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  1. The squad I used for this:- GK: Lloris / Valdes WBL: Jonathan Silva / Rose CBL: Balanta / Vertonghen CBR: Kaboul / Dier WBR: Walker / Naughton MCL: Dembele / Neves MC: Romero / Wanyama / Ajer MCR: Erikson / Tielemans AML: Yarmalenko / Roberts AMR: Lamela / Lozano / Townsend ST: Malcom / Kane / Klose It looks like Man City are forcing me into selling Lamela for £50m, so I wouldn't mind pushing Malcom out to AMR and getting a new ST in. Alternatively I could just have Lozano step up as he seems quality already! Suggestions? Tielemans is killing it in the MC role with a ton of potential left to develop, I'd really recommend him for that spot!
  2. Great work EdJames, I'm super impressed with this tactic it really turned my season around with Spurs. It is the first that's worked really well for me in FM15 and provides quality entertaining football at the same time. I didn't start using it till mid-season when I was on the verge of the sack, see if you can spot the moment I swapped over to this tactic in the images below! I ended up with 4th and a FA Cup final, but with the winstreak I went on I am optimistic that with a more tailored squad to the tactic and my now max familiarity, I can push on to challenge for the title next season.
  3. I'll give V4 ago next season I just finished my second full season with V2, ended with a treble including 99 points in the league 90 GA 23 AG. The F9 got 34 goals, the AP 21 (not sure how) and the two rotated poachers getting 15 and 17. Overall I'm absolutely delighted with V2 - nice work Mr U Rosler, I'm keen to see how things change with V4! There seemed to be alot more emphatic results this season including wins such as 7-0 v Celtic, 8-0 v Everton and 6-0 v West Ham (twice)
  4. Hi guys, I've just had clubs come in for aload of my players so I've got some cash to spend now, anyone got suggestions on how best to improve my squad for this tactic? I know it's not easy without being able to see specific stats... Current Squad The cash injection mostly came from Will Hughes for 33m, Samuel Umtiti for 31m and Gaston Romero for 23m. I'd love a top-class right back to replace Naughton who should really be a back-up, I've already replaced Gaston Romero with Goretzka who looks a great B2B. My AP Quintero is unhappy I rejected the 20m bid from Barcelona from him so maybe I need to replace him too Any suggestions are greatly welcomed!
  5. Stats - I know, a little low on work rate and teamwork Reports He also just got 'Europes top marksman'! It doesn't seem to help out the poacher though who really seems to struggle... Maybe Lamela is a greedy ******* and just takes the goals for himself rather than helping others? Alot of his goals are great shots outside the box though...
  6. Great tactic Mr U Rosler, I've been using it for the past season with Spurs and I've been really pleased with the results. I'm in my first full season utilizing this tactic, which I did including the pass into space but also utilizing long throws, where I used FB's with good throwing abilities and trained the bullet throw PPM. This has resulted in a large portion of my assists this season from Kyle Naughton and seems to be far more effective than in previous iterations of FM. I've struggled with drawing in the Premiership so it looks like my initial flawless run at the start of the season has now dribbled into a 4th finish and loss v Real Madrid in the Semi's of the CL, overall I am fairly satisfied since my squad is still mid-transformation to fit this tactic. I re-trained Lamela as my F9 and he has been a main goal threat by a long distance with 39 goals this season and 24 in the league, I've tried a host of different strikers in the Poacher slot and none of them seem to be able to perform - even including the expensive Balotelli and Mitrovic which I signed purely for that role in the January window
  7. I've got him with Doria and Umtiti for the CB slots, he's pretty much fully developed for me at 22 and has more 20 skill-points in the most useful slots than any player I've seen in any FM.
  8. Anyone else having injury problems? I've now got Danny Rose, Will Hughes, Quintero, Munianin, Soldado and Barbosa all injured in the first team alone I've even had both Lloris and ter Stegen both injured and I'm only in September!
