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  1. Me personally I have tweaked it differently, moved the DM to Defend role, for more defensive stability and make sure the DM has a more defensive mentality to prevent counter attacks from the opposing team as he stays more backward...from my experience he also contributes well in attack but has a more defensive minded utility... Another tweak I made is the defensive line, one notch done from current present, is way better at preventing counter attacks... And this is something always present in my tactics, is Pressing at Max and tight marking...one thing you didn't add in in your
  2. Hi Team, I have an issue on my game when trying to analyze an opponent. When I go to the Screen Team Report --> Next Opponent, I have a link on the right to click for the GOAL ANALYSIS screen as can be see in the screenshot below: When I press there to go the screen where on previous FM versions I could see each section of the Field and identify where the assistances and goals were coming from, now I have an empty Screen. as can be seen on the Screenshot below. Please note that this has been occurring to me since the Beta and
  3. Part 2 – How do I prepare my matches? Preparing matches is for me a big exercise all together because in the information provided by the analyst I have to understand the following points: What the opponent general formation is What roles and duties each player uses What kinds of patterns they use How do they behave against stronger teams How do they behave against weaker teams How do they behave against similarly sided teams How do they play at home How do they play away from home Basically I have to make a profile of the team an
  4. PART 1: The Basics of the Tactic FM is becoming more and more realistic in terms of tactics giving us more and more options each year. There are of course things we’d all like to see implemented in tactical options to give us even more freedom to expand our vision. There are people who like for the team to act as one, others who like to tailor the specific role of each player individually and there are those who like a mix of both. There are people who like to exploit the weak points of the game independently and only care about results. Please note that I am not criticizing a
  5. Try using João Félix as a False-9 replicates more his real-life movements...I have used him as a single Striker with False-9 role and since the last update I am seeing the F9 finally working as it should and I see him dropping deep and into the channels as he does IRL
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