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  1. "painful lower back" apparently.
  2. Chelsea Juventus Marseille Atletico put your house on it.
  3. xfu Bloody Ballack getting subbed, losing valuable ff points there
  4. Kakuta much more of a standout player from what I've seen/heard, not sure about ready for Championship football though.
  5. Di Santo confirmed as having the number 9 shirt
  6. haha, great goal
  7. \o/ first of many let's hope.
  8. the spirit of BBB lives on
  9. Don't get why everyone's writing him off. Give him a season, then complain if he isn't good enough. All this "oh fo Deco" just pathetic right now.
  10. Wouldn't mind Hiddink tbh.
  11. Cech in line to start tonight according to the BBC.
  12. Sahar scored again for Sheff Wed today
  13. Thank **** for that.
  14. sortitoutsi etc