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  1. True their stats do lend themselves to wide play, and in all fairness they are slightly different types of striker really - Hutchinson is bigger and less mobile, but better in the air and with his passing / creativity he can hold the ball up and bring others into play. McDonald is a smaller, more nimble player with higher balance, agility, strength and flair - so he could maybe get the ball down and run with it more. He does have more goals and less assists compared to Hutchinson, which suggests that is the case. To be honest I just see McDonald being better than Hutchinson by the time he is 19, and since he seems to be the player on form anyway I would use the opportunity to develop him early on.
  2. Personally, I would play the 16 year old for a few games. He is in form, and I actually think stats-wise he is very nearly as good as your 19 year old - physically he is stronger (which seems to account for a lot with the current match engine). Key stats like finishing, anticipation and composure are all there or there abouts, and its clear from his stat increases and coach reports that he has bags of potential - so with a bit of first team experience his mental stats will shoot up as well. As long as you aren't in risk of relegation, and you are aiming for mid table obscurity for this season, it would be an ideal time to develop him as there is not much riding on where you finish - and maybe by next season he will already become your first choice striker. He will turn 17 in a month too (based on your screenshots) so get him on a proper training schedule and he will be flying. Thats just me though, I like to give youngsters a chance as soon as possible.
  3. Help with mac Please !!

    I know this is slightly off topic but I got my first Mac a few months ago and found this site which gives a nice little beginners guide for windows switchers. A lot of stuff you will never need but a few helpful hints: http://www.cultofmac.com/category/100-tips/page/6 Also a big old list of keyboard commands can be found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343
  4. 2.7 Ghz i7, 8gb Ram, 3000 HD Graphics card. Identical graphics card to the i5 model so i assume whichever spec you choose, you would still get 4/5 stars in the 3d rating.
  5. I have the new 2011 13" Macbook Pro as well, the 3D match engine works perfectly very smooth and no lag at all. FM is pretty much the only game I play on it and this was one of my concerns as well before I bought it but you have nothing to worry about. I have just checked my game and it gives a System 3D Rating of 4 / 5. I play with the CD, just personal preference, but I believe you can also get it through the Mac steam store if you want.
  6. Ah quality nice one mate - nothing quite like a printed fixture list of the season in Lucidia Console or whatever that font is called They were simpler times.. happier times..
  7. Printable fixtures / results page for the season.
  8. About 2-3 weeks. The England manager got sacked after losing the first group stage game of the Euro's, and having just survived my first season in the Premiership with Carshalton Athletic got the call up. I couldnt resist the opportunity, but saw myself as a caretaker manager for the tournament, won it, and resigned in glorious victory!
  9. Games for 11.3?

    I have always managed in Europe, so I am probably going to give Brazil a try. Most likely Cruzeiro
  10. FM11 Official Good Staff thread

    Name: Tony Coton Role: Assistant Manager Starting Club: Unattached Nationality: English Key stats: Adaptability 17, Determination 20, Judging Player Ability 20, Judging Player Potential 15, Motivating 17, Plus he is a 5 Star GK Coach as well Level: I have signed him in the Championship for about £1100 p/w
  11. I know, it was a moment of madness. However it did give me a chance to bring the mighty Nigel Gibbs back to Watford as my new assistant. I havent tried this since but do you think this type of mid season friendly would work as a tactic for raising morale if it all went to plan?
  12. I was once playing with Watford in the Championship, on a push for promotion but suffering from a bad run of results and low morale. In a controvertial and experimental move, I decided I would arrange a mid-week friendly for my first team against Swindon Supermarine to raise morale. I thought to myself a nice 12-0 thrashing against non-league opposition would build everyone's spirits before an important league game. Unfortunately I forgot that I had ticked the "assistant manager takes control of friendly matches" option... who still fields a full strength team but somehow gets beaten 3-2. Cue a team full of downwards red morale arrows, and an unemployed assistant manager...