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  1. I wasn't referring to his post... nice dodge of the squad "bust ups" and injuries though. Both of which are way too common.
  2. The problem with this franchise is that the fanbase is so dedicated that they'll never criticise the game but only the player. As shown above.
  3. Are tactics to blame for half the squad falling out with the manager every few weeks and the other half getting injured? Why since FM13 have away matches seemed like a trip to the Bernabeu or Stamford Bridge regardless of opponent? Not every away match IRL is overly hard. I don't think Chelsea looked at Sunderland on Saturday and thought "right, tough away game here, time to drop Hazard and play Mikel". City won't do it tonight vs them either but in FM you almost always have to chop and change to be successful. It just doesn't work like that IRL yet FM pride themselves on being the realest football simulation game out there. Tactically it's like the AI has sussed you out so you need to change tactics. That seems to have been a theme for the past few years now. IRL do you think Barcelona change their tactics every few months just on the off chance that Getafe have finally tippled onto what they're going to do when they play them? You need to change tactics every so often but then the fluidity of your tactic goes way down and you still get hammered by vastly inferior opposition. On another very popular FM forum there's a "post your success" and "post your rage" thread. One has 4 pages. The other has 86. That's an awful lot of tactical mistakes, no?
  4. I'm Spurs and my issue here is my LB (Shaw). His reaction once we give the ball away, he just stands watching their player as 4 players sprint past him down his side of the pitch. Is there anyway that you can get your full backs to get forward (when necessary) but also get back quickly on defence? If they aren't doing what Shaw did in the video then they're rushing out of position and closing down unnecessarily and the ball will get passed into the space they've vacated, crossed in and usually result in a goal. I want my back four to be solid defensively, no rushing out of defence or letting men run past them. What's the way to go about it?
  5. Genius I too am enjoying the game. I love my defenders standing watching George Elokobi dribble through them.
  6. I never saw anything sorry. Who's that and how do I go about doing it? I offered Dzeko out for 27m (his valuation) and there was no interest. Offered him out for 20, 15 and 10 before finally offering him out for 20k. There was still no offers, would he be interested in that too?
  7. http://i.imgur.com/GUVVTpR.jpg I can't stress enough how effing annoying this is. Every bid is under your the fixed valuation. I negotiate with them to 20 (1m above his valuation, incredibly fair I'd say) and they tell me they don't feel a deal can be achieved. They've got the money and my negotiations weren't OTT. What the eff is the issue with this? I'll make a bid for their player and get quoted about 3 times the valuation.
  8. I accept and agree with the subtle change thing but the thing that makes me slightly hesitant to tweak is the fact that your fluidity drops when you do.
  9. No. I'm saying that ahead of a match v Mainz at home Guardiola wouldn't change his winning formula just because Mainz know how they're going to play. But, for what it's worth, the scenario you put forward happened lots of times when he was at Barcelona (literally).
  10. This is what gets me. Do teams like Barcelona or Bayern adjust accordingly when they're playing inferior teams? They don't change a winning formula to combat the opposition playing an extra defender. That's where I think it's inaccurate to expect the human controlled team to have to throw their winning tactic out of the window and come up with a new plan. I suppose it depends on who you're managing. If you're managing a smaller/rubbish team then yeah, by all means, it's on you to adjust and suss it out. If you're managing the runaway league leaders? I don't think you should be chopping and changing to beat relegation fodder at home simply because they've took note of your form and played an extra defender or holding mid.
  11. Kriss, I didn't say it was impossible. I said it was unusual. Teams don't fall of a cliff that quickly with their form and if they do (I'm hesitant to use the word "when" because I genuinely cannot think of one example of such drastic swings in form ever occurring) it'd be a huge talking point. It wouldn't be brushed off as "just football". The link seems to be some scientific study about how likely each result is etc which really proves nothing on the subject at hand.
