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  1. Pelligri, you say? Will have to look out for him! just got Bolasie back from injury so options are opening up. Going to try the Raumdeuter/Mezzala option as an alternative to my twin Inside Forward tactic. 👍
  2. The Raumdeuter and winger options are something I’ve been considering, as Everton have some good right wingers. At the moment though playing Sigurdsson and Walcott as Inside Forwards is working well - just beat Liverpool 3-0 and put another 3 past Palace away from home with Siggy getting 2 of them from runs into the box! 😎
  3. Not sure if you're still looking for comments, but as I'm currently playing an Everton save with a 4-1-2-3 I thought I'd chip in. Here are the things I would consider: Change Sandro to an IF(A) Swap the Mezzala and the BBM to the opposite side Change Galloway to a support duty and Coleman to an Attack duty drop the Sit Narrower and Be More Disciplined TIs Now on to the why?: An IF(A) supported by a BBM(S) should both make attacking runs into the box, the IF(A) as a main goal-scoring threat and the BBM to mop up and provide secondary options. The DR with an Attack duty will look to overlap the right winger, and the two of them together should provide a delivery service for the striker and the two runners from the left side of the pitch. In addition, they should provide a defensive distraction to allow the MCR (now the Mezzala) to have space to run into. Galloway, now with a support duty, will cover the space behind the BBM and provide a recycle passing option, as will the DM. The Counter/Structured mentality/shape already makes your team narrow and less creative, adding in the TIs will only make it harder for your team to generate space as everyone will be crammed into the middle of the pitch.
  4. Funnily enough, I reinstalled FM16 last night to take a look at my old Everton save, and I was using a 4-1-2-3 very similar to the one you just posted with a lot of success. I used an F9 instead of a DF, and an AP(S) instead of an RPM. I also used Control/Structured rather than Attacking/Fluid, but the basic movement will be the same. Can't remember is your DF has 'Move Into Channels' active by default. If it doesn't you could try it out, as the lateral movement it causes will help the Inside Forwards and BBM when they make forward runs. Your tactic seems to be working pretty well, so the next thing I would do is to make 2 other versions with different mentality/shape so that you can change mentality/shape during a match without losing fluidity in the tactic.
  5. 1. Do you mean Arthur as an AP(S) in the AML position? Could work, he's got the attributes for it. 2. When thinking about shape one of the things I always keep in mind is how many specialist roles I have in my team. A more Fluid shape give more creative freedom, so the players will depend less on the role and duty you give to them and more on their own attributes and PPMs. A more Structured shape and they will need more direction from you as coach to tell them what to do as their individual creative freedom is more limited. There is an old topic which gives guidelines for the number of specialist roles to include. It's not set in stone but I find it helps me to think about tactical set ups (link below). Looking at your tactic the thing that stands out is that you are playing Structured but with very few specialist roles (only 1 really, the DLP). So you can afford to go to a Fluid shape for the entire game and give your players a bit more freedom to experiment on the pitch, or introduce more specialist roles. Also, I think your CM(A) is on the wrong side of the midfield. If he moves forward he will run into the WM(S) cutting inside. Having him on the right of the DLP, and maybe changing him to a BBM, will allow him to run forward unobstructed. EDIT: looking at your tactic for the Newcastle game, have you considered giving your DL an attacking duty to overlap the WM? EDIT 2: Just looked at your starting 11 - half of them need rest - that might be a cause of some of your issues. I would load up FM Touch and try the tactic there without having the hassle of familiarity or mid-season fatigue to worry about...
  6. facman

    My 4123

    Let's look at a few of those things in isolation. Space: Imagine I am a winger, and you are marking me. I make a run up the touchline and you follow, because that is your job. Behind me is a huge amount of space I have created, that can be occupied by one of my teammates. That is what people mean by "creating space" - using movement of players to drag defenders out of the way. You can look at the roles and duties you assign to your players to work out what sort of movement they will make on the pitch, and whether or not that will create space, or if they will be running into each other. You can draw it on a piece of paper CD making forward runs: Do your defenders have any PPMs to bring the ball out of defence, or run with the ball? You could go into the PI page for those positions and tick the Hold Position PI to 'lock' them down. Winger and FB cutting inside: Look at their PPMs. I have an Attacking midfielder/Striker in my team with the PPM 'Comes Deep to Get Ball'. This is great if I want him in a striker role where he links with the midfield, but terrible if I want him to lead the strike force on the shoulder of the last defender. Do either of your players want to cut inside due to PPMs? CD hoof the ball: This can happen with defenders, and I tend to try to compensate for this by using the TI 'Play Out of Defence' or using the PI 'Fewer Risky Passes' on my CDs. This will reduce the amount of time they hit long hopeful balls. Playmaker tries killer pass: That is what the Playmaker is supposed to do! The problem is that if there isn't good movement then there won't be anyone to pass to. Why not play without a playmaker? My most successful formation of my own creation was a 4-4-2 in FM16 which was Defensive/Fluid and had no playmakers (It starter with a WP on the right of midfield, but that role enede up being changed to Winger). That system took Leeds from the Championship to the Premiership title and Champions League knockout stages in 5 seasons. Why not try increasing your shape to Fluid to bring your players closer together and increase overall creativity, changing the AP to a CM(S) and seeing whether the passing improves?
