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  1. Sweet! How do you play him - which position/role? I'll see your job offer and raise you this financial meltdown. After finally getting their act together, it turns out that their whole team was built on faulty foundations. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Their CL place went to Stoke instead. Priceless.
  2. Just reached new year in season four, and it's going pretty rocky. For some reason Romelu Lukaku is transfer listed at Everton and I so much wanna buy him - but I must keep the faith in our own players! Well done, son.
  3. Just played a league cup game away to Villa, using what must have been my youngest XI ever in any version of FM. You'll never win anything with kids? I so badly wish that isn't true.
  4. That's great to hear! You won't regret it. Personally, I could really do with a slight boost to Hurricane's abilities, but I'm way to invested in this save now to start anything anew. Good indeed. He's very calm and collected in the game, despite still being in his teens. IRL, he recently got called up to the US U23's (despite him being only 16 years old). Boy's got talent, that's for sure. No luck with Pritchard. He was never even close to the first team and is now playing for Brighton at the age of 24. Looks to be a decent championship player (like Mason, now at Derby) but nothing more.
  5. Thank you. I think you need to focus on just one save, at least for some time. Yes, they are there in the post, under the big squad list image. No Bentaleb though, last season he was always injuried or away with Algeria. He actually played as many internationals as league games last year, which is just bonkers. By the way, I just signed a new ass man (Mauro Tassotti) and he rates Onomah even higher: 3½ star current rating and 4½ star potential!
  6. THE COCKERELS: THREE YEAR SUMMARY During the past few months I've realized two things. 1. FM2015 seems to stray quite a bit into the easy side (at least if you have quality players) compared to previous editions. 2. The transfer market is in my view the most stressful, least interesting part of the game. Because of that, I've started a new Spurs save with a couple of self-imposed restrictions. The goal is to turn Tottenham into a major force, while relying heavily on our own youth and only buying players in exceptional cases. To crank up the difficulty, if a non-rival club bids the market value for any of our foreign players I have to accept it. I'm only allowed to sign british players, only as direct replacements for players sold, and only if there are no potential replacements in our squad. In a couple of years with these restrictions, our squad should consist exclusively of british and/or home-grown players. Will they be good enough to challenge for honours? That's the big Q. TRANSFERS It's a funny old game. With the restrictions I've given myself, I'm ready to sell our superstars, but in three years we haven't received a single bid for Eriksen, Lamela or Lloris. Clubs like Real, Barcelona, Juve and PSG have shown interest, but never followed it up with any concrete offers. A couple of average players have left, that's all. In three seasons there's been one exceptional case transfer-wise. When QPR accepted an offer from Arsenal for Steven Caulker, I just had to step in and save his soul. The boy is one of our own and deserves a better fate than playing for the gooners. To motivate/fund the deal we sold Fazio to Monaco. 14/15 In: DeAndre Yedlin (£2.5m, Seattle) Out: Vlad Chiriches (£10m, Wolfsburg), Aaron Lennon (£9.75m, Newcastle), Etienne Capoue (£9.25m, Stoke), Emanuel Adebayor (£2.5m, Everton), BAE (£1m, West Brom) 15/16 In: Steven Caulker (£16.5m, QPR) Out: Federico Fazio (£20m, Monaco), Michel Vorm (£4.75m, Sunderland), Younes Kaboul (£2.5m, Nancy). 16/17 In: - Out: Nacer Chadli (£12.5m, Marseille) PREMIER LEAGUE There's not too much to say about our league campaigns so far. We're good, always securing CL qualification comfortably, but lack that last bit of quality to really push Chelsea and Man Utd all the way. Our defensive record is improving each year, but we really lack someone like Falcao or Diego Costa up front. Hurricane works like a dog for the team, but he's just not consistent enough. Oh well, with Mourinho gone (always taking over Germany for some reason) and van Gaal retiring, the title is up for grabs. 