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  1. With the greatest respect, the number of posts is not proportional to intelligence, or ability to make insightful comment. I have been a member of this forum since 2003 and have only made just over 100 posts. I have, however, played FM/CM regularly since 2001, and I'm sure the previous poster has too, as he has been registered here since 2005. Regarding your insistence that other people need to test the tactic with Crystal Palace I would say this: It is not your job, role or responsibility to tell other people on this forum what they should spend their free time doing. Simples! I have used this tactic for about a third of a season to see how it works, and it is very effective. If you want to try it out I'm sure we would all value your comments about it, but it is not for Mr Hough or anyone else to justify their existence to you.
  2. Just started using it with Everton - played 4, won 4, scored 10, conceded 4! (Including a home derby match against Liverpool and an away game at Arsenal). Interestingly, I haven't had the settling in period with the new tactic that others have experienced - my team just started playing well immediately - perhaps it was due to the fact that we were already 8 games in to the EPL season and were up near the top of the table so morale and team cohesion are very high. The toughest game was away at Arsenal. Arsenal dominated possession (55%), and chances, but in the end couldn't finish. I did concede 2 goals against them though - both coming from wide play. I think that is the biggest weakness defensively - the fullbacks are left very exposed! The other issue I have is with the DMC, who is acting basically as a 3rd DC when not in possession, so doesn't cover the D-line as well as I would like. I'm going to experiment with pushing him out a bit more and see if it tightens things up a bit. I'm playing a front 3 of Cahill (left), Yak/Saha (middle), Donovan/Vaughan (right) and they've scored 6 of the goals from open play. The other goals have come from 1 penalty, 1 direct free kick (Baines) and 2 headers form corners (Fellaini attacking the far post). The biggest revelation to me has come from the play of my 2 central midfielders. Even when I play Osman and Pienaar together (hardly the most physical presences in the centre of the park) they are creating some wonderful football. All in all, a very nice tactic that creates some lovely attacking football!
  3. Hear Hear! It took me 5 minutes too! Anyway - great thread with some very interesting theories, evidence etc. I'm giving the training regimes a go with my Everton team and with the reduced intensities I have only had 1 training related injury in the last 2 months (and that was Saha so doesn't really count as his injury proneness stat is something like 18!)
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