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  1. Its gone through That was the quickest takeover ever (Mike Ashley take note) and my first ever tycoon takeover on any version of FM.
  2. Started a new game with Newcastle on the new patch and just finished the first season. We got taken over by a consortium in the first season but now we are going through another takeover this time a tycoon has anyone ever had two takeovers go through two seasons in a row ?
  3. Season Review 2019-20 We have now had back to back promotions as the champions We also won the FA Trophy this season after deciding to take it more seriously than last year and I am glad I did as a trip to Wembley for the final improved our finances and now around £200k in the red. In the FA cup we were knocked out by Sky Bet league two side Swindon Town 3-0 in the first round. Our star man again was Joe Cairns, our top goalscorer for the second year running. He's only rated as a Vanarama National league north/south standard striker so I don't know how he keeps on banging
  4. Season Review 2018-19 In our first season we won promotion to the Vanarama National League after winning the Vanarama National League South. We were the leagues draw masters drawing 16 of our 42 matches, winning 20 and losing only 6, so if we could of turned some of them draws into wins then we would of won the league at a canter. In both cup competitions we fielded mainly back up players as my priority was the league and so we went out in the early stages of both competitions. As you can see we signed plenty of players on free transfers as we only had I think 7 or 8 play
  5. I am going to give this challenge a go and after reloading for a good couple of days I finally got the Met. Police
  6. He's like a mini Cristiano Ronaldo. He's just been injured on my save and will miss around one month
  7. I am nearly finished the first season and we are currently 4th with eight games left to play in the Premier League. I have done quite a bit of wheeling and dealing in the transfer market because I think a lot of the players have been underrated by the NUFC researcher this year. My best signing has been Daniel Podence who was signed in the January transfer window from Sporting Lisbon for £7.5m, he has only played 9 games but has scored 5 goals and has 8 assists.
  8. Thanks for this OLT, it looks so much better than the normal regens on the game, fantastic work
  9. I am going to give this tactic a try. I don't normally download other peoples tactics but i have been struggling defence wise on patch 10.3 but scoring a lot. One quick question though why has the left side central midfielder got through balls sometimes and not often when everything else is the same as the right side central midfielder ? Going to use the classic 10.3
  10. This is a excellent detailed OP SFraser and a superb training schedule. I have used this training for nearly one full season now with my Gateshead side. I have got top training facilities and excellent youth facilities. My coaches are 4 - 4 1/2 star in all training categories. I have noticed great improvements in my players stats compared to the Tugs training that i used for the previous 8 seasons. I have not had the injuries other people seem to be getting. I get a few but not to the extent most people are complaining about and i have not made any adjustments to the training schedule Sfra
  11. How do you manage to get to 2027 ? On my Newcastle save i played about 12 seasons before i got bored winning everything so i started a new game with Gateshead.
  12. I have a player in my youth team with my surname but i am not in his favoured personel does that mean he not my son ?. Well Fmanderson on your son he is looking very good. Thats what i do to find young regens look at the create player search filter which is a very useful tool.
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