14/15: 3rd 38 25 5 8 76 44 +32 80p 15/16: 2nd 38 25 8 5 88 33 +55 83p 16/17: 2nd 38 23 10 5 71 26 +45 79p FA & CAPITAL ONE CUP The domestic cups have been a recurring source of frustration and heartbreak. We've been knocked out of the FA Cup against Man C (x2) and Arsenal in spectacular fashion, the goals flowing at both ends, despite me trying to use a balanced tactic. The league cup has been used mainly for youth developement. Still, we reached the final last season, only to lose a sickening final against Stoke - despite dominating them completely. FA Cup 14/15: Sixth round loss against Man City away (2-2 ft, 4-4 aet, 8-9 pen) 15/16: Semi final loss against Man City at Wembley (4-4 ft, 4-5 aet) 16/17: Sixth round loss against Arsenal away (3-5) League Cup 14/15: Fourth round loss against Chelsea away 15/16: Quarter final loss against Middlesbrough away 16/17: Runners up (1-3 against Stoke) U21 Cup 16/17: Winners! (4-0 against Man Utd U21s) EUROPE The continental competitions have so far provided the biggest thrills - and some success. Quite fitting actually for a club with Tottenham's history. We won the Europa League the first season, didn't really find our feet the first time back with the CL big boys in the second season but reached the final in season three. Inevitable heartbreak followed. Champions League 14/15: - 15/16: 3rd in the group stage (behind Real Madrid and Celtic!) 16/17: Runners up (3-4 against Real Madrid) Europa League 14/15: Winners! (2-1 against Dynamo Kiev) 15/16: Semi final loss against Arsenal 16/17: - Super Cup 15/16: Winners! (4-2 aet against Leverkusen) SQUAD Guess you should recognize most of the names here since we have no sexy signings to brag about. Well known players like Lloris, Verts, Dembele and Lamela are pulling their weight but I've also handed ample opportunities to the young 'uns. They haven't let me down, yet. The last season we played 62 competitive matches, using a total of 33 players. 22 (including Chadli who left in january) found the net at least once. Of our youth, three players deserves special mention. It seems we're starting to realize in this thread that Joshua Onomah is a special talent. I normally prefer a 4-3-3, but this kid is forcing me to tamper with a 4-2-3-1 just to get the most out of his skillset. At the end of the season he got called up to Frank Rijkaard's England squad, where Caulker, Dier, Townsend and Walker are already regulars. Young belgian Ismael Azzaoui (the lads just call him 'Azza' for sure) is a handful for any defence with his pace, flair and dribbling skills. At the other end of the pitch, CCV has all the potential for a long-term Vertonghen replacement. Intelligent and extremely quick, he'll hopefully be a mainstay in our defence for the next decade. We have to mention promising regen Peter Beckles too, the first player born in the 00's to represent Spurs in the Premier League. FINANCES AND INFRASTRUCTURE Off the pitch, the club is probably in a healthier state than ever before. White Hart Lane has been expanded to a 45k capacity, good sir Daniel Levy agrees requests to keep the training facilities state-of-the-art and we have a bank balance of some £200m. To be honest, I don't even know what to do with all our monies. When a couple of senior pros leaves the club this summer, we will be £500k under our avaible wage budget. Maybe I should make a cheeky bid for Messi? No, wait, that wasn't what this save's all about. A LOOK AROUND THE LEAGUE Louis van Gaal (and a big sack of money) has restored Man Utd to the top of english football with consecutive league titles. However, with an aging attacking quartet of Falcao, van Persie, Rooney and Mata and van Gaal retiring, they need to revamp their squad soon. Falcao is a beast by the way, 70 goals in 94 league games. Chelsea looks weaker with Klopp instead of Mourinho, lets see if Roman gives him the time needed. Arsenal have truely turned into a mid-table side. Despite blowing over £180m on new players, they will miss the CL for the third season in a row. The surprise package of these seasons is without a doubt Norwich. They did the double (The Championship + The FA Cup) year one, had fun in Europe year two and finished 7th in the PL year three. I suspect their very narrow 4-2-3-1 is messing with the ME, cause their squad ain't all that. WHAT'S NEXT? Well, we have still to win the league. And it won't get easier if one of the european heavy hitters finds the courage to finally make a bid for Lamela or Eriksen. I guess Harry Kane needs to reach another level while our rivals have an off season, or something. Speaking about Kane, I have this naive idea that he could beat Jimmy Greaves goal record for Spurs (only 175 goals to go!), but for that he needs to become a 20+ goals a season scorer. So far, in the tactical setup I prefer, he's perfectly happy to stay on 15 goals a season. Finally, I would love to never buy another player again, but with Levy demanding a title challenge every season I'm afraid we need to add a couple of bodies just to keep the squad competitive.