  12. Baines - http://i.imgur.com/LJRxNyt.png Look at those bonuses. If I were to play him every game in just the league alone he'd be taking home just under half a million in appearance fee's alone! The wage is probably too high in itself as is the agent fee but it's the bonuses that really gall because it's constant and the same with weaker players than him. Suarez - http://i.imgur.com/2xKZ7rI.png Benteke - http://i.imgur.com/RWzaX3c.png Huntelaar - http://i.imgur.com/zsD9Uzk.png Klose - http://i.imgur.com/NnQo2LT.png I can't understand why a 35 year old striker would want a 10k wage rise and a 16k increase on his appearance fee. 16k is too much for an appearance fee imo but a 16k increase? Come on. Varane - http://i.imgur.com/8seuv3q.png The appearance fee stands out once more. A huge 25k increase would be in order in that department. Offering Cazorla a new contract - http://i.imgur.com/NRnNb6l.png Bearing in mind this is the very start of the game, why would he want a 25.5k increase in his appearance fee? De Rossi - http://i.imgur.com/4z5Rt7K.png Championship veteran player Julio Cesar - http://i.imgur.com/7mTDTpq.png Chiellini - http://i.imgur.com/hi9fOuT.png All you can do is LOL at the appearance fee and agent fee. I'm fully aware of the excuses that'll follow. "He doesn't really want to join you so he's trying to put you off or force you to offer so much that he can't say no." Good one. I allowed Monaco to sign Griezmann so I could see his contract details before I reloaded and offered him my own contract. Here's their contract: http://i.imgur.com/494iWq9.png Here's what would've been required for him to play for Arsenal: http://i.imgur.com/fDrMuhE.png Why the ridiculous increase in appearance fee and especially unused substitute fee? Why does the AI consistently get a considerably greater deal when buying and selling players than we do?
  13. Of course it's "unusual" for a team to win 6 games on the trot and then fail to win 1 in 9 afterwards.
  14. Okay. Here's some feedback. Clubs offer less than your players valuation yet want unrealistic fee's for their own players when you enquire. Players' contract negotiations are way OTT. Do SI accept that or do they feel there is no issue in that department? Something that's been bugging me.
  15. The constructive nature of his post isn't and shouldn't be any of your concern nor should it be the sole focus of SI when viewing this thread for feedback. He's an unhappy customer, that should be the main issue.
  16. Transfer system is still pretty annoying imo. Very start of the game and Chelsea bid 400k up front and 9m over 30 odd months for Pedro (he's valued at 22m!). I negotiate a bit with them and end up suggesting they pay 22m up front which they find unacceptable. Why is it so hard for the human player to sell players for a consistently good profit yet the AI gets about 3 times the value for every player?
  17. On a similar note this has happened to me a few times with bids for players. Make a bid for a player and like 2 weeks later still no reply or it says its been accepted and he's considering a contract despite me never offering him one and having no DoF to do it for me.
  18. An instruction like "hunt in packs" would be pretty good. I know we have 'hassle opponents' but I've never really noticed my team hounding players the way you'll see Barcelona, Dortmund or Bayern do where they'll double team people with the ball from the front.
  19. I always select 'defender collect' when it comes to distribution but it's not been working so far. Did they fix it in the update because I've resorted to long kick's just until they do, which kinda hinders the style of play I like (building from the back).
  20. Okay, I'll get on it. How do I upload pkm's and time stamps? Never had to do it before, sorry.
  21. [video=youtube;RCoEdrsNHuQ] Should I post this in the bug forum? Earlier in the game my defence was fine, halfway through I changed to specific marking then a few seconds later changed back as it wasn't working as I'd hoped. However, after I'd changed to the marking my defenders constantly did this every single attack (I was 3-0 up when I changed my marking) and eventually lost 6-3. They had 11 ccc's to put it into context and every single one was much like this. Defenders marking striker, striker gets the ball, defenders charge past striker towards my own strikers with no attempt to track back.
  22. I've took quite a few screenshots of some transfers I feel are unjustifiable. Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/whWc4cl Apologies firstly if this is deemed as spamming due to the number of pictures. Not my intention, just trying to back up my own claims that transfer fee's could do with some work. Fernando from Gremio. Glen Johnson Hector Moreno. He's a decent centre back but he's 30 years old. I don't think it's justifiable to be talking about fee's this size in this instance. Nigel De Jong... Alexis Sanchez this is. About 5-8 years ago maybe!
  23. That's fair enough but then why show an interest, tell me that it isn't viable with the current asking price (1M) and then when the asking price comes down to 1K the clubs previously interested a day ago suddenly aren't and I only get a loan offer from a no mark club. I just can't understand why nobody would pay 1 thousand pounds for a player who is initially valued at 2 million pounds at the start of the game. Your point stands up if absolutely nobody is interested in him but it was never the case.
  24. I already made public comments about him and he wants to join me. Unfortunately, him wanting out doesn't have an impact on the transfer fee when he's still got 4 years left on his contract. I'm not too sure if contract length effects transfer fee in FM anyway (see RVP to Man U IRL). It isn't a case of them not wanting to sell either. That isn't the issue. If they didn't want to sell they'd issue a hands off warning and tell me he's not for sale. They didn't do that. They made it clear how much they'll accept for him and it's blatantly obvious that the amount they want is just far too high. Nobody IRL or in this game is going to pay 32 million for Emmanuel Emenike.
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