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  1. I usually do not have any big problem to create some kind of winning tactic but this time I wanted to replicate some specific kind of football (mainly total football that I really like and admire) instead. I do not want to just win but mainly win in an exact way. It´s a pitty that it is hardly possible in this edition but I still really like the game and I am already looking for FM21 and its new additions.
  2. Many thanks for your answer. Good to know that it doesn´t make sense to go this way in FM20. I do not like the idea to going back to previous versions as I like some other aspects of current game, so will look for other tactics.
  3. Well, I have read all your articles many times (fantastic work and great reading btw.) and used many of your ideas. I tried many versions of TF but really never managed to reproduce nice, free-flowing total football. Then I found this thread with some other great ideas and a bit different approach to TF and really liked the idea of creating team on same (or very similar) mentalities and mostly support duties. It is all well explained and makes sense. But I tried various versions and really never ended with nice style of play. We may be winning but surely not producing THAT style of football and all of sudden we are scoring MUCH LESS than before - all in contrary to ideas of TF. So my question is - has anyone successfully implemented O-zil´s ideas to FM20 and producing some nice football then?
  4. This is a fantastic thread and some really nice discussion and tips regarding total football. I have to appreciate all the hard work and knowledge of many users in this and other threads regarding this style of football. After reading this I tried to create tactic for my AZ team and implement total football there but even with the "recommended" setup had very limited success - we are getting wins but I would describe it as "winning ugly", have only limited number of chances and goals scored and surely are not playing any kind of total football. Now I am reading that it is difficult to successfully create this style of play in FM20, so my question is - has anyone success with implementing these ideas in FM20 saves and actually playing any kind of total football? Many thanks for your answers.
  5. Totally agree with you and this is something I miss a lot.
  6. I am of the exact same opinion and for this reason choose leagues and clubs with B teams in standart league structure. But it would be great if someone from SI could confirm it.
  7. Thanks for your feedback, pals. But I just need to know what is the difference between reserve team structure and B team playing in standart league structure compiting with other teams. To demonstate in on an example - let´s take similar teams in similar leagues - AZ in Holland and Genk in Belgium. Genk has its reserve team in reserve league competition (the highest reserve league), meanwhile AZ has its B team in 2nd Dutch division. Is there any real difference? Mainly if we talk about youth development of players playing in these teams.
  8. Well, I have to say that I have the exactly opposite experience as I recieve many offers for my players, highly exceeding their market value, and have no problem to sell players and make huge profit. But I should note that I build an extremelly young and talented squad that attracts some of the best European clubs. Database size and number of loaded leagues can surely play big role here.
  9. Hello everyone, I would like to start a discussion about the importance of B/reserve teams for youth development and mainly find a clear answer on my question - Is there any real difference between having reserve/B team in standart league structure (such as in Holland (partly), Portugal, Germany, France, Spain), where these teams play in lower leagues and can be promoted to higher levels (up to 2nd league in Holland, Portugal, 3rd in Germany, Spain etc.) and having reserve teams in reserve leagues such as in England, Belgium. In my eyes it is much better if you have B team in a standart league structure but is there any real difference? One way better than the other? And mainly what impact does it have on youth development? Do players develop better when they play 2nd/3rd league or reserve league? I really would like to find answer and would appreciate your opinions. Thanks.
  10. I will for sure choose small, most probably lower league in that country but as the team grows up and achieve success then prize money/tv rights/sponsorship plays huge role and can ruin the challenge. Most of clubs in real life have problems with finances, so this should be possible.
  11. Hello everyone, I would like to start a new long term save in an European league and play with "no attribute" skin, implement some kind of moneyball and some other transfer restrictions and concentrate on youth development. I want to help my team to slowly improve and move up in the ranks and possibly challenge for the domestic title and European success one day. But first I have to decide which league to choose. I would really like to play for Kaiserslautern or Munich 1860 from German third division as they both meet most of my criterias (rich history, fallen giants, nice facilities etc.) but I fear that Bundesliga and even 2. Bundesliga are generating too much money from TV rights and sponsorship and this would somehow ruin the meaning of my challenge as it is important not to have much money and not become one of the richest clubs in the world after several season. What do you think? I have also excluded England for the same reason. So what league what you choose? It shouldn´t generate so much money but also be good enough to actually allow me to bring some European success and keep most of my players and also should be challenging enough with some big teams to overcome (I have to note that I usually loose my motivation to play once I start to dominate the league). So I need to find balance between these criterias. I also should say that I prefer countries with B/reserve teams playing in normal league structure but this isn´t required. So this leaves me with these countries: 1) Spain - but this is probably also generating too much money from sponsorship and TV rights, isn´t it? 2) France - never managed in this country, so how does it look with income and overall finances in League 1? and then from slowly "smaller" leagues... 3) Holland/Portugal - both look great in my eyes and are very similar but I played for AZ Alkmaar in my last save and totally dominated domestically from season one, so I am not sure it is challenging enough (but it should be mentioned that AZ have extremelly talented squad) 4) Belgium I would really like to hear your opinion and recommendations. Many thanks.
  12. I have absolutelly no idea how these things are done, so sorry for this but I have to ask - would you be so kind to implement this to your skin? Or similarly - is it possible to somehow use the "no attribute" feature in other skins? And if so, could you tell me how can this be done? Many thanks.
  13. Hello @wkdsoul, in the end I have mostly tested your other skin - No Attribute Skin - as I really like the idea of playing without numerical attributes. I would like to ask you if it would be also possible to somehow remove stars for CA/PA from all pages (and ideally replace it with Pros and Cons from scout reports. Many thanks.
  14. This is something I have been thinking a lot recently and I am quite tempted to try it. To play without attributes or replace attributes with just color bars for attribute ranges. This could be very well combinated with some kind of Moneyball principles. I have found Shrewnaldo skin that replaces attributes but would like to know if there is a possibility to also remove stars for CA/PA. Can anyone help me?
  15. Then both teams look like good choices. The main difference is in the league then - there is much more money in Spain, so this may be easier for you. I would also recommend you some other teams with highly talented squads - Sporting Gijon in Spain, AZ Alkmaar in Holland or Hamburg/Leverkusen in Germany.
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