  7. I will include one in my season write up, hopefully done by tonight. A little teaser: he only went and scored in the CL final.
  8. Ah, you're developing him slow and steady. Fair enough. I decided to go the opposite way and just throw him in at the deep end. Fortunately, the boy can swim. I'm actually considering promoting him to first choice AMC, should we receive an adequate offer for Eriksen. Just reached the CL final, by the way, where we're facing a familiar foe. Let's see how that goes, and if any kid can make a mark on the match.
  9. Halfway through my third season and the kids are starting to come good. Will do some sort of write-up later, just wanted to mention how freakingly talented Joshua Onomah is. I recommend you all to give him playing time when you can. The boy is really challenging me to alter our tactical setup, just to get the most out of his particular skill set.
  10. That sounds encouraging. I'm doing a Spurs save at the moment with a heavy emphasis on youth, and there sure are some gems in the u-squads - if you only put some faith in them. As Tim Sherwood once said about Hurricane: “He would never have got a chance [under another manager]. There are other managers around the country who have never looked at their academy to put young players in, even when they are good enough. I’ve seen a lot of under-21 football and there are a lot of players who deserve an opportunity but they just get shipped out elsewhere or go by the wayside if they don’t feel loved.”
  11. A bit unrealistic, maybe, or maybe not. If you want a greater challenge, stop buying players with proven world class potential. That sounds very weird. Have you checked NZ's fixtures too see what's up?
  12. Thank you. Great that you're giving QPR a go. Let us know how you get on!
  13. Very nice! Hope you don't get unlucky in the CL qualification draw.
  14. QPR SEASON 2014/2015 REVIEW Just a short summary of my first season with QPR. As a newly promoted side with a predicted finish of 17th and one of the smallest wage budgets in the league (believe it or not), anything more than a solid mid-table finish would be a bonus. I was worried for a while after only taking one point and scoring one goal from the first three league games, but the next game against Man Utd laid down a marker for the whole season. The obvious highlight of the year. Some low points. In the end, we finished 8th, two points off Europa. Next year, maybe? THE CUPS Lost against Stoke in the league cup. Our FA Cup campaign was promising - knocking out Everton away - but ended on a sour note. After throwing away a lead at home against Norwich, we had to go to East Anglia for the replay. But the draw for the next round was made before the match: the winner would face Man Utd away. I couldn't see us getting anything from Old Trafford, so sent the reserves to Carrow Road, where they got smashed to bits. Not my proudest moment. TRANSFERS I always play with the first transfer window disabled, so not much action here. When Isla broke his foot, we needed cover at RB so I brought in Ebou on loan. But for some reason, we couldn't register him, so in the end we had to pay his wages for half a season without him making a single apperance. What a waste. We signed Jozefzoon on loan in january to add depth to the squad (and to confirm that we actually could register new players). Strangest moment of the season: Tottenham buying back Taarabt. The 40% sell on clause still got activated, so Tottenham payed us £10m in cash - only to take £4m back immediately. And I still don't understand where Leyton Orient found the money to pay for all £65k of SWP's weekly wages, but who am I to complain? THE AUSTIN REPORT One of the goals in this save is to see Austin represent England. No luck yet. He started the season brilliantly, banging in goals, before faliing of during the spring. A brace in the season finale at Leicester saw him finish at 16 goals, joint top-scorer of the league's british players with Wayne Rooney. Hodgson has indicated that he's following Austin's progress, but no call up so far. Hopefully he'll keep working even harder next year.
