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  1. I copy and pasted my old FM12 graphics into the fm13 folder but it changed the attribute colours to things like yellow and changed the actual words to white where they're virtually impossible to read. I thought it must have been the new graphics that'd done it so deleted the folder from FM13 again and now it's still there but I've lost all default logo's, faces etc. Anyone know what's happened? Desperate here Wasn't sure if this should be in the graphics forum because it doesn't really seem like a graphics issue as such just seems that I've been really careless in deleting something.
  2. Doubt it. Game is far too flawed. You could maybe get 900 passes with Barcelona but you'd still lose 6-0 to a non-league side because it's impossible to play possession football and score a reasonable amount of goals/create a reasonable amount of chances, sadly.
  3. Will his aggression and bravery improve as he gets older?
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