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  1. This is a really good point. whenever I go to a Counter or Defensive Team Mentality I always consider ticking the 'Play out of Defence' TI in order to reduce the passing distance of the defenders.
  2. As I said in my post, ignore what the game recommends as roles for players, just stick 'em in there and see how they get on! My two strikers (Tosun and Niasse) have worse recommendations than yours do for the F9 role, but they still have a combined scoring rate of 1 goal every 100 minutes between them, and they aren't even supposed to be my main goal threat (that is the IF cutting in from the left flank). I'd rather have a less than perfect DLF/F9 role that works within my system than an amazing Poacher role that does nothing all game! If you fancy a BBM in the MC slot, use the role!
  3. There is a thread called 'What is Team Shape?' halfway down the 1st page of this forum which answers exactly what you have asked!
  4. I'm no expert, but one of my current tactics is a 4-1-2-3, similar to yours. My midfield has a couple of different roles - BBM(S) instead of CM(A) and DM(S) instead of BWM(D), but that isn't too much of an issue. Personally, I think your biggest problems stem from the Wingbacks and the Poacher. Playing a defensive style (Counter or Defensive mentality) means your team will take fewer risks with the ball generally, unless the Match Engine triggers a counter-attack, at which time everyone will bomb forward and your mentality, shape and TIs will be put on hold for the duration of the counter-attack. The Counter and Defensive mentalities lower the threshold at which a Counter-attack will be triggered. So you don't need a Poacher role in order to help with counter-attacks, because when one is triggered the Match Engine doesn't care about roles. When there is no Counter-attack in progress, your team needs to be able to interact with each other, to provide safe passing options, as the counter mentality will lower risk, and this is where I think the Poacher will cause issues. His job is simply to sit on the last defender, and as a lone striker may well become isolated. In lone-striker formations I use a role that will drop deeper and also move into the channels. You could try an F9 or a DLF with 'Move Into Channels' ticked, and he might contribute more in the build up play. As far as the wingbacks go, defensively they will drop back when you lose possession, regardless of what duty they are on. The question is how far forward do you want them to get when you have the ball? Giving them a defend duty on a Counter mentality will keep them very deep, and make it less likely that they will be close enough to the action to provide a passing outlet for your more advanced players. I would try a support duty and watch what they do in-game. You may even find that your RB could work well with an Attack duty to link with the winger and central midfield. EDIT: Oh, and don't worry too much what the game says about player's favoured roles, neither of my strikers are supposed to be any good as f9s, but they rotate through games and have over 20 goals between them halfway through the season.
  5. The way I think about it (to help my addled brain) is to think of Shape as being a throttle for how much the team listens to the Team Mentality I have set. At the Structured end of the Shape list, the throttle is mostly closed, so even if I set the Mentality to Overload, my players with a Defend duty are still going to be mostly defensive, and if I set the Mentality to Contain my Attack duty players will still have an attacking bias. As I move the Shape up to the Fluid end of the scale I am opening the metaphorical throttle, allowing all of my players to listen to what the Team Mentality is telling them. So if I play Fluid or Very Fluid, setting the Mentality to Contain means "everyone defend", whilst setting it to Overload means "everyone attack". Its not a perfect analogy, but it helps me when I want to change things up during a game.
  6. These may be of use: https://www.guidetofm.com/tactics/roles-duties specifically, there are links to Central Defender, Central Midfield, Wide Player and Central Attacker pages that go through each position on the pitch.
  7. To be fair, I don't think the Carrilero, Segundo Volante and Mezzala existed in the game in May 2017, when the post was made!
  8. I've only just bought FM18, so I currently have 50 hours in the game and am in November of my first season... yes, I am a sloooow player. In FM16 I logged 645 hours and completed 8 seasons (3 as Everton, 5 as Leeds)
  9. Currently I have a 4-1-2-3 Control/Structured in slot 1, a 4-2-3-1 Standard/Flexible in slot 2 and a 3-5-2 Counter/Fluid in slot 3. All 3 have a range of different TIs. Usually by mid-way through the first season all 3 tactics are completely fluid, meaning I can chop and change formation, mentality, shape and TIs in game with no loss of performance level.
