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  1. thanks for contributing to the discussion guys. really appreciate the thoughtful input from the both of you on my formation which has nothing to do with the other guy's.
  2. I'm just wondering if this formation is at all possible? The only thing that could make this more feasible is to drop the wingbacks to regular wide defenders and to drop the wingers to regular wide midfielders. If it is possible, what roles and types of players would I need to make this work? I've heard from other people that have tried it that it's easy to score lots of goals but at the same time it's easy to concede a lot mainly because (what I think is the main problem) there are only 3 defenders (including the DM) in the center and none of the midfielders drop down to defend.
  3. I recognize that just like I recognize the bloody wars that have plagued the region Yugoslavia resided on.
  4. If you saw the map and/or read the rest of my post, you would notice that I payed no consideration to what language, ethnic, cultural, or religious background they have other than their geographic placement. I'm just saying, if he's gonna divide Spain, why reunite Yugoslavia when there's such large cultural differences?
  5. So . . . you're gonna split Spain, France, Germany, England, and Italy into a bunch of small nations, and recreate Yugoslavia. do you even know why yugoslavia split? you're going to unite a bunch of countries that have immense cultural differences and split countries that have miniscule cultural differences? also, why greece with cyprus? cyprus is closer to turkey; you're prolly thinking of crete in which case crete is already part of greece. Personally, I would do the following: Germania - Holland + Germany + Austria Iberia - Spain + Portugal + Andorra Great Britain - North Ireland + Ireland + Scotland + Wales + England + Faroe Islands Yugoslavia - Bosnia and Herzegovina + Croatia + Macedonia + Montenegro + Slovenia + Serbia Czechoslovakia - Czech Republic + Slovakia Scandinavia - Finland + Sweden + Norway + Denmark + Part of Russia France - France + Belgium + Luxembourg Austria - Austria + Hungary Switzerland - Switzerland + Liechtenstein Ukraine - Ukraine + Moldova Baltic States - Lithuania + Latvia + Estonia + Russian Exclave Italy - Italy + Corsica + San Marino Greece - Greece + Part of Turkey Turkey - Turkey + Cyprus European Map Europe with only nineteen countries instead of fifty. It crosses many cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and religious boundaries but it is consistent. in it's boundaries, unlike in the OP.
  6. I suppose that you could right click on each statistic and choose what information you see, in this layout of course. It could be assists, yellow cards, pass completion, tackles per game, etc. It doesn't just have to be goals, man of the match, yellow and red cards, and average rating. That would still be in place, but as this is the profile it would show you a general view of all of that. I'm not in favour of customizing it at all and that is why I prefer the attributes screen to the profile.
  7. I made a US fantasy league that had promotion and relegation once. Nobody would use it as there have been 2000 alterations and it is very unrealistic.
  8. I keep getting the error "please check whether this file is open in another program."
  9. Really hope somebody who makes skins tries this.
  10. Yes, but every time you reopen it you have to delete this which is rather annoying. Did you make it so you can see hidden folders?
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