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  1. Mignolet's 24 years old. It's possible he's bringing him in as a back up for Pepe, who will go some way to teaching him a few things about distribution, communication, organisation etc. Having someone as good as Mignolet as a proper understudy as opposed to some random 2nd rate keeper must be good for the team and the club. As 'alright' as Brad Jones is I don't think we should be relying upon him if Pepe gets injured or something.
  2. Ugh. If he wants to go he should put in a transfer request. If anyone wants him they should submit a bid. Would hate for this to drag on until deadline day. Ideally if he's gonna go he should be gone by 2 July.
  3. I'm an avid reader, but it had been better this year than last years trollathon. Just end it now.
  4. I say, here endeth the Liverpool 2012/13 thread. It's hit rock bottom.
  5. To clarify my point: It's true Gerrard isn't dominating the midfield like he used to, but he's still our best option to do so given the alternatives.
  6. The actual reality is that Henderson isn't going to be able to dominate a match, neither is Allen, Lucas, or Coutinho. Until we sign or bring through 'the next Gerrard' he remains our best option for bossing the midfield, which means we can't afford for him to be a peripheral player.
  7. I don't know, but a new manager might decide he wants someone to replace a 31 year old with one year left on his contract. Xabi loves Liverpool. Stranger things have happened.
  8. If we do get £40m for Suarez we've got to spend it wisely, (obv) and that doesn't mean dicking around with 'potential' talent. We've got enough of that for now. Tbf, sod the £40m, if we don't get £30m + Xabi in exchange we're just mugs.
  9. was what some cretin posted at the bottom of another banal LFC website article on our new signing. Some people.
  10. Ok. But why isn't he particularly good? Does he miss more chances than he scores? Does he score difficult ones but fluffs the easier chances, or the other way around?
  11. What are you basing that on, Dam_rm? Come to think of it, what's themadsheep2001 basing his assertion on? We need detail!
  12. Even more handsome than those two put together.
  13. Oh. I thought he was somewhere else. Is he still rubbish? There's only one player we should be getting from Madrid anyways....
  14. Albiol was at Madrid but he's moved on now. He was class in FM06 but doesn't seem to have lived up to that hype. Mostly because he's ***** from what i've heard.
  15. Next season could be very interesting in terms of the race for the top 4. Man Utd, Chelsea, probably Man City getting new managers, Spurs not looking good enough if they lose Bale. That kind of instability could work out very well for us. Having said that, i'm still not convinced we'll be a top 4 side until 2014/15 at the earliest. I think the players we've got need a bit more time to mature, grow in confidence and learn how to win games when we're the better team. I also think Rodgers has more to learn about his team selection and set-up, mainly that using players out of their best position does not work 90% of the time. Plus we'll have our own instability with getting a new backline. Next season will be better than this one, but I reckon our league standing will only improve by one or two places.
  16. I don't come from Liverpool or anything, but from an outside perspective it seems the tenants have been a victim of LFC dithering so much over the last 20 years of the stadium development or new build argument. Successive LFC regimes have failed to resolve it, and so tenants have been left in limbo over whether to sell up or stay in their homes. Liverpool council will have to take some blame in this but I can't see how LFC could have failed to influence them in the compulsory purchase process. LFC is a major attraction for the city of Liverpool, they must have had some sway at some level. Reiterating this is an outsider's pov, so feel free to call me a ****.
  17. It really was boring to watch, plus loads of silly, unforced passing mistakes made it really irritating at times.
  18. Yeah well done Foo, unfortunately I don't pay enough attention to the thread to pick up on themes over a number of weeks. Will try harder in future. I don't think anyone is overstating how good Lucas was before his knee injury. He really was the lynchpin we needed in midfield, we defended better with him in the team and created a lot of goals from his hard work. I'm fairly confident he'll be back to his best next season. His reading of the game is excellent and if he has lost a yard of pace hopefully that game intelligence will help him to adjust. And I think Henderson's got a great future with us, and should be in the first XI ahead of Allen quite easily. He might lose his place when Xabi comes back next season tho.
  19. **** off. Seriously? If we end up buying Diame in the summer to replace him everyone is going to be seriously disappointed.
  20. We should definitely hang on to Henderson, his best years are ahead of him and he's pretty good as he is now. Lucas will benefit from a restful pre-season and hopefully he'll be able to build his fitness up again for next year. When he was at the top of his game he was absolutely brilliant and I think he's young enough to get there again. But DM is a position we badly need cover for, because if we lose Lucas we lose the midfield. Should be a priority next to new CBs for the summer.
  21. That home kit looks like this season's logo and sponsor badly photoshopped onto a 1996 shirt. The Standard Chartered logo is all wonky ffs
  22. The Rodgers out brigade, along with the slating Sturridge platoon, need their heads examining. We've improved a lot this season, and as frustrating as it is to watch, consistency is the hardest thing to find in football. Rodgers team selection was **** poor yesterday, and he needs to learn from it as much as the players need to learn from a defeat. What would getting rid of him at the end of the season accomplish do we think?
  23. Go to the cup game, you can go to Saints next season.
  24. **** me what a goal. Better than any of Gerrard's.
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