  15. Ah, nice to see more people playing with QPR. In my experience, Tony Fernandes is very generous when it comes to investing in the facilities. In my first season he was more than happy to improve both training and youth facilities, and at the end of the season he announced plans to build the 24k capacity "QPR stadium" without me asking for it. I had hoped for something bigger, but I guess you gotta walk before you can run. Interesting that some of you have managed to sign the "classic" FM argentinians. I had a look at Lucas Romero, but he wasn't even close to interested. I had to settle for some less interesting names. Ronaldo Beckham, your squad must have a pretty low average age by now? Rooney_08, well done on the first season. 8th is not bad. Did Everton take the last European place? We got pipped to the last european place by Newcastle, finishing only two points behind. Seems your QPR team has the same character as my QPR team: lethal going forward, but shipping tons of goals at the back.
  16. Think that’s it. Hope I have inspired someone to give QPR a go in FM2015. After testing my luck at quite a few clubs in the last month but finding them too easy – or in a couple of cases too hard – I have a feeling QPR could be my long term save this year. I really like the spine of the team in Caulker, Sandro, Mutch, Phillips and Austin, while the small stadium and frankly inadequate facilities should make long-term success really hard earned!
  17. THE SQUAD Finally, we’ve come to the most important part. Who are the guys to do the job out on the pitch? Please remember that Bond is a bad ass man with lousy ratings for judging players, so you can’t trust the stars entirely. I decided to only screenshot the best or most interesting player in each department. If you’re curious about other player's details, kick up the game! GOALKEEPERS Former England keeper Robert Green is known for a good old howler now and then, but in fairness is pretty solid and has played just north of 500 league games. At ten years younger, new Reading signing Alex McCarthy (still probably best known for ) has potential to go way beyond Green. Boasting excellent reflexes and aerial reach, he’s still gotta learn how to really boss the penalty area. With no obvious first choice, you have to decide between experience or long-term potential between the sticks. Remember that QPR is a newcomer, after all. Do note that Green is pretty well paid, so he’ll be a very expensive reserve keeper if/when McCarthy takes over. Third choice Brian Murphy is just plain rubbish.CENTRAL DEFENDERS Welcome to 'Appy 'Arrys Retirement Home - all declining Premier League defenders welcome! With an combined age of over 100 years and some 1500 league games between them, Richard Dunne, Rio Ferdinand and Clint Hill provides the defence ample experience and know-how. Unfortunately, they also bring an alarming lack of pace and stamina. Ferdinand is of course the natural leader at the back, returning to London after a decade of success in Manchester. In the right tactical setup he should still have a good season or two left in his aging body. Dunne and Hill are clearly past it, but with great mental values they might be worth keeping around for tutoring or staff duties. At the other end of the career spectrum is former Tottenham youngster Steven Caulker, preparing for his fourth PL season at the tender age of 22. Strong, relatively quick, with good mentality and all the technical skills you would need from a modern CD, he's the real deal. A potential future club captain, unless the Man Citys and Liverpools of this world turns his head. Finally, former Man City starlet Nedum Onuoha rounds out the defence. A world-beater he is not, but adds much needed pace, stamina and versatility to your defence. Young scot Coll Donaldson is the only youth prospect of note, without looking that exciting. FULL BACKS No need to deny it, full back is a bit of a problem area. After selling Danny Simpson to Leicester, the club has exactly zero natural right backs on their books. Chilean Juventus loanee Mauricio Isla comes the closest. According to the game, his natural position is at M R, but he looks pretty much like an explosive wing back in my eyes. Centre back Onuoha has the pace to play at full back, but lacks any kind of end product. Distinctly average Michael Harriman is the other option. At the left side there's at least a couple of naturals. Unfortunately, they're not very good. Armand Traore and Yun-Suk Young are both quick and hits nice crosses, they just don’t seem to really cut it at this level. In one of the stranger moves of the summer, QPR signed promising Liverpool full back Jack Robinson only to send him away to Huddersfield for the season. Well-rounded attributes and room to grow makes him the obvious long-term solution on the left. Beware that both Traore and Young will most likely go away in January 2015 for the African and Asian championships respectively, leaving you woefully short of cover. Hill can play left back in worst-case scenario, but without providing no attacking threat whatsoever. CENTRAL MIDFIELDERS "He brings energy, aggression, power and quality. They call him The Beast. He's not only a