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  1. No criticism intended at you, wkdsoul, but I find it quite sad when a formation that is totally unworkable in real life (ie totally illogical) works that well. But that is a problem with the match engine. Your formation (IMO) breaks just about every 'rule' that wwfan, llama etc have advised - there is no movement between the lines, no width, no one who is obviously the 'scorer' etc.
  2. On the other hand, most of the problems that players get against the 'parked bus' defences is because they use too attacking a mentality, and also too fast a tempo. Lowering the tempo gives you a chance to lure a defensive team out a bit more, or simply to patiently create a GOOD chance (as opposed to a rushed chance at high tempo) You really can't just state that high tempo = good and low = bad - because that simply isn't true.
  3. Think you might have your roles confused - he has 1.5 specialised in that system?
  4. @007 - I'm confused as to why you thinnk there is a problem with the first two screenshots - in neither of them (IMO) does the player on the ball have any GOOD passing options - so it's very obvious why he shoots. Ditto for the third screenshot - clearly I'm missing where this 'free space' is to pass into - all your players are marked? As for the 4th screenshot - since I can't see who has the ball at all, I have no clue what we're supposed to be looking for!
  5. How is this thread still open? With the amount of posts that are spouting utter rubbish about matches being fixed, I would have thought the mods would have shut this down to stop such rubbish being spread further? As an aside - it's amazing how certain users always justify the 'reload and cheat' tactic to 'prove' the matches are fixed - BUT ONLY WHEN IT IS A MATCH THEY HAVE MESSED UP IN AND LOST. Bet they don't ever do that after games where the AI batters them and they nick a fluke breakaway goal to win 1-0. But of course then the result is down to their skill in defending against overwhelming odds, rather than the AI being really unlucky not to score from their 8CCCs etc...... The fact that the next time they replayed it, they would lose 5-0 has nothing to do with it..... (which of course would prove it's not fixed - but that isn't convenient to the argument!)
  6. Usually due to lack of good passing options - so without any other option, he shoots!
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