  9. Hi all, So this is a rather verbose summary of my time with Spurs in the demo to date, so forgive my rambles! When I finally settled on a tactic to use as a base by the second half of the first season I selected the tactics stated by N17Warrior in #17, so thanks for that. I've just finished season 2 with mixed results so far finishing 4th and then 4th again. Season 1 First of all, the squad already is pretty immense and has adequate cover in all areas so the focus in the transfer window was always to get in youth for tutoring and periphery roles ready for a center spot next season. In Doria £6.5m - I thought it seemed alot of cash to shell out on a young Brazilian kid I'd never heard of but he had stats in all the right places. He's been an absolute rock for me averaging 7.6 over 20 in S1 and 7.8 over 40 in S2, still only 20 and improving tons. Christian Maldini £325k - He has never really made it into the first team, I've only ever called him up once when I had serious injury/tiredness issues towards the end of the season but I did view the RB area as needing a youth prospect. He's done well on loan but at his rate of development, I probably wouldn't get him again but will still sell for a nice profit in a year or two. Adam Campbell £2.9m - I was keen to get some real English talent in as most of the weaker squad players I wanted to sell were English and was conscious of the HG rules. He's really struggled in the game time I've given him on the PL and even when on loan in the CH he was pretty average. Whether this is due to the match engine being a little funny for Strikers at the moment is unclear, but his development over 2 years has been poor despite plenty of games so I doubt I'd buy him again. Angel Correa £2.8m - A nifty squad player and still a reasonable prospect, retrained him to cover both wings and he spent some time on loan at Roma who promised he would be a 'key player' after afew months it became clear they were being giant trolls so I had to recall him He still could come through, but I am not convinced yet... Jan Juan Fernando Quintero £10m - Unbelievable stats for his age, he had an average first year as an attacking MC but I retrained him as an AML and he's made that position his own in the second season with a host of assists and plenty of set piece goals. Out Adebayor Loan £70k p/m+100% wages and £5m buyout to Atletico Madrid - I could of sold him but he wanted me to pay £50k p/w for the indefinite future, so rather than pay his alimony I shipped him out on loan. Aaron Lennon £13m to Newcastle - while a stalwart core player for most the game in previous FM's, I felt his time had come this year with Lamela's arrival and wanted to cash in before his value dropped from inactivity. Obika etc Jan Michael Dawson £3.3m to Fulham - A pitiful amount I know, I expected him to go for £7.5m as I felt he was still a quality player. However with the arrival of Doria, he just wasn't getting any game time at all. Lewis Holtby £10m to Dortmund - He threw a tantrum when I rejected their initial bid and I wasn't overly attached as he was a periphery player anyway. Andros Townsend £3.5m to Stoke - A shame after such good form this season IRL, but I gave him a chance and he wasn't getting the games so let him go. Summary The season started awfully, with me languishing in 10th until January having tried out and tweaks 3 or 4 different formations. I finally got some success with a 4-1-2-2-1 attacking, fluid with attacking wingers and play-makers in the center. Once I stuck with this and got Quintero in, the squad really synced and shot up the table to clinch 4th in the last few weeks. Unfortunately it still didn't qualify me for CL football (poor cursed Spurs!) which caused a few tantrums in the dressing room. Season 2 In Jose Perez £2.3m - Regen striker sitting in U18's, looks extremely promising for a couple of years time. Dejan Stojanovic Free - End of contract signing as a back-up/youth keeper. I loaned him out to Crystal Palace (with a recall clause incase Lloris got injured) who was their main keeper, despite them getting relegated he had a reasonable season and got valuable PL experience. Lukas Spendlhofer Free - Another Austrian prospect, loaned him out to Sheffield Wednesday and he constantly came back with 'youth player of the month' awards and seemd to get solid stats improvements. Valentino Lazaro Free - A third Austrian talent (boy the future of their national team relies upon my stewardship!) who I used as a backup player in the squad, he got some good exposure in cup/sub games and seemed to make solid improvements. Unlikely to have the quality to ever make the position to make his own though and I may have to shift him on in a couple of years) Vitinho Free - I know you will have looked at this guy and thought 'OH NO HIS FIRST TOUCH IS AWFUL' as I did too. However he has probably been the signing of the season for me and is improving swiftly and is my normal 'impact' player for the wings. Paul Hecker £2.5m - Crazy regen LB, 16 but I will be amazed if he doesn't break into the first team. English too Rafael Guarderas £175k - I tried to get this fella in the previous windows, but got rejected a work permit repeatedly. The second he got here I shipped him off to Sheff Utd (with a recall clause, just incase my midfield utterly died) and he's had a solid season there. Already up to £2m