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  1. Think you still have to manually sign up for a specific week's Q-school - but once you have a tour card, no need to do anything - it's automatic
  2. The PGA qualifying tournament is only for the CC tours so you aren't eligible - sorry. Instead you'll play the souped up version of The Chastener @ Bridgegate I've gone mad in this game the last few weeks - promoted to World Tour after just a couple of weeks in PGA - this week I finished -43 at The Chastener @ Bridgegate in my first 'normal' WT event (played, and made the cut, in The Open last week) Then played TST: first round had my first sub-60 TST round (58). Followed it up with three more good rounds for -45!!!! Which is lower than my best ever 'normal' tour score!
  3. Been an interesting week for me: PGA event - played great, shot -44, which leaves me leaderboard watching on the WT event - if my score would finish in the top 20 there (and it's right on the bubble after 2 rounds), I will get promoted to WT (which I certainly never thought was a remote possibility until the last 3/4 weeks!) Fingers crossed (although it will no doubt be a short stay there!) Open Qualifying - should have done enough with -34 to qualify even if I don't earn the WT card from the PGA event. Still some leaderboard watching - but more relaxed than the PGA/WT watchin
  4. Agree Nobby - fairer design, but only an 'RCR-lite' - I suggested to use it for TST, but got outvoted by the others on the course committee. RCR > all (for some people) - even if it is a rubbish RCR! To be fair - having played the 4 TST rounds (and one of the Euro ones as a practise) - it wasn't quite as bad as my first impressions - kinda grew on me as I went along. Wish I'd kept hating it - my scores got worse as the week progressed 64-64-66-67...... Might hang onto top 10 there, and maybe top 25 in PGA at -32. Beginning to like Congressional - I earned my
  5. Cheers Wigmore - see how I get on with R3/4 later in the week. Jambo - the US Open in TGCT was recently played at Shinne**** Hills - wouldn't even have the course name in full in game.
  6. Shot -41 in the Euro tour last week to finish 2nd - so exemption this week into PGA. -17 after two rounds at Congressional will see me make the cut easily and earn my full PGA card. :) Added bonus to the exemption was not having to play 4 rounds in Euro on the stupid Le Golf National course - 10yard wide fairways sloping into water, blind shots all over the place. Stupid greens. Oh - and for a supposed RCR, the designer couldn't even get the placing of quite a few bunkers, and even some water in the right places! Unfortunately, we're also playing it in TST, so DO have to play t
  7. Do you remember the Masters about 4 years ago where Tiger took a drop in the wrong place? So many people at that time saying he cheated deliberately, should be banned etc - and that was a mistake over where he was allowed to drop. Mickelson boasts in a TV interview yesterday that he had thought about doing that on several shots previously (stopping his putt going down a tier) and that he knew exactly what the penalty was - and taking the penalty shots was better for him than having to try and putt up the hill....... premeditated cheating to gain an advantage. I play golf professionally (h
  8. Mickelson should never be allowed to play professional golf again after that display of cheating last night. Anyone who brazenly admits that they deliberately, with pre-meditation, broke a rule of golf in order to gain an advantage is cheating - there can be no arguments about that. And as such - that cannot be tolerated. But of course, it's Teflon Phil, so he will get away with it, it was his birthday, it's the US Open, in New York etc etc etc - excuses excuses. The USGA (and the PGATour) are weak as hell just because it's one of their golden boys. If it had been one of the unknowns
  9. I feel your pain - I shot -7 first round, missing loads of putts, then -1 in R2, missing even more, plus a lovely double at the par 5 early on, having been 20 yards away in 2 (knife into the grandstand and guesswork from there not being able to see my golfer) So also an MC for me this week..... It's even more of an arse of a course playing TST - the greens are doing my head in there too (sitting -3 after 2 rounds)
  10. Tough course for qualifying - off the tee is straightforward, but approaches and putting need pinpoint accuracy / touch. It's 99% legal - but only just on many occasions... Happy with my -17 total and hope that will be enough (but suspect it might miss by 2/3 shots) Having said that - at the PGA event on the same course at the start of the season, -17 came 13th, so fingers crossed. The backup for this week is -41 in Euro (having gained my card last week - missing a further exemption by 1 shot) - think that might get the exemption done too. Knowing my lu
  11. Depends where it would fit - CC is ErixonStone and catcherman22, Web is Hmammoth, Euro is MrVinegar, and PGA/WT is Pablo.
  12. Each of the tours has it's own scheduler - one for PGA/WT, one for Euro, one Web, and 2 (jointly) for the CC tours. They individually put forward courses that they think would be good for their own tour over the next 2-3 months, giving us rangers a proposed set of tees to play off. The rangers then individually play the course to a pin set and confirm whether the pins are legal (ie no yellow/red in the 3x3 box round the pins), whether there is any lag, whether they feel the tees are too hard / easy, whether there are any daft areas that may cause issues etc. And we just generally comment
  13. To answer the last two posts: Nobby - just because Angus was designated 'Tour Worthy' does NOT mean it WILL be used on tour - the tour-worthy was the reviewer's opinion - which may not be shared by the schedulers. As a ranger, i can tell you it has not appeared at all from any scheduler as a course that is being considered for an event at this time. So I really wouldn't hold your breath. Sorry. If it does - I'll let you know. Wigmore - Pablo (who schedules PGA/WT) got massively let down at short notice by the designer of the originally scheduled course for this wee
  14. The way I've played yesterday and today in societies and practice rounds, it will indeed be a short stay in Euro......unfortunately in the wrong direction - ie straight back to Web. Not quite sure how I can go from having the ball on a string last week, to not being able to hit a cow's arse with a banjo now! Feels like I'm doing exactly the same thing - with totally different results.
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