top-quality footballer, but a fantastic boy as well.” Harry Redknapp wasn’t short of praise after luring injury-plagued Spurs midfielder Sandro to QPR on Deadline Day. Unlike the failed marquee signings of the Hughes era, Sandro is exactly the right kind of character for a relegation battle. Or any kind of battle, really. He can sit just in front of your back line, but will be more effective higher up the pitch where he can chase the ball like a rabid dog all day long. Keep him fit and you have a winner. Possible captain, if you wanna take the club in a crazy gang direction. Twitter philosopher Joey Barton, former Stoke and Wolves hardman/hitman Karl Henry and sent-off-on-his-debut-victim Samba Diaketé are all players of the same mould as Sandro, just nowhere near as good. Barton in particular doesn’t justify his wage packet. New boy Leroy Fer famously failed his medical at Everton, signed for Norwich instead and impressed enough to earn a QPR move when the Canaries were relegated. A jack-of-all-trades sort of player with a well-rounded set of skills and the ability to play pretty much everywhere, the challenge is to find his best position and role. Jordon Mutch had a breakthrough season at Cardiff last year, scoring seven goals, which earned him the same move to the capital as teammate Caulker. A less complicated player than Fer, Mutch will simply run from box-to-box for 90 minutes, hopefully cracking of a screamer or two in the process. Finally there’s argentine fan favourite Alejandro Faurlin, who played a key role (in several ways) when QPR got promoted back in 10/11. His attributes seems perfect for a combative DLP, able to win physical battles and pinging long-range passes with the same finesse, sadly the Premier League seems to be just a bit over his level. Could still be a useful squad player, though. ATTACKING MIDFIELDERS Ah, here’s where we find the club’s best – and worst, at the same time – player. Adel Taarabt came in from Spurs and scored 19 goals in 10/11 to lead QPR back to the Prem. At the highest level however, he’s only showed glimpses of his quality. The little moroccan can work magic with the ball at his feet, but is ignorant to concepts like ”teamwork” and ”tracking back”. My take on him is simple: you either build your team around him – or don’t play him at all. Misunderstood genius or just a bad apple drowning in his own ego? That’s for you to find out. Be warned that Spurs takes a hefty 40% of the fee should you decide to cash in on Taarabt. A safer playmaking option is Dynamo Kiev loanee Niko Kranjcar, signed by Redknapp no less than four times (for Pompey, Spurs and QPR, twice). It’s easy to see why Redknapp likes him. He works hard for the team while still providing that little bit of magic. Easy on the eye too. Good dead ball delivery. Your job is to find his best role and keep him fit. Out wide the options are few but quite alright. At a glance Matt Phillips looks like a traditional old-school winger, quick with good crossing, right footed and prefers to play at the right wing. However, he’s surprisingly lethal inside the box, and with no preferred moves can be moulded into whatever you want. Canadian international Junior Hoilett prefers to cut in from the left, using his pace and dribbling skills to unsettle defences. However, he hasn’t really kicked on since showing great promise at Blackburn, and at very generous wages needs to step it up or leave. Shaun Wright-Phillips was one of the first star names to sign when Fernandes took over QPR, but at 32 is clearly past his best. His wages can be spent on something more exciting. Pacy dribbler Michael Petrasso is one of very few youth gems at the club, and deserves a chance in the cups at least. Finally, full backs Traore and Isla can do a job in deeper winger roles. STRIKERS Up front it’s all about Charlie Austin. One of the great from-rags-to-riches stories of later years, Austin was still playing non-league football for Poole Town at the age of 20, when Swindon and later Burnley gave him a chance in the league. Scored the goals to lead QPR to promotion last season, and is now tasked with the responsibility to keep them in the Premiership. A tall, strong, hard-working attacker with a knack for finding the net, Austin makes a great target player but can also be used as a clinical poacher. At 33, Bobbie Zamora is similar to Austin - just older, slower and less motivated (reflected in some horrible mental attributes). An okay backup season one, nothing more. Rounding out the strike force (and the club’s South American faction) is Napoli loanee Eduardo Vargas. Clever, tricky and full of running, he’s the perfect partner to Austin. Prefers to play up front but will do a job in the AM strata if needed. The loan deal includes a future fee of £8.45m, but being in the last year of his Napoli contract means he can be signed on a Bosman – if you can get his signature at the dotted line. TACTICS To sum up the squad, you’re well stocked at central defence and midfield, have some serious pace to burn at the flanks and two quality strikers. There are several possible formations that could bring out the most of your squad, here are just three basic suggestions to start with.
