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  1. I think it's been quite absorbing, aside from the odd lull. Extra time is shaping up to be good too.
  2. Is anyone else getting Jon Champion on commentary? God it's awful.
  3. Massive chance for Germany there, the pass from Hummels opened it up.
  4. Still thinking Boateng for a professional foul on Aguero. @ginnybob
  5. Agree it's not a pen, but can't understand how that's a Germany free kick.
  6. Bizarre refereering there, Gonzo didn't even see Neuer coming. It's at least a throw in to Argentina, surely???
  7. Boateng looks very ungainly when chasing the ball. Can see him committing some clumsy challenges as he gets more tired.
  8. blimey, off the post. Should really have scored there, free header from 6 yards.
  9. That's nice from Ozil. Rubbish from Kroos though, deserved better.
  10. Offside Offside, Offside Offside \o/ Not looking good for Kramer, hope he's ok. Took a hell of a whack.
  11. When did this left-fullback/right-fullback start? Why not just left back or right back?
  12. ****ing hell Higuain. Got to hit the target from there. Who headed that back? Lahm?
  13. Actually found that quite shocking to watch, stuff like that just doesn't happen in WC Semi Finals does it? It's like the Brazil players weren't even there. The fifth goal in particular was absolutely criminal, Hummels (I think) just running through 3/4 half challenges, and Luiz just running up the field as if he's in Pro Evo. Unbelievable Jeff.
  14. I voted for both but I think the Euros would edge it if I were pushed. Although both are obviously huge money making vehicles for FIFA/UEFA, the WC has a bit more marketability about it, all the merchandise, sponsorship etc takes away from it imo. The Euros doesn't have the same feel in my eyes. However, watching all the fans get together at the WC and really enjoy themselves in some harmony is really great to see. Don't get that at the Euros so much. Fans are a bit more aggressive.
  15. Both of my entries >>>>> other entries
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