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  1. Is anyone else having this problem? Ive had 6 now and each one has been saved. Decent penalty takers too with composure and finishing etc above 14. The only ones ive seen scored are from penalty shootouts. Its actualy driving me mad now
  2. I couldnt even think of goin back to fm14 now. think i will just give it a rest for abit before i start another save with ipswich but as a challenge will see if i can make a formation with 3 centre backs work this time
  3. Im with you on this one paolo. u shouldnt have to start your save in some obscure country to try and get abit of realism from the game. ipswich is my team and the only team i manage but to be abke to win evrythin so quickly just makes the game soo boring. i was bored at the start of december and the gamr hadnt even been out a month which is so rare for me as normally im hooked till march time but there really is no point wen u go into games knowin i will beat the other supposedly big teams but 4 or 5 every game, especialy in the first few season with a team like ipswich
  4. A harder challenge than to get ipswich to win champions league within 3 seasons and to virtually win everythin else within that time too? This is ipswich we are tlkin about here, not man city or united. This was a hard enuf challenge as it was
  5. To win more than you lose No seriously i just set on a tactic i want to use. always loved the narrow 433 as i love buyin strikers lol. then i just tweak roles etc to get a formation and roles within that formation that work. my midfield is veey mobile with alot of movement within that. most times people say u always need a sitter in midfield bt this yr it doesnt seem the case. The deep lying forward links the midfield really well with my att mid bombing forward and my roaming playmaker always keepin up with play too. it was really just a case of watchin matches and seeing what needed changing it really was as simple as that. and now ive got a formation with roles within that that is simply unstopable
  6. The centre backs are just set to defend and yes a high line and closing down
  7. The left sided mid of the three is a roamin playmaker. the centre is a ball winner on def and the right side of the three is centre mid on attack. the laft striker is complete fw on attack. the centre is advanced forward and the right sided is deep lying fw on support. the fullbacks arw both on attack and i have attacking mentality and fluid. lile i said some of the play is incredible to watch
  8. 3 in a row is decent but come on, im ipswich, so to win all within 3 seasons is surely evidence enough of how easy it is
  9. Not a clue how to do that? im not even at my laptop but i could jus lt explain it all?
  10. Im Ipswich . i play a narrow 433 system and ive already won everythin apart from the carling cup! in my first season i won the championship amd also go to the fa cup final. i lost the final to man utd bit as they won the league and were in the champions league jis gettin to the final had me in the europa leage for the following season. now that following season followin pronotion i finished 4th in the prem and won the europa cup. The next season i won the league, the fa cup and champions league beatin real madrid 5-0! in the final. in the fa cup i beat arsenal 4-0. i literally have all the posession and its all lovely to watch but all hapened to quickly. ive won all this within 3 seasons. anyone else find this?
  11. Where on earth is the option to search for a player gone as in where you have to type in the name of the player. cant find it anywhwere
  12. its frustratin that on monday paul c says the ME side is ready and should be out this week and they are ironing out another couple of issues and then a day later says its in Q&A and doesnt know what day or even week its out!!!
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