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  1. I think Wayne may have wanted the Brazilians to win. Somehow we still managed to win but I was so mad when he skied the second one right at the end of extra time. They were all missed to the left of the goal aswell. His match rating was a generous 4.0! Anyone else have any nightmare individual performances?
  2. Venting thread

    Did he have a stroke or something?
  3. Venting thread

    LOL. What an absolute screamer, Hart had no chance with that one!
  4. I've just got Burton promoted to the Championship and we have to increase the amount of seats due to league rules. While this is being carried out, we are temporarily using Scully Park in Tamworth... That's Tamworth, New South Wales in Australia by the way. Not sure we'll get too many fans making the 24 hour flight to go and see us play! :lol:
  5. Best Moment!

    I have somehow got back to back promotions with Burton with absolutely no money. Just about to hit the Championship where I predict disaster!
  6. making debts in the BSS

    Well, I'm in League 1 with nearly £1,000,000 of debt, but absolutely flying at the top of the league. I was considering selling all of my high earning players, until the FA Cup 3rd round draw sends me to Eastlands where we earn a handsome £600,000!! Still in trouble but hopefully a promotion and letting some players go at the end of the season will get us a bit closer to that magic £0!
  7. Regen Relatives.

    Wow, he's a spitting image of Sam Allardyce
  8. FM12 - Lower League Players

    Trequartista alongside either a poacher (Adam) or an advanced forward (Greg Pearson). He is a monster!
  9. FM12 - Lower League Players

    And, the man, the legend, that is:
  10. FM12 - Lower League Players

    All of these players were signed for free for Burton in League 2. In the second season we're top of League ONE! So they're all capable of at least that level.
  11. Your favourite FM Highlight

    It's a disgrace. He shouldn't be shooting from there, he's got teammates making runs everywhere. Pass the ball you.... Fair enough, decent strike!
  12. Who is your FM sweetheart?

    On FM11 a little (and I mean little, Just over 5 feet!) Macedonian regen called Igorce Apostolovski. I was Real Madrid manager and I found this 17 year old myself playing for Vaslui in Romania. Signed him for a couple of million and the man was a monster. I loved him, the fans loved him and almost all of the squad had him as favoured personnel. I believe he was a bit of a joker in the changing room. Despite his terrible finishing and composure stats, he scored and created loads playing just behind Higuain. Probably the best ever (fake) Macedonian footballer ever!
  13. Your Best Marquee Signing?

    Same, got injured in his first game. Came back four months later and he was utterly useless. Got on the bench 2 or 3 times in the last 4 months of the season and waved goodbye at the end. What use is it being able to play in lots of positions if you are useless in all of them. I should add that my team won League 2 with a record points total and didn't lose a single game in the league, so to be so bad really is quite an achievement!
  14. Your Best Marquee Signing?

    Not too shabby lol. I'm about to find out if he can still hack League 1 at nearly 33. Fingers crossed because I think we'll be in a world of trouble if he can't!!
  15. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Looks like it's intense shooting training for our boys this week then. I've never seen anything like it! Unsurprisingly their keeper got man of the match.