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  1. If its the same reseacher for the last few yrs he wont be missed,always scores ash williams low fred davies not even at the club alan curtis his not assistant manager.
  2. i want a box copy not some digital download my local game is open at 8am i will go there,i went to tesco for the free album also and they didnt ven know about that.
  3. Went to my local tesco at midnight to collect the game they told me they will not sell it till the 22nd i said thats 24 hrs after the release i showed them on my mobile it was now released they phoned 2 other tesco stores and they are refusing to sell the game also.
  4. its not really breaking release day the game aint released till 0.01 am all the shops will be doing is selling the game boxed ready for release,people who ordered from amazon and play will recieve their copy this morning.
  5. I want a boxed copy of the game so would sega/si let game and other retail shops shop let them go on sale today so we can then activate at 0.01 am we wont be able to play the game but it would help a lot of people out if they decide to let this happen.
  6. On the football manager facebook page people are saying the game has come out today in the yorkshire area if this is true will si release the game tomorrow?