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  1. To me it dosnt sound right. Is that really all what you are changing in tough matches? I mean; with all players on 13 in mentality, on high closing down (besides the dc's) and playing wide - isnt murder? For me it just dosnt sound right and I dont understand that results can be that good but on the other hand this game dosnt make sense anymore..
  2. Decent tactic - at home Im strong. I dont score alot but its solid but what to do at tough away matches? Should I lower the d-line, should I go narrow? I'm Ajax btw.
  3. I dont get this. I used this with Porto in 2 seasons winning the double both years but failed to reach the second stage of the ChL both years. Alltough it was still quite strong but of course Porto is also a strong team. Now im playing with Fioretina and Im having big problems. Ive played 15 games, 5w 7d 3l and I conceed like hell. I tweaked it a little bit but nothing major. Ill keep trying to gets this to work!
  4. I think ive tried the Fuss tactice one before with any great succes but I think ill give it a go one more time since so many is having succes with it. Ill be using version 4 with Everton. Of course ill tweak a little bit but not to much. Hopefully it will work
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