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  1. Looks like we're on Sky Sports 2 against Bolton. Reckon we'll take 3 points - 2-0 with Suarez getting both. Hope to see him start too. Reina Kelly Carra Agger Enrique Lucas Adam Downing Kuyt Suarez Carroll
  2. Reckon Suarez will get at least an hour to bring up his match fitness, then a start against Bolton. However Kenny might consider Bolton to be one of the teams against which Carroll will be most effective. Hopefully the tie will be wrapped up by half time and we can do what we like.
  3. Coates, just based on those 2 videos: Pros: Good positioning, and good anticipation allowing him to keep up with trickier players. Decisive in the tackle. Also played some reasonable long passes out of defence, good if he can pick out Suarez's movement. Has a stupendous right foot, would expect him to lob the keeper from 80 yards at least once a season. Cons: Seems to lack a bit of composure on the ball, and his control looked to let him down on a couple of occasions. Not convinced about him in the air either. Short range passing looks a bit iffy.
  4. Yeah, does appear to be a load of old press bollocks. crazy really, they just make themselves (and gullable ****s like me) look stupid.
  5. I've just seen the article on the official website entitled "Kenny: Dirk is Fantastic". Classic FM man management tactic.
  6. Kuyt's representative Rob Jansen admits the 31-year-old needs to think about the offer from Inter. "Inter Milan have made an attractive offer for Dirk and he has to think about it," Jansen told RTV West. "However, the two clubs have yet to agree a deal." Hmmmmmm. Here's the story from Sky Sports: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12876_7117958,00.html
  7. Inter have put a bid in for Dirk according to Sky Sports. Depending on what the fee is, should we let him go? On the one hand, he's 31 and this could be our last chance to get a decent price for him. On the other, we've a lot of youngsters in the squad and his experience would be key for players like Sterling, Coady etc. Plus it's obvious he's a great personality to have around and it could be a loss to the squad in general. Well there's CP opinion.
  8. Hopefully, though I'm still not sure a new CB is required. Can't see us bringing in someone like Gary Cahill just in case Agger gets injured. I'd be happier with a new Mexican wonderkid type striker.
  9. I can see why Aqua might want to go back to Italy, I just meant we'll now have 7 midfielders instead of 8. I don't see how Kenny couldn't rate him, when he's fit he's quality.
  10. http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12874_7115759,00.html Liverpool midfielder Alberto Aquilani claims he is close to joining Italian giants AC Milan. Aquilani spent last season back in his homeland with a loan spell at Juventus, before returning to Anfield earlier in the summer. Aquilani has been continually linked with a move back to his native Italy summer with the former Roma man seemingly not figuring in Kenny Dalglish's plans. Juventus declined to sign Aquilani on a permanent basis because of his price-tag, while the 27-year-old also came close to joining Fiorentina earlier this summer, but he pulled out of the move as he wanted a permanent transfer rather than a loan deal. Milan have now expressed an interest in Aquilani as they look to bolster their midfield options after being frustrated in their attempts to land Fiorentina's Riccardo Montolivo "I am close to joining Milan," Aquilani told Gazzetta dello Sport. It remains to be seen if the move would be a loan deal or a permanent deal with Liverpool thought to be keen on a permanent transfer so that they can raise funds for their own transfer plans. There you go then, slightly less of a selection headache for Kenny, unless we go and buy Scott Parker with the money we receive.
  11. The main worry for Carroll for me is still his attitude. Whenever there's a misplaced pass, or something else goes wrong from his team mates you always see him mouthing off with some indignant look on his face. Obviously it's just the way it is but if I was in a team with him that **** would get pretty irritating pretty fast. Honestly get the feeling that he's only out there for himself. Lucas Motm methinks.
  12. I just don't see the point of being pessimistic just because our 'best' player is on the bench. After all those seasons of pinning our hopes on one player, do we really want to get our knickers in a twist over Suarez?
  13. I think Aqua's a goner. Surely would have been at least on the bench given his pre season performances. I saw rumours somewhere of him being sold to AC Milan. It's a shame but he's no good to us if he doesn't want to stay.
  14. Straight 4-4-2 by the looks of it, Kuyt playing off Carroll. Good news because they've linked up really well in the past. Suarez is one hell of an impact sub.
  15. They've still got Arshavin aswell who seems to have some kind of psychological condition which only allows him to score against Liverpool. I'd imagine he'd start. I hope we put in a good performance tomorrow, as well as win ofc. The first half against Sunderland was so encouraging to watch, just gotta hope we can do it away from home.
  16. There's no point being jealous of other teams' players, we've got a good squad and we will do well this season. Our first half performance on Saturday was encouraging, just need to get rid of some of the ring rust and get as many players as possible up to fitness. Anyway the sad fact is that we probably could have been in for Silva and Aguero at some point, and have the readies for the transfer fee. But we just can't match what City can offer in terms of wages, that is the killer in the transfer market these days. I don't care anyway, we've got Suarez, and Downing, and Aquaman! We'll be alright.
  17. Maybe rose-tinted glasses on my part then, I still loved him though. Forgot about Finnan too tbf.
  18. Have we had a better full back than Stig in the last 20 years? Rob Jones aside, who you could probably discount due to injuries, I can't think of anyone better.
  19. The feature of the second half of last season and what I think we'll see this season is Kenny's use of different formations against certain opposition. The squad we have now gives us so many more options, we could play 3 at the back, 4 at the back with 5 in midfield, have a lone striker or a front 2, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1 (or 4-5-1), 4-4-2. All this without having to compromise on attacking guile or defensive stability. I agree with those who say Lucas must start. After that it's rotation depending on who we're playing. Really looking forward to seeing what Kenny can do after having half a season to get back into the groove and having put his stamp on the squad. CPs line-up above has the most attacking potential i've seen us have in years.
  20. Fair enough then. Just thought it looked provision that's all.
  21. I doubt the numbers on the official website will be the same as the squad numbers for the start of the season. Downing will end up with 11 I think, Aqua might get 14 is Jovanovic does go. Interesting that Adam gets 26 which used to be Spearing's iirc. He's moved to 20. If Cole leaves we won't have a number 10.
  22. I think i'm reasonably happy with the business we've done so far, given that we've got no European competition to attract the better/more famous players with, and that we're clearly thinking about the money we shell out on long-term contracts instead of giving in to massive wage demands. Obviously a new LB is the priority, and apart from maybe a new CB i'd be pretty happy with our squad atm. --------------------------Reina------------------------------ Johnson ---------Carra-----------Skrtel---------Enrique (please) -------------------------Lucas------------------------------- ----------------------------------Adam---------------------- --------------------Gerrard---------------------------------- --------Suarez (free role)--------------------Downing----- -------------------------Carroll----------------------------- Bench: Kuyt, Maxi, Aquilani, Henderson, Kelly, Agger, Doni
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