  10. Pelligri, you say? Will have to look out for him! just got Bolasie back from injury so options are opening up. Going to try the Raumdeuter/Mezzala option as an alternative to my twin Inside Forward tactic. 👍
  11. The Raumdeuter and winger options are something I’ve been considering, as Everton have some good right wingers. At the moment though playing Sigurdsson and Walcott as Inside Forwards is working well - just beat Liverpool 3-0 and put another 3 past Palace away from home with Siggy getting 2 of them from runs into the box! 😎
  12. Not sure if you're still looking for comments, but as I'm currently playing an Everton save with a 4-1-2-3 I thought I'd chip in. Here are the things I would consider: Change Sandro to an IF(A) Swap the Mezzala and the BBM to the opposite side Change Galloway to a support duty and Coleman to an Attack duty drop the Sit Narrower and Be More Disciplined TIs Now on to the why?: An IF(A) supported by a BBM(S) should both make attacking runs into the box, the IF(A) as a main goal-scoring threat and the BBM to mop up and provide secondary options. The DR with an Attack duty will look to overlap the right winger, and the two of them together should provide a delivery service for the striker and the two runners from the left side of the pitch. In addition, they should provide a defensive distraction to allow the MCR (now the Mezzala) to have space to run into. Galloway, now with a support duty, will cover the space behind the BBM and provide a recycle passing option, as will the DM. The Counter/Structured mentality/shape already makes your team narrow and less creative, adding in the TIs will only make it harder for your team to generate space as everyone will be crammed into the middle of the pitch.
  13. Funnily enough, I reinstalled FM16 last night to take a look at my old Everton save, and I was using a 4-1-2-3 very similar to the one you just posted with a lot of success. I used an F9 instead of a DF, and an AP(S) instead of an RPM. I also used Control/Structured rather than Attacking/Fluid, but the basic movement will be the same. Can't remember is your DF has 'Move Into Channels' active by default. If it doesn't you could try it out, as the lateral movement it causes will help the Inside Forwards and BBM when they make forward runs. Your tactic seems to be working pretty well, so the next thing I would do is to make 2 other versions with different mentality/shape so that you can change mentality/shape during a match without losing fluidity in the tactic.
  14. 1. Do you mean Arthur as an AP(S) in the AML position? Could work, he's got the attributes for it. 2. When thinking about shape one of the things I always keep in mind is how many specialist roles I have in my team. A more Fluid shape give more creative freedom, so the players will depend less on the role and duty you give to them and more on their own attributes and PPMs. A more Structured shape and they will need more direction from you as coach to tell them what to do as their individual creative freedom is more limited. There is an old topic which gives guidelines for the number of specialist roles to include. It's not set in stone but I find it helps me to think about tactical set ups (link below). Looking at your tactic the thing that stands out is that you are playing Structured but with very few specialist roles (only 1 really, the DLP). So you can afford to go to a Fluid shape for the entire game and give your players a bit more freedom to experiment on the pitch, or introduce more specialist roles. Also, I think your CM(A) is on the wrong side of the midfield. If he moves forward he will run into the WM(S) cutting inside. Having him on the right of the DLP, and maybe changing him to a BBM, will allow him to run forward unobstructed. EDIT: looking at your tactic for the Newcastle game, have you considered giving your DL an attacking duty to overlap the WM? EDIT 2: Just looked at your starting 11 - half of them need rest - that might be a cause of some of your issues. I would load up FM Touch and try the tactic there without having the hassle of familiarity or mid-season fatigue to worry about...
  15. Let's look at a few of those things in isolation. Space: Imagine I am a winger, and you are marking me. I make a run up the touchline and you follow, because that is your job. Behind me is a huge amount of space I have created, that can be occupied by one of my teammates. That is what people mean by "creating space" - using movement of players to drag defenders out of the way. You can look at the roles and duties you assign to your players to work out what sort of movement they will make on the pitch, and whether or not that will create space, or if they will be running into each other. You can draw it on a piece of paper CD making forward runs: Do your defenders have any PPMs to bring the ball out of defence, or run with the ball? You could go into the PI page for those positions and tick the Hold Position PI to 'lock' them down. Winger and FB cutting inside: Look at their PPMs. I have an Attacking midfielder/Striker in my team with the PPM 'Comes Deep to Get Ball'. This is great if I want him in a striker role where he links with the midfield, but terrible if I want him to lead the strike force on the shoulder of the last defender. Do either of your players want to cut inside due to PPMs? CD hoof the ball: This can happen with defenders, and I tend to try to compensate for this by using the TI 'Play Out of Defence' or using the PI 'Fewer Risky Passes' on my CDs. This will reduce the amount of time they hit long hopeful balls. Playmaker tries killer pass: That is what the Playmaker is supposed to do! The problem is that if there isn't good movement then there won't be anyone to pass to. Why not play without a playmaker? My most successful formation of my own creation was a 4-4-2 in FM16 which was Defensive/Fluid and had no playmakers (It starter with a WP on the right of midfield, but that role enede up being changed to Winger). That system took Leeds from the Championship to the Premiership title and Champions League knockout stages in 5 seasons. Why not try increasing your shape to Fluid to bring your players closer together and increase overall creativity, changing the AP to a CM(S) and seeing whether the passing improves?
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