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  1. After avoiding the urge of starting a Spurs game for a week I finally caved in last night and started one. This year I'm making sure I'm strict with myself and not getting too attached to the players I like in real life and keep them in the team in game. Season 1 Summer Transfer Window After seeing some posts on here and also experiencing it in the demo that United approach Vertonghen I decided before I started that if I could get £35mil for him I would sell him. In the beta I tried to keep him and he upset the whole team and it was a nightmare. Outs: Adebayor - I've not got on with him in the last few years of the game, his stats aren't impressive and I don't like his mental attributes, also his wages were way over the top for what he offers. Vertonghen - As mentioned, United came knocking and I bumped them up to £35mil - sad to see him go, but it's for the greater good. Naughton -Like in real life, he just prances around the pitch and doesn't contribute much, also not really a reliable backup once Walker comes back BAE - Obviously not needed, high wages and surplus to requirements Ins: Romero - Young, high potential & cheap - a must have for me. I'm not a big fan of Capoue or Stambouli so he will become first choice in a season hopefully. Clyne - A better replacement for Naughton, also has the potential to get better. He'll give Walker some competition for a start instead of just a backup. Depay - Everyone knows this guy, one of this years must buys I think. He'll be first choice AML for years to come. My alternative was Ayew who was cheaper, but wouldn't of improved. Bony - An improvement on Adebayor, and a lot less wages. He can actually score and puts in the effort, him and Soldado will battle it out for the starting place. Balanta - The trusty Beast. Already had him earmarked to buy to replace Vertonghen. Will be first choice for years to come. I think I did some good business in the market, I've now got a solid group of players who can cover multiple positions. My defence will need strengthening in a season or two as Kaboul will soon start on the decline and Fazio/Chic aren't world class, or close to it. ################################### Formation This year I will be using the trusty 4-3-3 (4-1-2-2-1) to compliment my players. I also know I can get them to change and play like different formations using instructions. I'll be starting with two variations, one normal one that's a fast paced attacking tactic and the second will be a defensive/counter version for some of the bigger games that present a bigger a challenge. With that in mind, my lineup for this first season is as follows: GK: Lloris (Vorm) DR: Walker (Clyne) DCr: Kaboul (Fazio) DCl: Balanta (Chiriches) DL: Davies/Rose (not clear of first choice yet) DM: Capoue (Romero/Stambouli) MCr: Paulinho (Dembele) MCl: Eriksen (Bentaleb) AMR: Lamela (Lennon/Townsend) AML: Depay (Chadlie/Townsend) ST: Soldado/Bony (not clear of first choice yet) I also have players like Dier, Kane etc who can contribute in games or play in the smaller competitions. The benefit with my squad now is that people can cover a lot of positions, so hopefully I'll be ok if I get any nasty injuries. Romero can cover DM or MC slots, Dier DC or DR, Townsend AML/AMR etc. I will be retraining Eriksen to become a natural MC too, Dembele's stats really don't appeal to me this year. His lack of vision and decision making really hinders him in his position, he's still a solid player to have though so I will be looking to utilise him when needed for the next season or two. I won't be offering him a new contract and would also sell him if the right offer came in. The same applies to Lennon, he isn't even as fast as he should be and no doubt will become unhappy and the lack of game time he'll receive over this first season. ################################### This is where i'm up to in my game. I've played a few friendlies which i've won really comfortably - but I take them with a pinch of salt as they never really tell me anything of use. I'll keep this updated as much as possible!
  2. Yeah, that's my exact scenario. I started one as Southampton but soon got bored as I had no connection to the players. But then the main reason I chose not to go Spurs is because I get too connected to them and keep playing them because I like them in real life! This time i'm going to be ruthless and make the right decisions based on stats! I'm going back to square one as well and reading tactic thread to try and learn more about setting up a proper tactic with longevity. I ideally would like to set up exactly like the two screen shots in your original post, but will need to read more about roles before I attempt it!