  18. WELCOME TO THE QPR THREAD FOR FM2015! Five reasons why you should manage QPR: Take on the elite clubs of London and the rest of the nation as the perennial underdogs, playing at the smallest stadium in the Premier League Become an instant legend by guiding the club to their first ever league title or FA Cup triumph A bunch of thirty-somethings on one year deals, quite a few loanees and a small core of good-to-great players aged 25 or younger means you can shape the squad to your own liking A strong backbone of domestic players complemented by a handful of skilled South Americans gives you a choice: keep it British – or flood Loftus Road with foreign imports - can you guide the big man to the England squad (despite him being somewhat underrated in the db)? CLUB INFORMATION Name: Queens Park Rangers Football Club | Nicknames: The Rs, The Hoops | Year Founded: 1882 Chairman: Tony Fernandes | Manager: Harry Redknapp | Captain: Clint Hill | Vice Captain: Richard Dunne Division: Premier League | Last Season: 4th in the Championship, Play Off Winners | Media Prediction: 17th Fierce Rivals: Chelsea | Other Rivals: Fulham, Brentford This year's kits. HISTORY I’m not gonna bore you with a long novel in this section, you all know how to find Wikipedia. This graph and my 160 word summary of their entire existence should hopefully paint an intriguing enough picture. Lower league nobodies for a good half of the century. Winning Division Three and the League Cup in 66/67, beating first division side West Brom 3-2 in the final (the club’s only major trophy), sent QPR on an upwards curve – ending in heartbreak when missing the 75/76 league title by a single point. The team were champions with thirteen minutes to go, when Liverpool scored against Wolves to clinch their ninth title. Decline but swift recovery. Beaten FA Cup finalists against Tottenham in 1982 (Hoddle from the penalty spot). Ever present in the top flight from the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s, until relegation started a slump that would last for nearly two decades. New, batshit crazy owners in 2007 (The Four Year Plan is a fascinating documentary about this era). Promotion in 2010/11 under Neil Warnock. New, sensible owner the same year. Possibly the worst recruitment drive, ever, under Mark Hughes followed by relegation. Bouncing straight back up under Harry Redknapp, after an extremely fortunate play off victory against Derby at Wembley. 2014/15. Are you the one to write the next chapter? HONORS First Division (level 1 of the English football league system Runners-up: 1975–76 Football League Championship and predecessors (level 2 of the English football league system) Champions: 1982–83; 2010–11 Runners-up: 1967–68; 1972–73 Play-Off Winners: 2013–14 Football League One and predecessors (level 3 of the English football league system) Champions: 1947–48; 1966–67 Runners-up: 1946–47; 2003–04 FA Cup Runners-up: 1981–82 League Cup Winners: 1966–67 Runners-up: 1985–86 FA Charity Shield Runners-up: 1908–09; 1912–13 1967 League Cup heroes, playing in a rare all-white kit. STADIUM & FACILITIES Name: Loftus Road Stadium | Nickname: The Loft | Year Built: 1917 | Capacity: 18 500 Record attendance: 35 353 (QPR vs Leeds United, 27 April 1974) | Condition: Good After moving around quite a lot in their early days, QPR have played at Loftus Road since 1917 (with the exception of two short spells at White City Stadium, the arena built for the 1908 Summer Olympics). Loftus Road is known for its intimacy, with stands very close to the pitch, but as the only Premier League stadium at a sub 20k capacity QPR will always be at disadvantage compared to their rivals. Recognizing this, only last year the club announced plans for a new 40 000 stadium in Old Oak, a few miles north of their current home. These plans haven’t made their way into the database yet – so for stadium expansions you’ll have to live with what the game throws at you. View from the stands. The training and youth facilities are what you would expect from a club that’s spent the better part of the last two decades on the decline – just not good enough. ”Good training facilities”, ”average youth facilities”, ”adequate junior coaching” and ”average youth