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  1. That's brilliant, thanks for the help. I'll try some of the suggestions tomorrow.
  2. I tried setting the competition levels like this in the editor: East Anglian 1st - 2 East Anglian 2nd - 3 Sussex 1st - 4 Sussex 2nd - 5 And so on but the relegations were still seemingly random.
  3. First I'll apologise as this is my first attempt at making a competition so this post might state some obviously flawed ideas to those familiar with the process. I'd like to have 8 leagues loosely based on the 7 kingdoms (East Anglia, Sussex, Essex, Mercia, etc) but keep running in to problems. My idea is to have a league in each region containing 8-10 teams who play each other twice in the first half of the season before the top-two clubs from each division break off and have a play-off to determine the winner and European entrants (group stage then knockout - the ideal situation would be another league but can't figure out how to make this happen). I'm not sure if the numbers entirely work but that's the least of my worries at the moment. My biggest concern is making sure the correct teams are promoted from the next group of divisions down (sorted into same regions). How would I make sure the East Anglian second division winners are put into the East Anglian first division? I know this is easily sorted by closing off relegation but that would make it all a bit stale.
  4. Ivan Kaviedes

    Something about drug problems and owing money to his previous club from what I can piece together. Hope I'm not wrong as that sounds dangerously libellous!
  5. Just found a horrible bug

    No one is that forgetting club football exists outside of Europe. They are merely pointing out that the primary competition of the strongest federation in the sport is more prestigious than an international show-piece event. It doesn't matter if it involves "the world", if club football isn't as consistently strong across all continents then of course it's going to be seen as a weaker, less season-defining trophy than the CL.Tele, the players in mid-season may be fitter but they are generally not of the mental condition you'd associate with a team that is playing in an important competition. Weary of a busy fixture list, most of the European sides in recent times have taken to the field in a manor you're more likely to see in a prestigious friendlies rather than a cup final. I'm not saying they don't try, but there's a tangible difference. Edit: I notice a lot of Brazilians see attitudes like mine as a way of making excuses for defeats of European sides. It isn't. We just don't care enough. We don't brag when we win, we don't despair when we lose. It would be nice but it doesn't have the same impact on us.
  6. Bias against Brazil

    Brazil have won two consecutive World Cups in my game (2010 & 2014) with Spain being runners up each time. Being that Brazil haven't done this in real life for 60 odd years I will edit their attributes to fix this problem. Similarly Scotland were runners up in Euro 2012, with the winners being Portugal. Neither have managed to do this in real life so again, thinking as a Brazilian FMer does, I will edit their attributes to fit my idea of the footballing world.
  7. Confused.com?!

    It's really not weird! Europe is a continent, the Swiss are part of it. Uefa is the footballing body of the continent and by default the Swiss FA is a member of it and therefore gain the right to participate in Uefa competitions. Lastly the European Union is essentially a trades agreement made up of willing nations, the Swiss are not one of these at present. It has no baring on their standing in Uefa, nor does it suddenly detach them from Europe. They just aren't part of this particular economic union. Now, Israel. That's a more complex story.
  8. Great English Youngsters

    Come back when they have achieved something in the professional game...You can win all the youth tournaments you want mate, until you can give to the game a batch of players the standard of players like Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand, Glen Johnson, Anton Ferdinand, Jack Collison, Mark Noble, Bobby Zamora, Paul Konchesky, Liam Ridgewell, Keiran Richardson and, if you're claiming Upson, Jimmy Bullard and Jermaine Defoe too I don't think many will regard Arsenal as particular experts in terms of genuinely producing local players. I remember at the end of the 07/08 season (IIRC) I had a look at all the domestic c up finals and guess whose academy provided the most players? West Ham's. Not to mention we had a handful of players in the CL final. That's what you should judge youth development on, how many players go on to play at a high level rather than how many leagues and cups they win as a kid.
  9. Italian Youths

    How old is he at the start of the game? (edit: silly question, the DOB is in my screenshot) I don't think any player on a youth contract has ever accepted to sign for a team I'm managing.
  10. Italian Youths

    Anyway, after posting that screenshot I managed to get him for around £6m at Tromso. Has been ok, two goals (both of them screamers) in his first 13 league games. Seems to be doing more defensively for me at the moment though, we've conceded just 5 in the league and have kept 6 consecutive cleansheets. The whole team has been relatively poor in front of goal. Too many draws and if not for the strong midfield and world class keeper (10 shutouts in 13!) we'd still be stuck in midtable as we were 5 or 6 games ago. So although a decent player he hasn't really done the wonders I was expecting.
  11. Italian Youths

    Well they're stll a massive step up from bloody Scunthorpe!
  12. Italian Youths

    http://img710.imageshack.us/img710/4313/marcoverrattiprofile.jpg (note: PA, CA and hidden attributes visible) His only poor stat is his natural fitness, everything else is superb. Even the mental & hidden stats are close to perfect!
  13. potetial ability -9

    Taken from the FAQ thread at the top of the forum