value in 6 months so probably a nice profit to be had in a year or two. Jonathan Silva £4.9m - I'd been eyeing this guy up from week 1 as he looks a real talented LB, he had a great first season averaging at 8.2 over 20 games or something silly and has claimed the LB spot for Argentina too. Will Hughes £10m - I expected a little more from Will considering the transfer fee, but he has had moderate improvements and performed OK so far. Jury is still out! Jonathan Dos Santos £1.9m - Looked a real bargain and in a position I had struggled for last season with injury. Allan Nyom £12.5m - I didn't really want to sign this guy, but he was the best I could find as a first choice after PSG unsettled Walker. He's done reasonably in the role, but Naughton is probably still first choice. Gabriel Barbosa £1m - Signed in the first window but only just arrived, he looks a real talent. Jan Eder Alvarez Balanta £8.75m - I already considered the spot to be pretty well supported with Vert/Kaboul/Chicy but when I saw the quoted price from the scout, I had to ditch Chicheres which was sad as he had performed well. Out Jermaine Defoe £450k to QPR (Oh Harry...) - A travesty that he went for so little, but his age combined with dubious form on loan to Norwich last season meant that he wasn't going to bring in a ton. Thomas Carroll £3.7m to Stoke - Did OK on loan, but didn't seem to have the quality to make it in the squad. Jake Livermore £4.3m to Southampton - The same situation as Carroll really. Benoit Assou Ekotto £3m to Besiktas - Not as much as I would of liked, but preferred Rose. Adebayor £2.8m to Atletico - Good to finally be rid of him, but again not as much as I would of liked. Harry Kane £3.1m to Reading - A shame as he has potential, but with only one ST in my line-up I don't think he ever would of cut it. Iago Falque £1m to Cardiff - Not good enough. Gylfi Siggy £13m to Southampton - I've no idea what was going through his head, he threw his toys out of the pram when I rejected a £5m lowball offer from some German club so I had to sell him on. Kyle Walker £25m to PSG - He had an awesome first season and I didn't want to let him go, but Naughton had proved solid in the position and to maintain the good harmony in the squad I sold him for a slightly inflated price. Jan Vlad Chiriches £10m to SLB - Performed well, but didn't seem to have any further potential in him and wasn't quite good enough to stake his claim in the first two so had to make way for talent. Nacer Chadli £4.5m to Newcastle - Gutted as the fee was pretty poor, he had the AML slot to himself for the first half season but really didn't do anything to make it his own so he had to be sacrificed to give Vitinho game time. Summary With the tactic settled from last season, I expected to be challenging for the honours in this one. I was wrong. It went horribly until November with a spree of losses against average teams, after that we improved to mediocrity and then really hit our form in February again and went on a great run. If not for a hiccup in the final month we could of won the title, but ended up slipping somewhat frustratingly to 4th and the last CL spot. Season 3 In Victor Wanyama £20m – Biggest signing to-date, looks quality! Marc-Andre ter Stegen Free – Biggest dilemma to date, Marc or Hugo? Samuel Umtiti Free – Looks like he will be a pretty special talent. Tomas Martinez Free – I’ll loan him out somewhere, but he looks like he could do well. Out Jonathan Dos Santos £4.3m to Southampton - Southampton seem to love my sloppy seconds, made a nice profit and he had served his purpose since I have a new DMC youth arriving shortly Cristian Eriksen £30m to Real Madrid – This was a horrible saga, not only did I not want to sell but I refused a bid of £37m from Man Utd - which then made him ask to leave – at which point I could only get £30m for him. The only upside is that at least I’m not selling him to a title rival, but I’d rather have the £7m! Summary This season I’ve started with some awesome free signings in ter Stegen and Umtiti, both of whom will 100% be pushing for first team spots. After the sale of Eriksen I’ve got £50m to spend, I’d like a top quality striker and would be willing to spend all of it if necessary to get one who will be my n1 striker for the next 5 years but the best I can find are no real improvement on Soldado or refuse to come/clubs won’t sell. I’m also thinking about selling Paulinho as with Wanyama in the squad he won’t get many starts and will only hold back any youth talent from getting games, unfortunately he got injured in S1 and has never regained the lost stats and momentum :< Current Squad GK: Huge Lloris / Marc-Andre ter Stegen WBR: Kyle Naughton / Allan Nyom DC: Doria / Vertonghen DC: Eder Alvarez Balanta / Umtiti WBL: Jonathan Silva / Danny Rose DMC: Sandro / Etienne Capoue MC (DLP): Victor Wanyama / Mousa Dembele / Steven Defour / Paulinho MC (AP): Will Hughes (was Eriksen till now, so I’ve yet to work out who from the four in DLP will be best here, maybe Dembele but he is looking average post-injury) AML: Juan Fernando Quintero / Vitinho / Angel Correa AMR: Erik Lamela / Vitinho ST: Roberto Soldado / Gabriel Barbosa +A more cover in youth prospects on loan Questions Any thoughts on who to sign next, ideally an CF and a AP MC? Lloris or Ter Stegen? All suggestions welcome, sorry about butchering the team!
