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  1. looking for a gaming (preferably) laptop so i can play many leagues and data on the new Fm 22 and spend under 800 ? any suggestions? thanks in advance
  2. what would u say is the ideal processor for Fm 21 and 22? i am looking to buy a new laptop, preferably a games machine laptop - i have seen your suggestions over the last few pages and i have bookmarked a few from 'The Box' that seem very suitable. also i do enjoy great graphics, and esp car games - looking to spend no more than 900 if possible
  3. can anyone remember when the first jan update for Fm came out ? what date last year?
  4. apologies, yes my reasons are, i feel he needs an update for potential, hes a goal scorer, got something about him, and has a decent future ahead of him, some stats just need to tweeked certainly for his potental, id say around the 130 mark - 138 highest.
  5. Kevin Nisbet surely needs an increase in ca and pa
  6. Antonio, stats are not great and doesnt represent a striker - more a right winger. Needs an upgrade, especially finishing and composure.
  7. Im in load tactic.. Then a choice of drives C: D: and E: Location is laptop Where do you find the tactics folder ??
  8. basically downloaded some tactics and having trouble getting to use them on my current game...cant seem to find the right folder come up even though i saved them to the tactics file.. anyone help ??
  9. Great news about Antonio, will he see an increase in his stats being a striker ? i.e finishing etc..
  10. agree with the CA, but he should be a striker as the first choice of position, and WAS a winger - also surely needs his finishing and compusre increased a wee bit. He has been scoring of late too upfront, he is Moyes first choice recognised STRIKER and not a WINGER, check Ashley Barnes stats for e.g, whose the best striker ?? Antonio by a million miles!
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