I almost got stuck since I couldn't get under the limit with the required minimum of 15 players, and had to holiday to get further in the game. I managed to trade away some draft picks for a chunk of another clubs allocation funds, which allowed us to up the wage limit somewhat, but now I can't sign a single player - not even from our own academy - despite having a couple of thousand dollars to spare. What am I missing here? Also, the fixture scheduling seems a bit weird. Sometimes there's two league games in three days, then there's ten-twelve days rest. We had to play one league game the day after a USA vs Brazil friendly, which meant we had like 8 players to chose from. I'm quite fond of the squad we've cobbled together, but it will be though getting through the whole season with such an alarming lack of depth.
  16. Entering the final months of our second season. Unfortunately, Chelsea seems too strong again, but we shall see. Anyhow, if anyone needs some more silky skills on your midfield, do sign Roberto Pereyra from Udinese (on loan at Juve the first season, but with an expiring contract). Absolute beauty of a footballer.
  17. Do your guys play topless? On topic: your competition seems pretty weak. Lausanne finished second despite losing almost one third of their games. Come back if you're still rocking the Super League next season.
  18. The tactics are nothing groundbreaking, a basic 4-3-3 Control / Flexible. TI's: Shorter passing + Work ball into box + Run at defence + Push higher up + Close down more The only PI's is for the keeper to Roll it out + Distribute to full backs and for the forward to Move into channels. Against tougher opponents I would pull down the wingers into a 4-1-4-1 with Lamela as a Wide playmaker (still with an attacking duty) and play Counter / Flexible with Shorter passing + Work ball into box + Run at defence + Play Narrower + Be more disciplined. However, I suspect that my heavy use of opposition instructions played a big part in our mean defence. Before kick off I would always ask my assistant Jesus Perez to set opposition instructions, and he would basically always instruct our players to show all their midfielders and attackers onto their weaker foot. To that I added tight marking against strikers and amc's and ALWAYS closing down against wingers and wide midfielders. If I suspected that our opponents would have a go at us, I told my wide midfielders to man mark their full backs. That's pretty much it, but it seemed to really do the job against crosses and all other sorts of threats. Also, just 3 goals conceded from corners in 38 league games.
  19. Thank you. Yeah, the money's there alright. At the end of the season, we have a transfer budget of nearly £40m while being around £350k under our wage budget. It's almost a bit too much, Spurs aren't that loaded IRL. Not sure what to do with it tough, I find that scouting and buying players feels more tedious with each new version of FM. Maybe I'll just blow all the money on a superstar striker, just to see him fail miserably like a modern day Rebrov. Thank you. The great dane is a pretty special talent (even more so in the game) and I was lucky to only see him pick up one minor injury all season long. When he needed resting, players like Dembele (despite his awful rating for vision) and Bentaleb did an okay-ish job deputising. In fact, Bentaleb seems to have great, almost Modricuesque potential in this edition. Just like you I'm not sure of the best players out there, but for young playmakers that Tielemans kid at Anderlecht seems to be the latest rage. Personally, I love Kovacic at Inter, but he's nobody's backup. Pereyra at Juventus seems great too, avaible as a bosman in the summer of 15, but I haven't had a chance to work with him yet.
  20. Is there any particular reason you haven't ticked "close down more/much more"? It seems like the logical companion to "push higher up" + "use offside trap", unless you just wanna play a high line while still giving your opponents all the time to ping balls over the top (which, come to think of it, is pretty much what Spurs is doing IRL). Also, I would be a bit worried of the team losing all shape with a fluid mentality + "be more expressive" + "roam from position", but maybe it works. Isn't roaming playmakers supposed to come deep for the ball?