  10. Thanks for your thoughts. Gotze doesn't want to come, Real Madrid just offered £47m for Neymar who is still at Santos, I'm simply not willing to pay that. Muniain I can get for £25m, Jose Angel for £18m and M'Villa for £25m - I've been keeping an eye on all three but I'm just not sure if they're sufficient upgrade enough - if at all. I'd feel bad spending so much on a player who looks no better and will just take a bench spot away from one of my regen youngsters. Rodwell went to 'oil rich Newcastle' who are now spending 150k+ p/w on **** players and still finishing outside the t10.. Really torn as to what todo Edit: Got Jose Angel in, Ganso also wants to come for 26m... Both on low wages, worth bringing in Ganso? Only problem is he is natural AMC and I don't play with a AMC but one attacking MC..
  11. I'm just about to enter the 2014/15 season. So far results have been pretty solid, first season I won the FA Cup and Euro Cup, next season the Premier League and in my latest the finals of the CL and 2nd in the PL. However, I've got to the stage where I am really struggling to find quality to add to the squad, I can't seem to find anyone in the game rated above 4* with ''world class' players only getting 3.5*. I could do with some help on how to improve the squad, I've got 80m to spend and £400k variance in budget. GK: ter Stegan (14m S1) / Areola (3m S3) DR: Azpilccueta (20m S3) / Romario (3.6m S1) DL: Vrysaljko (Retrained as LB, now a Natural in both. 2.5m S1, best buy ever - turned down 20m for him from Man Utd) / Bale cover DC: Subotic (20m S2) / Phil Jones (12.5m S2) DC: Otamendi (13m S2) / Dawson MC: Fellaini (18m S1) / Khedira (6.75m S2) / Emre Can (2m S1) Cristetig (Free S2) MC: Modric / VdV / de Vilhena (1.1m S1, developing well) ML: Bale / Kagawa (Free S3) / GdS MR: Di Maria (10.75m S2) / Salvio (3.5m S4) / GdS ST: Cavani (29m S3 - Awesome, best player on the pitch) / Sanogo (3.3m S1 - been very promising) ST: Rossi (35m S1 - probably my worst buy, though I got Tevez on crazy wages for a season and he was far worse) / Fierro (1.3m S1, scored 32 from the bench last season with 7.6+ in all competitions!) Other subs:- Niang (6.5m S1, not really developed well) / Nangis (2m S1, not developed too well - hasn't got many opportunities and been on loan) My transfer activity has gone down significantly, now I can't find anyone I want (who would actually come) to Spurs. Clearly I need help! Spending 11/12 In: 95m Out: 29.5m (Not sure myself how I balanced this one, paying over 48months ftw?) Spending 12/13 In: 105m (I went a little crazy, but some great bargins like Di Maria for 10m, Khedira for 6m and Jones for 12m!) Out: 59m Spending 13/14 In: 31m (nearly all on the RB Azpilicueta) Out: 25m Spending 14/15 In: 5.5m Out: 13.5m Other big outs over the last 4 seasons:- 11/12 Kranjcar 5.5m -> Sunderland Assou-Ekotto 8m -> Ajax Parker 5m -> Liverpool Pienaar 5m -> AC Milan Gomes 2m (stupidly low I know!) -> Santos 12/13 Lennon 10m -> Villa Bassong 5m -> Fulham Kaboul 13m -> Wolves Sandro 19m -> Inter 13/14 Corluka 6m -> Leverkusen Walker 15m -> Man Utd 14/15 Huddlestone 10m -> Villa
  12. In October 2013, just got the board to buy a new stadium! Finally! First time I've had them do that in hundreds of FM versions/saves. Abit of a strange name though the 'Perryman Arena' which should be done Summer 2015 with a capacity of 50k !
  13. Simsejensen77 - wow, just wow. I've never seen a GD like that! 90 goals for a striker with 60 for another, that is absolutely outrageous. How did you do it?
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