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  1. Ive been playing these games since 01 but it's the first time I ever saw it.
  2. Maybe you have to be on April 1 in the game (by coincidence I am) its pretty funny.
  3. it doesnt fix jadedness though and players still need rested. You need to fix it so it heals that too.
  4. Disappointed that theres no healing for jadedness. I can make players 100% yet it still says they need a long rest and have that orange thing coming up.
  5. Won the Spanish league as Barcelona also won the champions league but all of my players were complaining about not qualifying! The IGE remove unhappiness button was no good as they just repeated it the next day etc Got fed up and started a new game as Liverpool. I won the league in my 1st season and now it's happening again. Anyone else having this problem?
  6. or they could hire him and have a really great IGE
  7. How do you know it doesnt work? It only just went up when i posted
  8. You can edit chairmen? I thought that was in FMRTE only
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