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  1. After almost a whole season played, I feel it´s time to come back with some feedback and ask for further optimization. I made some tweaks and finished with this starting tactic... It works pretty well but there is still room for improvements. I am happy how we play against strong opponents (usually drop the LOE and remove Pass into Space TI) as we create plenty of good chances with fast attacking play. This way we defeated all big teams in the league, including demolition of Ajax side, a match that could be rated as the best match of this year´s edition for me. On the other hand we had some problems in matches against weaker sides (most of the remaining league teams). We achieve to win in the end, on most occassions, but find it much more difficult to create chances and score goals against these teams, teams that are mainly defending against us. What changes could help us to be more effective against deep defences? I tried to increase width of our play, tweak some duties/roles but failed to consistently break defences and create chances. We usually do not have much problems to dominate but it is rather steril domination. Any advices? There are also several things that surprised me... 1) The tactic was created and roles choosen with intention to overload left side with our players and then attack right side with IF on attack duty. So I would expect that the play will be oriented mainly on the left side and that this will be reflected on the heat map. But the opposite is true on most occassions. 2) What also surprises me is the fact, that MC on the left side, Mezzala on attack duty, regularly has the highest number of crosses (by far). What is the reasoning behind this? And also I would expect that both central midfielders will be more involved in our passing game and how much higher number of passes made. Our teams stats usually show something like this: Any feedback is welcomed here.
  2. Hello @Rob Heckman , well probably most of them wanted in the past. I ask our captain to talk to them and they no longer wanted it. So this is the reason for them being "dissatisfied with how club is doing"?
  3. Thanks for your reply. So I uploaded it again (file name Tomor29), hopefully it will work now. Thanks.
  4. Anyone also facing similar problem? As I see very similar situation in my squad.
  5. Well, you managed to make several things clear for me but honestly in general I feel similarly confused as at the start of this thread and actually do not know whether this tactic will allow me to successfully replicate my desired style of play or how to fix the central midfield and make my creative players more involved in our play. Many thanks for your feedback and help anyway!
  6. So I will choose between two setups for next season... 1) DLFsu (alternatively on attack) IWsu IFat MEZat BBMsu DLPde WBsu (alternatively on attack) CDde BPDde WBsu SKsu 2) DLFsu (alternatively on attack) IWsu IFat MEZat DLPsu HB WBsu (alternatively on attack) CDde BPDde WBsu SKsu Is any of these more prefered by you? Or more suitable for playing style? Let this really be my final question...
  7. Thanks. So does it still make sense for you if that 2nd setup whould be changed this way? DLFat IWsu IFat MEZat DLPsu HB WBat CDde BPDde WBsu SKsu But the left flank would be quite vulnerable defensively, no?
  8. Well, f.ex. I do not have any winger that would have abilities/attributes to play a playmaker role on the wing. That´s why I would like to mostly keep the roles we made on the first change and only somehow tweak the midfield (if possible) to make it more creative and playing with the ball. For these reasons I am considering to implement a playmaker role somewhere in the midfield.
  9. Yes, I meant that way, your preffered setup. Many thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunatelly such distribution of roles wouldn´t suit my players, so I would need to keep roles for both wingers and some other positions... Maybe this setup could also work? DLFsu IWsu IFat MEZat APsu/RMPsu/DLPsu DLPde/HB/DM WBsu/WBat CDde BPDde WBsu SKsu Positions in red are questionmarks for me.
  10. Great, many thanks @Experienced Defender for your feedback and patience. I would be really thankful if you could also have a look at my midfield and optimalize roles there. Does it make sense to use playmaker on the right side, together with mezzala? It would be probably Klopp´s style from last two seasons, that is a bit more safe and patient than before, no?