recruitment” means that serious upgrades are needed just to reach decent Premier League standards. At the end of the first season, our youth setup was actually demoted from level 2 to 3. FINANCES After years of financial mismanagement, even entering administration in the early 00’s, Malaysian aviation entrepreneur Tony Fernandes has put the club on a sounder financial footing - albeit with one caveat. You start the game with a positive balance of around £5m. Bank loans of £20m are nothing to worry about. However, hanging over the club like the sword of Damocles is a neat little gift loan of £250m, repayable at departure of the chairman. Fortunately, at the start of the game, Fernandes is ”enjoying times at the club and intends on being around for a long time”. Well, he’d better. The boss. As far as sugar daddies go, Fernandes reminds more of Mohamed Al-Fayed than Roman Abramovich. He’s put in the dollars to take his club back to the Premiership, but there will be no crazy money invested to take on the big boys. No sir, your job is to challenge for honours on a budget. As an in-game chairman Fernandes is more than happy to invest in the infrastructure of the club, but is stricter regarding transfer and wage budget requests. However, with so many senior players on loans and one year contracts, you can find some great wiggle room for the wage budget from season two onwards. STAFF No extensive guide is needed for the club staff. In short: they’re pretty rubbish. The one’s worth keeping are young scout Steve Hitchen (15/15 vision at the start but with potential to grow, at the end of my first season he had 17/17), former Chelsea keeper Kevin Hitchcock as GK coach and last, but not least, living legend and former England manager Glenn Hoddle. Hoddle was brought in this summer to help Redknapp implement a 3-5-2, only for Harry to scrap it after three games! Anyhow, he’s great for technique training but on a short-term contract, so decisions are needed. The rest of the staff should be replaced over time, especially Redknapp’s former Pompey and Spurs buddies Kevin Bond and Joe Jordan who, despite high wages, brings very little to the table.
  19. I usually play on a small db, so less scope for strange things in other parts of the world, but seing Aston Villa in Ligue 1 - with Alen freaking Halilovic bossing their midfield was pretty funny.
  20. And if you don't have the time or commitment to go full match, just adding the opposition formation widget can provide useful clues.
  21. With his physical presence, bravery and teamwork, he makes a great target man or defensive forward. He will still get in goal scoring positions, as my season showed. Vargas is the perfect partner to swirl around him, with his pace and trickery. Unfortunately, Zamora looks almost unplayable (in the bad sense of the word) in this version. Star ratings can be iffy sometimes. Remember that coaches can be wrong. QPR ass man Kevin Bond for example has pretty awful ratings for judging players. Happy to hear him improve for you! Maybe he just needed a season to adjust to the Premiership, he was after all playing in League 1 just a few years ago. AFAIK there's been no data update yet, and even if it had that would only apply to new games, so most likely you just found the right role and system for him to flourish. Hope all the other english strikers gets injuried in your game, at 20+ goals the guy deserves a ticket to France.
  22. Sadly, he seems a bit underrated in game compared to real life. But I guess no one knew if he would cut it at the highest level, so after his excellent start to life in the Premier League I can see a boost to his ability in the winter patch. Just finished my first season with QPR and Austin did pretty well in his DF(s) role, sometimes playing on his own in a 4-1-4-1, sometimes next to the AF(a) Vargas in a 4-4-2. Ended up on 16 goals in 32 starts, which made him the british top scorer in the league (tied with Rooney). Still, my coaches only rates him at 3 stars - compared to Vargas at 4. But no one can question his work rate: My goal is to see him handed his first cap for England. So far, I've gotten Hodgson to admit his talent, but no call up yet.
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