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  1. 2023/24 Season - Middlesbrough - English Championship It's been a while! I won't go on too much but it's been a pretty good season albeit trophy-less Europa League - We had an amazing run, eventually losing to Barcelona in the Semis League Cup - Another semi final loss, this time in extra time to Man City FA Cup - Yes you guessed it, a 3rd semi final defeat of the season, this time to Liverpool Premier League - We managed to end in 7th, an amazing finish seeing as we were predicted to end last. In the end we fell away from the top 6 due to our mass fixture backlog at the end of the season Badges/Rep - Continental A Licence Learned, Pro Licence being studied for. My reputation is now up to 3.5* (Good) What Next? - I have made a shed load of young signing and we have a really good squad. I need to prioritise one of two competitions next season. A top 6 push is a must as well. I may however keep an eye on a bigger job. 0/10 top domestic leagues () 1/10 domestic cups (English League Cup - Middlesbrough - 2023) 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  2. 2022/23 Season - Middlesbrough - English Championship Championship - An amazing season, we lead from the front, promotion was wrapped up with 5 games to spare and the league title with 3 left. We absolutely dominated, record points and record goals scored! FA Cup - What can I say! We got to the 5th Round where we faced local rivals Newcastle in one of the craziest games ever...final result? 10-2 to Newcastle! League Cup - Absolutely incredible, we faced numerous big boys and came out winners. Chelsea, Spurs and Man City dispatched meaning we got to the final. Where we faced Liverpool, and somehow we won!!! What a run and this means European football next season. It also means the first trophy ticked off in the challenge. Star Men Hallovic Wing Ainsley Badges/Rep - Continental B Licence gained, A ongoing/ Rep up to 3.5* (Good), an incredible rise. What Next? - Well Premier League and European Football mean I have to stick around here for at least one more season. Hopefully I can complete my badges and keep my rep increasing. 0/10 top domestic leagues () 1/10 domestic cups (English League Cup - Middlesbrough - 2023) 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  3. 2023 Asian Nations Cup - Iran Group Stage - 2 wins, 1 draw, no goals conceded, a great start! 2nd Round - A cracker of a game, goals galore but we made it through. Quarters - A tough match, once again loads of goals, into the semis! Semis - An absolute battering, we've made it to the final! Final - A gutting way to lose it, we took the lead then fell apart. Runners-up, so so close! 0/10 top domestic leagues () 0/10 domestic cups () 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  4. A little Update: It hasn't taken long before I have been headhunted, and a nice jump up in a division means I am moving on from Accrington, to...... I'm off to the North-East! Middlesbrough have just ended 15th in the Championship but imo have a squad capable for the playoffs and with a £4.3m transfer budget I have high hopes for this season.
  5. 2020/21 Season - Accrington Another season down and what a season it's been! League One - Predicted to end dead last but I had a feeling for a good campaign after our good run at the end of the previous season. I never expected to do as well as we did. We started slowly but between October and December we won 10 games in a row putting us 2nd at Christmas. The came the mini-collapse, in the last 12 games we won only 5, this slid us down the table but results went our way and we managed to scrape 4th place. A fantastic season and we went into the playoffs. In the Semi Finals we faced MK Dons and 2 amazing performances put us through to the final 6-3 on aggregate. We faced Portsmouth in the final which I knew would be tough, and it was to end here as we lost the game 2-0 Gutted is an understatement, we came so far and fell one short. FA Cup - We managed to get to the 3rd Round where we lose to Wimbledon. League Cup - What a run, we beat Norwich and Sunderland before losing to Spurs in the 3rd Round Star Men - Seamus Conneely, Niall Watson, Sean McConville Badges/Rep - Continental C gained and the board have just agreed to me doing my Continental B badge. Reputation is now up to 2.5* (Okay). What next? - An amazing season, was it one-off? Maybe! We now rebuild for next season, but I am being linked with lots of higher jobs, clearly I have to keep moving on upwards to keep my reputation moving upwards. What a season! In other news - I have an International job! Iran have given me the role, I only had 4 games in charge which were all playoffs for the 2022 World Cup, we beat Thailand in the Asian Playoffs before beating Paraguay in the final playoffs meaning we qualified for the World Cup 0/10 top domestic leagues () 0/10 domestic cups () 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  6. 2019/20 Season - Accrington It's been a tough 2nd half of the season, player revolts due to sales beyond my control but the sales have stabilised the finances and we now have a good platform to build on. But did we survive? League One - It was a shocker of a start mainly down to the dreadful morale but 4 wins in a row towards the end of the season secured us safety, we had some great performances but this is a lot of hard work ahead. FA Cup - We had already qualified for the 3rd Rd before I arrived where we played Reading away and were hammered 6-0 Star Players - Billy Kee, Greg Craggs Badges/Rep Update - National B and A gained, Rep now upto 1.5* What Next? - Safety secured and now we have a big rebuild for next season, obviously I need to keep progressing so the main aim is to get more badges and attempt a push for the playoffs, it's a big ask but I have to keep doing well to keep improving my reputation, you never know an even bigger job may come around! 0/10 top domestic leagues () 0/10 domestic cups () 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  7. 2020/21 Update - Woking So it turns out applying for every job in Leagues above is a bad thing to do and after applying for, and getting rejected due to the amount of compensation required the board called me in for a meeting. I attended and safe to say it didn't go well, I basically told them I was the best man for the job, then...... Amazing! We sat 5th in the League, a bit silly on my part but before my demise I was being linked with mid-low League One teams. Now it's a waiting game for a decent proposition UPDATE: It hasn't taken long to get a new job.... A nice jump up, Accrington sit 21st in League One at the half-way point of the season.
