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  1. Just a total let down mate. Pathetic. I noticed it last year in FM12. Outplayed every single game pretty much. Sad thing is, last year I won the Title etc like it. Even when the highlights show it's all you, the possession stats are still totally against you. Totally flawed. New ME my arse too. No different.
  2. Same thing happened in Beta. Juventus want Gervinho (12.5) and I offer 12 million in cash and him for Vidal. Gets accepted. But I can only offer Vidal a one year deal?! If I have a normal bid accepted, I can offer a max of 5.
  3. [RELEASED] Carbon Skin 2013

    This isn't likely to cause any game crashes at all, is it? Lol.
  4. Yeah. I usually do. Have some players playing direct. But never works. Still always get loads of possession against me. Pathetic. No idea why. People say try a slower tempo. Like on a Barca tactic.
  5. I don't think you can. Tried converting, but you can't. What's better though. Fast or slow tempo? Or even normal?
  6. Any chance of doing a "classic" tactic option? Lol. Only ever use that, and prefer it!
  7. Just a waste of time. Any advice? Even when I won stuff in last year's FM, I still never had the bulk of possession. Though it didn't matter as I won most the time.
  8. What the hell is wrong with this game?! I always have less possession than the opposition. Usually they have around over 60 per cent. I'm playing the "classic" tactic option, and tried everything. Seriously flawed. Even tried using slow tempo with short passing, apart from the full backs and GK who are on direct. Utter pathetic. I'm using a 4-1-2-1-2 formation, and currently changed to attackin, slightly narrow, and down the middle. AMC has a free role and more creativity. Everyone else has small amount, apart from one MC.
  9. The game is random, and flawed as only some "tactics" work. Pathetic assistant telling you pointless crap, when there's nothing you can do about it. I'm done with it.
  10. What is pkm exactly? I have some automatically saved, and they say "Ajax v Arsenal" and I have never played them on the Beta? Lol.
  11. Still keep getting these dodge goals from crosses. Wide player hits ball in, comes off a striker or defender, and goal is given to the player outwide?!!