  21. Greetings fellow yiddos! (Warning: wall of text incoming). Just read through this thread, and what strikes me is that many of you tend to more or less buy a whole new team when taking over Spurs. Now, I agree that our current squad isn't that great - or just seems a bit too "much of a muchness" to quote a certain mr Sherwood - but for me the challenge and half the fun has always been to try and get the most out of the current crop of players. So after fooling around with some other teams in other leagues just to get a feel for FM15, I finally started this year's first Spurs save the other week. Unfortunately, it was all kind of a mess. We were hard to beat, but conceded so many stupid goals that we looked like Man City under mr Hughes: 18 draws in 38 games, loads and loads of 1-1's and 2-2's. We reached the FA Cup final, but a few weeks before facing the arse at Wembley, Vertonghen threw a hissy fit over not getting his dream move to Barca (they never even made a bid!) and the whole squad just imploded. Not a very nice experience. After giving the game a break for a couple of days, I decided to have another go at cracking it with Spurs. This time, something just clicked, which gave us a really interesting season. TRANSFERS As I've said, I wanna work with what's already here. The only signings were the pre-purchased Yedlin (who looks quite rubbish, unfortunately) and two young strikers to provide backup. Adebayor left for Saints in the winter and Wolfsburg bought half our defence. Fazio wanted more playing time, Chiriches I just can't stand (centrebacks should NOT have high values for dribbling, damnit!). When I saw that Shaqiri were frozen out at Bayern, I did try to bring him in in January and really thought we had him in the bag, but sadly he preferred that blue team from west London. Money talks. Such a shame. THE LEAGUE We started with some dramatic high scoring games (2-2 away to Villa, 3-2 home against Utd) with me unsure of the best formation, before settling nicely into a solid 4-3-3 / 4-1-4-1 wich turned out to be nigh on inpenetrable. One streak of six games without conceding and another run of four without conceding saw us racing into the top spot by winter, still undefeated come february. 17 9 0 was a pretty great facit after 26 games until we crashed to defeat at Old Trafford. Sadly, our defensive stability came at the expense of some attacking urgency, and a few nil-nils too many saw Chelsea pip us to the title after they won ten of their last twelve games. Getting our best players Soldado and Dembele (yes, him!) injuried for the last few months of the season didn't help either. I'm not quite sure how I did it, but that doesn't make me less proud over turning White Hart Lane into a fortress again, only conceding f-i-v-e home goals all season long. THE CUPS The league cup gave us the shittiest of ties, away to Chelsea. We played a few kids, lost, and moved on. I did not smile when we got the draw for the FA Cup: Arsenal. Away. However, we outfought them, and after that it was smooth sailing all the way to Wembley. Surprise package Norwich had already won the league cup (facing rivals Ipswich in the final, no less) and gave us a scare with their odd, overload-the-centre-4-2-3-1, but in the end our superior quality saw us through. Not a classic in any way or shape, but FA Cup glory nonetheless. EUROPE Playoff and group stages was a breeze, as it should, with Bentaleb scoring in both games against Rio Ave one of the highlights. After the group stage I debated whether to continue playing Vorm in the EL or bring in the superior Lloris to give us a bigger chance at winning, but decided to keep the faith with Vorm. No regrets there. After making a stupid mistake against Sporting which cost us a goal, he decided to don't look back, instead stepping it up and closing the shop for good. We didn't concede a single goal after that. The final against Zenit turned out to be a tense affair. Sadly, AVB had left (to manage Man Utd, believe it or not) and their new coach somehow found a way to stifle our play, whilst launching cross after cross after cross into the box, but our defence played superbly. In extra time, substitue Lamela got hold of a poor back pass and smashed an unstoppable rocket into the net, and the glory glory was all ours. SQUAD STATS Soldado and Lamela lead our lines in fine fashion, with excellent service from Eriksen and Dembele (player-of-the-season-candidate until injury cut his season short). Kane had a torrid time in the league, but scored for fun in the cups. Capoue was the reliable water carrier that allowed the rest of the midfield to flourish (I'm happy that DM's can finally get avg ratings over 7, which was near on impossible in FM14). Vertonghen was the ever-present leader of the defence, quite deadly at set pieces too. Lloris kept 23(!) clean sheets in the league. Finally, young Dier deserves special mention. With Chiriches and Fazio gone, Dier really had to step it up when Kaboul got injuried and in the end he played some odd 40 games. Looking a bit raw at times, sure, but what an excellent prospect. With high values for determination, teamwork, workrate and leadership at the tender age of 21, I see a future club captain. If not the new King, then definitely the new Dawson. THE FUTURE The primary objective is clear: to knock Chelsea and their smug manager (we've worked up quite a feisty relationship) off their perch. But how do you stop a team with players like Costa, Hazard and Fabregas? Damn hard. Champions League glory would be more of a bonus. I'm quite happy with the squad and aren't sure I wanna alter it too much. One signing is finalised for next season: Pereyra from Juventus/Udinese, will hopefully provide more of a goal threat from midfield. Biggest dilemma is the attack. Soldado needs replacing sooner or later, but an expensive big name signing in attack would probably stifle Kane's progress. Then again, Kane's probably not quite good enough to lead us all the way in the league. Decisions decisions. Well, at least I managed to convince Levy to expand WHL by 8500 seats so next season we'll have bigger capacity than Villa, Everton and that blue plastic club across town. (I've removed the new stadium move in the pre-game editor since those plans all seems pretty much up in the air IRL). Guess that's it. If you bothered to read all the way, kudos, and here's a word of Spurs advice as a reward: run at defence is a freaking great team instruction. Seeing players like Lamela, Eriksen and Dembele take off on slaloming mazy runs against dumbstruck defenders is a pure delight.
  22. Sounds to me that they don't respect your standing in the game enough. If you set your starting reputation too low when taking over a bigger club, the game will be extra challenging.
  23. Oh man. Didn't know semi-pro clubs were that unforgiving. My only other suggestion is to arrange lots of friendlies for your reserve team, and make the first teamers avaible for appropiate doses of football. For example, you can make them avaible for 45 minutes per reserve game untill match fit. Dunno if it would help, but maybe something to try?
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