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  1. I have played man U away 2 seasons out of 3 and got 1million + on both occasions. playing as Oldham Ath.
  2. I am playing Dortmund same here most of 1st team on holiday, played Bayern in supercup and beat them without 1st team regulars
  3. i am 67 been playing since football director on my sons spectrum, looking above there is someone older then me, anyone beat 68,
  4. i have just downloaded the demo, everything so far is ok. 1 problem I am playing as Oldham ath. and you have given them there old stadium name, it as now changed to Sportsdirect.com Stadium.
  5. will the demo be out this friday
  6. i think people have drifted away from my original inquiry which was, how many females play football manager.
  7. QWERTYOP Do you count as female if you've every cried because of a loss?... LOL I cry a lot I never win
  8. With Shelley Kerr taking control of Stirling University, as the 1st female manager, I was wondering how many females play FM.
  9. let me close the thread now, thanks for all the replies. I was given a warning at the start of the season , the player wasn't playing to bad. and I was down to bare bones at one point so I had to play him, I will go back and start again, will listen to the chairman next time and see if I get sacked for not winning. cheers everyone...
  10. what I am trying to say is it wouldn't happen in real life.
  11. the board stated at the start of the season not to play the player aas he was not playing well, I ignored them and played him, and got sacked no other explination..
  12. i am playing in league 1 with Oldham ath. played 5 won 5..and get sacked for playing a player the board don't like..dos that ever happen in real life..i think no
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