  3. I've been trying to avoid a Spurs save this year as it's who I always am, but I'm still finding myself drawn to them. After just watching us lose (again) it makes me want to try my own way again and get rid of the chuff in our squad. If someone offered me £45mil for Vertonghen I would sell, could get in Balanta for £7mil who will be just as a good and turn out better!
  4. Is this uploaded anywhere else? The links in the first post aren't working!
  5. Been using it with my Man United team and it's really good. Only used Away a few times in some tough games and it sorted me out. I've won about 15 games 3-0, is that why it's called XXX to represent the goals?
  6. How did you get funds? I started as Saints the other night and couldn't get a budget for love nor money!
  7. Looks interesting, I myself was thinking about a deeper 4231 the other day with Southampton as the standard formation wasn't yielding much success! Will you be following up with results and analysis? It would be interesting to see what your results are and if the team performs in the desired way. Good post!
  8. If they wouldn't expand they don't have the same vision as you! Better off moving on, find someone with the same ambition have you had any offers? That or go back to the original save!
  9. So this is where you are now! Wondered what happened to the career haha. Shame you had to sell Mendoza, although i'm sure with £36M you can find someone to replace? How are the finances of your club going now, surely that would help massively?
  10. Wow… just spent the passed 90 minutes reading through this thread! Absolutely awesome, and John Roberts - he was some player! I was actually gutted for you when he retired before reaching his 1000 club goals. Is this all based on the original database or do you do the ME updates etc as you go along?
  11. Going to be interesting to see how the challenge goes, I was looking at tackling this at some point or dafuges one and trying to get my local team (Bognor) On another note, I've sent you a message Sean - it doesn't show it sent though so I hope you received it!
  12. Ahhh I remembering reading the Sacchi thread last year and enjoyed it, never tried the formation myself but was a well thought out thread! Do you use many player instructions or do you just allow the players to dictate their roles depending on position?
  13. Loved reading this thread, very well written and illustrated! This section of the forums is my new favourite place for sure What I find very very interesting is that you have managed to implement the same formation/tactic to every team you've managed and had success with it. Other people on these forums have had trouble getting formations to work but it seems to me that you have one that works at every level! Are you playing on the 14.3 database/match engine? Keep up the good work, i'll be watching this thread with interest
  14. Will be interested to see how you do JDownie and a more detailed set up of your instructions if possible? I'm a life long Spurs fan and since CM01/02 I've always played as Spurs, every year I say "I'm going to try someone else this year" but always end up going back. This year I've been struggling a bit in getting a good balance of tactics and philosophies and gave up in January. But then after reading your Modern 433 thread in the tactical section I started a save with Spurs (again) on the 14.3 update using your tips and approach. I'm doing well at the moment coming up to Christmas and comfortably sitting 1st-3rd (all on same points and jumps around each week) using the 433 approach. The only thing I'm not too happy about is Soldado/Adebayors involvement and contribution so I don't think i've quite nailed them yet. It would be interesting to see how you set them up and what results you yield from them. I'm at work at the moment so I can't elaborate on exactly the philosophy and strategy I'm using but my team lines up as: GK: Lloris / Gomes RB - WB/S - Walker / Naughton CB - CD/D - Kaboul / Dawson / Souttar (back on Loan at Dundee) CB - CD/D - Vertonghen / Chiriches LB - FB/A - Davies / Rose DMC - A/D - Sandro / Capoue / Bentaleb CM - AP/A - Eriksen / Siggy / Paulinho CM - BBM/S - Dembele / Paulinho / Bentaleb AMR - IF/A - Lamela / Lennon AML - IF/S - Townsend / Chadli ST - Treq/A - Soldado / Adebayor
  15. Brilliant post, really top stuff! It's intrigued me to try something different with my new save where I am Schalke. I'm about 5 games in (excl Friendlies) and I've drawn all of them 0-0. The front 4 (playing a 4231) just aren't doing anything I want at the moment but the defence is solid. Based on this thread I'm going to try juggling it around at the front as I'm after a similar style of play. I'm looking to have Draxler and Volland, my two wide men cut in and support Huntelaar with Boateng behind. Seeing your diagram highlights how it should be working, I'll take your advice and try improving my strategy!
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