  11. By "nice style of pressing" I meant an aggressive, extreme pressing as I consider this as one of the key elements of my play. I know that it may be more risky and less stable defensively but would it make any sense for you to keep higher DL, standard LOE, split block and increase pressing to more urgent? No, I surely do not want to download some "perfect", universal tactic, exactly in contrary to this - as I said, I want to create a tactic that would allow me to replicate my desired style of play and mainly fully understand the mechanics behing it and how could it be improved. I would like to keep the tempo high as I see this as a key element of my style of play. Similarly with Counter TI - isn´t this the exact instruction that helps to replicate the idea for fast attacking/counter attacking when possible? Do not want to play any kind of tiki-taka, slow possession game. Could you please explain me the meaning of this instriction? Same about Pass into space. Agree with and will change the other suggested ideas - GK on support, striker on DLF on support duty (or would it be better to have F9? But as I said, this should be my main goalscorer and main attacking force) and shorter passing. I know that you cannot tell me the exact roles and duties but you definitely know how various roles cooperate and which one should/shouldn´t be used for various styles of play. It would be really great if you could have a look at my midfield as it really is a disappointment for me so far. It should be an engine of my team, creative force but looking at the stats these players have very low number of passes made and aren´t much involved in our play. Especially MCR or maybe also DM could be somehow changed IMO. What about some playmaking role for MCR? APs, DLs, RPMs? How would this behave with mezzala and DM? Something like Mez(a) - AP(s) - DLP (d)? Mez(a) - DLP(s) - HB(d)? Or anything like this? I see the duties for my players in this way - DCs and DM should mainly defend, keep us safe, wingbacks should be very attacking, give us width, midfield (mainly MCL, AML and also MCR should be creative, keep the ball, with MCR also helping with some defence), AMR and SC should be attacking, score plenty of goals for us.
  12. That´s a pitty but I understand you and will try to make it easier for you. So here is the tactic I used for the second part of the season (with ocassional in-game changes)... Out of possession instructions I used your recommended 2nd combo of higher DL, standard LOE, default pressing and split block (used ST, AML, AMR and Mezzala - should I also add the second CM?) I would definitely appreciate your help here to create some nice style of pressing. The results and overall performance of this changed tactic were mixed in the testing period - we started really well and achieved some pretty solid results with plenty of goals and clear cut chances but the second part was pretty bad and we won just one match out of last 6 duels. With no clear changes in starting line ups, players morale etc. In comparision to the previous tactic I would say that results-wise it was pretty even, with very similar winning percentage, goals scored and condeded. Some matches were excellent, other pretty bad. Clear differences in stats were that we had clearly lower possession, MUCH less passes and also our board was less satisfied with our attempts to play "high-tempo pressing football". I found that especially our midfield was not working well enough, AML, MCL and MCR rarely made a real impact on a game and usually had pretty average ratings. It would be great if you could help me with setting up our midfield as in my eyes this should be an engine of our team. We have some really technically gifted players, whose best roles are playmakers, there and would like to take advantage of them. What about changing roles? And would be a shorter passing TI be a good idea? Also both wingbacks, especially on the left side, could be more attacking and more influence our play on the final third in my eyes. I will also repeat some of my previous questions I would like to know your opinion about as this could help me better understand my tactic... - What does exactly Passing into space" make and how does it relate to my style of play and gegenpressing? - Would you recommend any way to make my wingbacks or just one of them more attacking? How can I increase their attacking activity? At the same time, my prefered choice on this position has crosses early PPM - isn´t this contraproductive for what I want from this position and our style of play? Btw. both DL and DR have Gets Forward PPM, what I consider good fit. - Regarding the central midfield trio - how to optimalize player roles and duties here? Our players on these positions are technically gifted and mostly suited for playmaking roles, so I would like to take advantage of it, form a creative midfield. DM role should be to protect our defence but also be creative force from lower position. Is DLP the best role here? Defend or Support duty? Or better Halfback whose in-game description suits exactly my demands? But is he creative and "offensive" enough? The same about the remaining duo, where I could mainly take advantage of AP. How whould you set the midfield here? Once again mainly to recreate my desired style of play. - Passing directness - Element of play I am really unsure how to set up correctly for our desired style of play and this relates to my previously described conflict of two playing styles. Or should fast tempo, short passing game be a good option for us and our players? Or will short passing limit the opportunities for fast, direct attacks?
  13. I have already made some changes to my initial tactic following your recommendations but I am still looking forward to your replies to my questions to finalise it and test in matches.
  14. Great, that surely makes sense. Thanks for your explanation. If we are talking about physical attributes of my players, than I should also add, that they are generally small (or not tall at least) with not the best jumping reach. The exception are central defenders, who in contrary are strong and great headers. How will this info affect our planned attacking style?
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