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  1. Lol. Spain outclassing the Dutch all over the park, apart from that one moment. Not so much tiki-tanka stuff, just really great football. Be an interesting second half now.
  2. Just gets better every time you see it. They've been looking for that ball all game too.
  3. I think he meant the defender shouldn't have gone to ground so easily. He's right tbf.
  4. I think the defender takes his leg there. None of the replay angles show it unfortunately, wait til they find a good one. Xabi
  5. Got one from the Observer. Also good, not too big so won't be too intrusive at work. WC starts on Thursday! \o/
  6. Not really. Barkley too far forward so he's facing the wrong way when the ball comes forward. Wilshere offering nothing of real attacking value. Pretty flat performance overall.
  7. I wonder how many times commentators will use the phrase "Wilshere..... Ran into trouble" during the World Cup.
  8. Ian Wright is already risking arrest for crimes against humanity with his punditry. I don't mind Hoddle or Dixon, but Chiles and Wright make it all instantly hate able. Andy Townsend can stfu an' all.
  9. \o/ It's Phil Jones! \o/ Seriously though, as a Liverpool fan I'd rather have Flanno there instead of Johnson. Would be quite exciting in a way, God knows what Flanno would get up to out there, but he'd love every second.
  10. Group G looks to be a good un, I can see an upset happening there, ie Germany not qualifying. The other 3 are around the same level as each other, and between them they could squeeze Germany out.
  11. I'm sure this has never happened any any other country around the world.
  12. Portugal always seem to under perform given the players they have, but then so do England if we're honest. Belgium need another 2-4 years. I think Messi and Argentina will do the business though. No floppage there.
  13. This is a great thing and should be implemented everywhere. The amount of encroaching that goes on for FKs is comical. Doesn't have to be a yellow card offence though, if they don't get their yards the FK gets moved 5 yards closer to goal. If they do it again, then it's a yellow. After that just award the attacking team a goal ffs.
  14. I'd have thrown it at his balls, give him something to cry about! Anyway, I've nothing against Spain, or any other WC nation for that matter. Can't we just enjoy football without all the hate, schaudenfreude, baiting and general ******* behaviour for a change?
  15. Even if he's correct about England fans, 'boisterous', 'loud', even 'arrogant' aren't the worst things to be called. I just don't think anyone likes seeing us having a good time.
  16. That's outstanding. How many times is that gonna pop up over the forum?
  17. I quite like how this has developed into the ABEMedia thread, whereas anything said about the English footballers themselves has been largely positive. Step it up lads!
  18. I want that from the England team overall. We've got some exciting young players in the squad, I want us to make use of them for once instead of letting them sit on the bench for another 4 years when they'll be knackerd and/or injured. We've got nothing to lose, let's go for it. In answer to the OP: Sterling Neymar and Fred for Brazil (used to love Fred in FM 2006) Hazard for Belgium
  19. That David Platt volley (spent many an hour recreating that on the sports field) and Gazza in tears are my earliest world cup memories. The Romanian team's haircuts in WC'94, Zinedine Zidane and Dennis Bergkamp in WC'98 and then the England-Brazil game in 2002. After that it all got a bit uninspiring. I guess Zidane getting sent off in the WC Final and his last ever game was pretty epic too.
  20. Well I don't know then, all I'm saying is it would be good for us to have a (very) good back up for Pepe instead of the level of reserves we have now. Would be a shame to see Pepe leave, as someone else said he had a very solid 2nd half of last season for us, there's plenty left in him yet.
  21. I don't know, but he might want the opportunity to improve as a keeper for a couple of years before getting the No1 spot at a club where he could be 'adored' just as much.
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