  7. First post since my Leeds thread in FM 16 but I had to comment as I am currently developing a tactic which looks similar to this one. My first concern (as summatsupeer) has already mentioned is with the left flank. 2 playmakers in close proximity with no real outlet. You could try changing the ML to WM(S) with the PI Cuts inside with ball. Arthur (your current ML) looks like he has the attributes to make this work well (it would be good to see his PPMs), and you could even increase his personal level of creativity to allow him more flexibility in the role (considering you have a Structured shape which will reduce individual creativity). This will create movement in front of your DLP, support for your striker and space for the WB to run into. Next, your TIs when combined with the Attacking mentality don't make a whole lot of sense to me. The Look for Overlap I think you can drop completely as you are after a fast transitional style of play (Attacking mentality) but ask your wide players to hold up the ball for support (Look for Overlap) - this seems contradictory to me. Also, I would either lower the mentality to Standard or even Counter and keep the Higher Tempo and Pass into Space, or keep the Attacking mentality and drop those 2 TIs. Keeping it simpler by removing TIs allows you to see what the core movement and shape is on the pitch, enabling fault diagnosis. Adding in lots of TIs makes it more confusing to work out what is wrong. Finally, having a structured shape but Be more Expressive TI is a little strange also. I'm still working on my system so it is by no means finished, but for reference it is as follows: Counter/Fluid mentality and shape very similar roles and duties (my ML is a WM(S) as described above and my MCL is a CM(S) as my shape gives them extra creativity so I don't need the specialist role) TIs Pass out of Defence and Higher Tempo allowing for more measured transitions when the Counter Attack is not triggered, but not so slow and ponderous that the opposition can settle back into their shape easily PIs are on the Goalkeeper to Roll it out and the ML to Cut Inside with Ball, DF has Move into Channels to create more lateral movement.
  8. The link is in my post above
  9. Herne79's Developing my 4-4-2 thread. It is down on about page 10 of the tactics sub-forum.
  10. I was in much the same position as you in FM16 until I came across the thread I've linked to. Although it is for a previous version of the game most of the concepts will carry over to FM17. The link itself is to my posts at the end of the thread, which gives an insight into the sort of tactics I used to take Leeds to the Premier League title in 5 seasons (and also a Capital One Cup win and 1/4 final of the Europa League). 4-4-2 can be wonderful in defensive stability (I conceded 21 goals in my title winning season), but requires some tweaking in game to get the best out of your players going forward (the majority of my goals always seem to come in the final 30 minutes). I detailed my Leeds career in the FM Career Updates sub-forum (currently on page 2 as I'm taking a break from the save) if you want to see my results and thoughts in more detail. I realise that none of this answers your Assistant Manager question, but may help you to develop your own 4-4-2 into a winner
  11. Yep, a very merry Christmas was had by all Cheers, everyone! So, here comes a long update... We finished the season with 2 wins, although the Leicester game was touch and go! We scored 2 penalties and missed a third! Before we do the final league table, lets run down the cups... First the Europa Leagues, which saw Man City beat Malaga Next the Champions League Final (at Wembley), which saw Benfica lose (unfairly really) to Barca. Yes that's right, Benfica, who beat us in the first knockout round, went all the way to the final on the coattails of Renato Sanches... And the FA Cup final, in which Liverpool overturned a dominant Man U in extra time, despite being a man down for most of the match so the final table looks like this, with Man City scraping their way to a Champions League place due to a Europa League victory! Arsenal miss out on the Champions League, and Norwich manage to qualify for Europe! At the bottom, Everton and Hull scrape through, but its bye-bye to Palace, QPR and Burnley. I am most happy with our Goals Against column. We only conceded 21 goals in the League this year, and as our NFL friends would say - 'Offense wins games, defense wins championships'! Unsurprisingly, I get the Manager of the Year award, which is nice... Martial runs away with Footballer of the Year, and Serge Gnabry, of all players, wins the Players' award Leeds move up to 34th place in the rankings after another good year in Europe, and automatic qualification for the Group stage for next years competition will move us up further in the rankings regardless of how we perform. Charlie Taylor gets himself in the Premiership Team of the Year, as do both of our strikers, Callum Wilson and Johannes Eggestein. With Stephen Davidson, our young Scottish signing, coming along well this year, there was no room for Zach Clough, so we sell him the the Hammers for a shade under £10M. Good business for us I think. Our other major signing is that man from Benfica... you know, the one who almost single-handedly dragged them to the Champions League final... If we are to do something in Europe next season we need to change it up a bit, so I'll be keeping the 4-4-2 for English games, and going to a 4-3-3 in Europe, with Eggestein, Ward-Prowse and Lallana up top, and Sanches, Lewis Cook and Riechedly Bazoer in midfield... And on that note, I bid you adieu! 5 seasons as Leeds has taken it out of me a little, and I need bit of break from FM for a few weeks or so, so I thought I'd bow out on a high. I do plan to come back to the Leeds save at some point, as I have unfinished business in Europe, but for the meantime, thanks for reading! A round of applause for those who made it this far with me Hope you've enjoyed the ride, see you soon...
  12. Promotion = Time to bring out the hammer! glad you you are doing well in the league this season too