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  1. Not had that issue - but if they really want to go on loan, and they are 'home grown' then I just let them go out for a while - to be honest, nearly all my 18-20 year olds are pretty much mazed out on their potential by that point (within 10-15 points) so getting some game time in a competitive environment is just as good as sitting in my reserves - and if they waste a few months on loan - well they are only 20 years old, so they have plenty of time to still improve to full potential. PS Just for info - I will also play REALLY good kids in the 1st team - I'm West Ham (been in Europe every year since the 3rd season) and have had 3/4 of my current first choice team as first choice since season 1 when they were all 16 years old (regens).
  2. And with that attitude, nothing will ever change for you - until you take full responsibility for what happens and make logical changes based on the stats, you will continue to get the same results - nearly all of which are down to a tactic that does NOT give you good scoring chances (no matter how much YOU think it does - the stats over all the screenshots you have posted say otherwise (ie about 10-25% shots on target))
  3. If you are going to loan players out, check their player report before accepting any offers to see what their CURRENT ability is (ie which division it says they are at the level of) - if you loan them to a club that is above that level (Even if the loan offer says they will be a valuable first teamer) then chances are they won't get many games as the AI manager will recognise they aren't good enough. So only accept offers around the correct level for them. As for the correct position thing - firstly, I believe there is a bug in that, in that sometimes they ARE being played in the expected position, but that report suggests they aren't - so ignore it! Even if they are being played out of position - I also ignore that so long as they are actually getting game time - that is, after all, playing competitive matches is the whole reason for loaning them out in the first place!
  4. No criticism intended at you, wkdsoul, but I find it quite sad when a formation that is totally unworkable in real life (ie totally illogical) works that well. But that is a problem with the match engine. Your formation (IMO) breaks just about every 'rule' that wwfan, llama etc have advised - there is no movement between the lines, no width, no one who is obviously the 'scorer' etc.
  5. Jose says hi..... On a more serious note - reloading is a pointless exercise - fluke results happen (as per the sentence above) - so suck it up and move on!
  6. Yeah it's affecting you really badly....with your job status as very secure.......
  7. Clearly I'm very slow - 928 hours played (According to Steam) and I'm in the pre season of season 8. So that makes about 130 hours per season
  8. Do you really not see any issues with your tactic given the amount of shots ON TARGET in the last 3 of those screenshots. How do you expect to score if your players don't hit it on target - 11 on target out of 47 is horrific?
  9. Perhaps actually doing some THINKING instead of whinging and ranting would be a start?
  10. And then just imagine the outrage on this forum when the player that they have been told should play (by their AssMan) does a David James in the first 30 seconds of the Champions League Final and costs them the cup.........
  11. To me, that looks very balanced and should work. Perhaps the only thing you might need to look at (especially v the big teams) is whether a BWM closes down too much leaving the DCs a bit exposed - possibly might need to change him to a simple DM(D) or an Anchor at times?
  12. TO answer the last bit first - either! The IF will drop inside and (hopefully) get followed by their fullback and this will then leave acres of space for a FB/WB to get down the touchline. Of your suggested front 5's, I like the look of the bottom 2 best (purely cos I've not tried DWs!) - of those, the last one seems best. What about moving Noble to the MCL spot as a DLP(S), along with Nolan as MCR as a CM(A) (plus IF(S) and W(A))?
  13. A couple of potential thoughts (and please feels free to ignore any of this as I play 4231 - but with the same AMR/L roles as you): The IF(S) in your system comes inside - possibly into the same space as the BBM (moving forward) and DLF (dropping deeper) - that might be an issue of players being in each other's way - so maybe a more static CM (eg a DLP(S) or CM(D)) on that side or a striker that stays more forward giving the IF somewhere to run into. I have also had better success on that side of my formation with making the FB(A) a WB(A) - he provides more width and overlaps beautifully to provide crosses for the striker and W(A) on the other side to attack. Whichever role - make sure the full back is set to 'Run wide with ball' which will keep the width on that side.
  14. THe first part of the bit I've quoted is correct - if this happens occasionally, then it is unlucky. However - the second bit should tell you that it is something you are doing wrong - if every time you play a relegation battler you lose / struggle with this problem, then there is something not right with your tactics WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A SIDE THAT SETS UP VERY DEFENSIVELY. So you then have to try and work out what you could do differently to change that. People get so attached to a specific tactic "because I can beat Man City / Bayern / (insert any top side)" and forget that the approach that is effective against a side which will come out and play against you may not work against a packed defence. You can tell me I'm talking rubbish (and I'm sure you will) - but the fact is - you are the one who says he is struggling against lower sides, whereas lots of players aren't - so that should tell you that it IS something that YOU are doing wrong in those matches - or else EVERYONE would have the same issues against those type of sides.
  15. I'm well aware of that - but whether you are trying for possesssion or not, only getting 44% of it with Real against Rayo suggests there is a big problem there somewhere. (especially as the 4-1-2-2-1 (which his tactic essentially is) is designed to be a possession friendly tactic) Let's start with the issues that him playing attacking, and then adding higher tempo and more direct passing into the mix, cause........... (just in case I'm being too cryptic with that - he is basically telling them to hoof it forward as quickly as possible from defence, but then only has one attacking player (the CWBs won't have time to get forward) who will be isolated from the rest of the team against a packed defence)
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