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  1. how's the newgens that's coming through ? any good ones?
  2. yes he is. Good player indeed. I can screenshots any newcastle youngsters that interest you from 2012, excluding the recent custom update player such as K. Mbabu. And nice 3-0 win over SUnderland, the fans must be happy with the clean sheet!
  3. For Streete, i bumped up his determination to 19 after tutored by S. Taylor & Coloccini. His stats are good enough to be a rotational speedy defender. For Good, his determination manage to reach 15 and his stats are slightly better than Streete's (not as speedy as Streete though), but somehow he doesn't perform in matches. So, i let his contract run down, and he signed for Udinese for free.
  4. i would like to share about these youth development, getting excited whenever there are discussions about youth developments. From the 2013 batch of youngsters, there are actually a few who can potentially make it to the first team squad, whether as first team or rotational player. These youngsters often have a few stats that need some serious training to be a decent/good player in their position. I had a save with newcastle tha goes into 2019, i can share screenshots of some of the youngsters' development if you're interested.
  5. thanks to james_wilko and DBurns , will try those positions. Actually, there is another youngster that developed quite well, Lubomir Satka, Roland Aarons & Greg Olley. They have good stats growth, but not enough for EPL. Thought of building a team with mainly yougnsters from youth team during the early years of 2013/2014, but never materialize until after a few seasons in with good newgens. DBurns --- nice on getting Verratti on loan.
  6. hello guys, apart from Adam Campbell which can be developed into a very good player, what about brandon miele? In my save, he had developed into a good player with the necessary stats for a midfielder, but the performances are not consistent yet. What position is suitable for him? thanks.
  7. No Youth Intake

    same problem here, at best 5 players on the day of intake. I don't think it is related to the number of players in the youth team, as the other teams has similar number of u18 youngsters in their youth team generates the usual number of youth candidates.
  8. hello nickbirdspain, i'd like to share what little info i have in youngster development, as it is also the reason i'm going long term with a newcastle save. I fully agree that Campbell is very talented and his development rate is astounding, eventhough i'm the type that won't give youth regular first team until they reach around 22 years old. Initially, i suggest putting him on heavy "finishing" then " off the ball", and finally "poacher". i'm in favour of determination of at least 15, so getting Cisse to tutor him is great as he has the determination stats and good PPM for Campbell. There are other youngsters worth noting too and up until 2016 in my save, some of the "2012 youngsters" are turning out well. In addition to Bigirimana, S. Ameobi, Streete, may i suggest taking a look at Miele too? He has the potential to be a first team regular. Wishing you the best in your coming journey!
  9. here are the youngsters, nice to see them developing well, especially those that came through the academy. striker midfielders defenders
  10. hello guys, nice to see a newcastle thread here and i'm a fan of this club. As many had done before, i would like to share some pictures about some newcastle youngsters who have developed well for me after a few seasons. Some of these are known youngsters such as adam campbell , brandon miele, bigirimana, sammy ameobi, remie streete, greg olley, shane ferguson, liam smith. Is it ok to post so many screenshots? sorry about the mistakes as english is not my first language.
  11. sudden max reputation for a club?

    ah, i see, apparently the takeover is by a japanese tycoon, but how is it possible to get boosted to max reputation, when even winning competition will only get a little boost to reputation?
  12. sudden max reputation for a club?

    nope, i had checked the club, 4th in Liga, no trophy within years, current owners are from Japan, estimated club value 98m, total current transfer of players valued at about 25m. The weirdest thing is the club's reputation massive gain from 4 star to 5 star reputation, which, i think it is impossible. Picture is on the 1st post.
  13. Not sure whether this should in bug section. i'm currently in June 2022. I had finished the season with PSG, and i saw the news that Zaragoza has toppled Man Utd as the most reputable club in the world. I had checked the club, Zaragoza, and found nothing that could increase the reputation by that amount. It's 5 star rating on the world reputation ranking, which i presume is max reputation. Anyone encountered this?
  14. at the club senior squad training area, where you set general training and match prep, bottom left will display "training facilites" and its star rating. Now, go to the u18/u19 squad training area, check the bottom left area, what facilities it display?
  15. just a thought. Although it has been thought that youth facilities are used by youth players, but ingame training section, the facilities for u18/u19 are always "training facilities" even for FM13, so does these young boys use training facilites or youth facilites?