  8. 2019/20 Season - Woking My first full season in charge, we were expected to get into the playoffs but we went step further than that. National League South - An amazing season, it went all the way to the 3rd from last game where we clinched the league title. FA Cup - We reached the 3rd Round, a great run before we were hammered 7-0 by Stoke FA Trophy - We got all the way to the semi final before a 5-3 aggregate defeat to Leyton Orient Key Players - Stacy Agnew - Greg Luer - Josh Casey In Other News - Eventually the board agreed for me to learn my National C Licence which was completed right at the end of the season, I immediately asked to do my National B which was also agreed. My rep is now 1*. What Next? - Hopefully we can push for promotion again next season. The quicker we rise up the leagues the quicker my rep increases. I will be keeping my eyes open for a bigger and better job to keep my rep improving and gaining my badges. Domestic Season Team Division Position Notes 2019/20 Woking National Lge South 1st National C Licence, FA Cup 3rd Round, FA Trophy 0/10 top domestic leagues () 0/10 domestic cups () 0/5 club continental championships () 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments () 0/2 world tournaments ()
  9. 2018/19 Season - Woking - National League South Half a season in charge, we had our ups and down but with 3 games left we sat in the playoffs, unfortunately we lost our bottle drawing the next 2 meaning we missed out on the playoffs by 2 points and 1 place. That's it for this season, we were out of all the cups before I arrived. Hopefully with a full preseason in charge I can improve the squad, start gaining badges and hopefully improve my reputation
  10. I have my first job and I'm starting in the National League South Mid-way through the season and we sit in 12th
  11. Its 2 years since I tried and failed to do this challenge but with no real save on the go I've decided to give it a shot. I've added a couple of Asian leagues and South Africa alongside Scotland and England as I've noticed not many people start there. Now its time for a job hunt.
  12. First Club - Meizhou Kejia - Chinese 1st Division A different job but something interesting, there are currently 14th in the Chinese 1st Division with 9 games to go. I'm not going to bombard with loads of posts so will probably do my next update in a couple of seasons time or when something interesting happens, I.e. A league win or new job.
  13. Hi Guys, decided I'm gonna give this a go. I didn't take a screenshot of my game setup but did everything as requested. Here is my manager profile Here are the leagues I've loaded at the start. Like to get Europe done last but England is there in case I struggle to get a job. Will be looking at Asian and African nations as my first stop more than likely but may dip into South America if any interesting job comes my way I'll update you with a quick message when I get my first job
  14. Hi everybody Well I have some sad news, on Tuesday my laptop had an absolute meltdown and decided to turn off and never turn back on. I've spent the week trying to fix it by means of taking it to my local laptop-fixing-man and as much as they have managed to make my laptop useable again I have lost everything, my hard-drive has wiped itself (thanks for that) and everything has gone. Like a muppet I forgot to activate the steam cloud for this save and have no back-ups so it's over, the save has gone (anyone know where the crying face emoji is??) So FM17 is re-installed and I want to start a new save, I need a new challenge, I'm always one for a journeyman save whether that's the Pentagon Challenge, Alphabet Challenge, etc so I want your thoughts on what new journeyman challenge I should do, your suggestions would be amazing. One thing I don't want to do is add any extra leagues and nations, I will just use the default database Sorry to let you all down!
  15. 2027/28 Pre-Season - Red Star FC (France) A squad revamp was needed after last season's capitulation, so there are lots of in's and out's. Out's All fringe players that just didn't perform or play last season. In's The board had given me a tasty £9m budget and we blew it all! Midfield and defence was where the most work was needed, that's where I did most of my business and bought a couple of extras as well. Click the players name below for their profile: Jedrzej Piotrowski Mostafa Jafari Giorgi Guruli Andrea Cosenza Paulo Bernardo Jean Ruiz Daniel Muge Lindani Mngomeni After those signings here is my squad for the new season: Pre-Season Friendlies Odd/Expectations 1000-1 again! I'm sure we can do better than that! The board fully expect us to do better and have set us the rather daunting challenge of mid-table.
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