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  1. I didn’t move on from de Marcos until 2021 and at that point I got very little for him as he started to decline quite a lot. I’d likely take that offer since it won’t likely be there in 6 months. One RB to look at is Martin Aguirregabiria from Alaves. I think he is a guy who was buffed with recent patches. $13M release clause, not up to Odriozola’s level, but a lot better than the other basque RB options.
  2. Hey @Christopher Lewis I have uploaded my latest save. KeV bK - Athletic Club 4.0.fm. My C team entered into the playoffs the previous season (and will likely enter it again once I finish this season). Here is some context, in case it might help. During my first season with this save I used a database that enabled the 4th tier of leagues in Spain (where Bilbao C starts). After getting the C team promoted to the 3rd division, the game started freezing, not advancing past the new season start date. No idea if it was an issue with the file itself, or my team being promoted, but I was able to get past the error by removing the 4th tier before the new season start date. My C team was still promoted and I havent had any crashing/freezing since.
  3. I have an interesting bug. Managing Athletic Bilbao with my B team in the second division and my C team in the third division. My C team finished top 4 in their division. I assumed they would be passed over for a spot in the promotion playoffs, but instead they were entered into them. My C team advanced through all rounds of the playoff and "won". Going into the new season my C team wasn't promoted, remaining in the 3rd division, with Cornella (the team they beat) taking their place. Obviously it was correct that my C team wasn't ultimately promoted, but I thought it was odd that they were entered into the playoffs at all.
  4. I asked this in another thread but didnt get any response. In the pre-game editor, can you add a "transfer policy" to a club, similar to the restrictions that Chivas and Athletic have to only sign Mexican and Basque players?
  5. When talking to people in the past I would make the suggestion to increasing PA for every player significantly, but making reaching that PA incredibly difficult. Ofcourse players have an upper limit on their ability, but i would argue that limit is too low in FM and leads to a very linear pattern of development. You know from the first time you see a player how good they could possibly be, regardless of what actually happens in game. you dont have players moving up the ranks in the middle or towards the end of their careers. players develop into the players they can be based on their PA, they peak, then decline. how many footballers in the real world have 100% fulfilled their potential? i would argue the vast majority of them never have. it is far too easy to do so in game, and the PA system doesnt have the flexibility to allow for players to exceed expectations outside of the basic development pattern players go through in game.
  6. In the pre-game editor, can you add a "transfer policy" to a club, similar to the restrictions that Chivas and Athletic have to only sign Mexican and Basque players?
  7. I'll piggy back on this as I am having a similar issue. Game has become very slow clicking into different screens, emails, etc. Doing that sort of thing had been almost instant earlier on this version and on older fms. With the most recent update it takes 3-5 seconds to advance to the next email if i press space. Deleted the cache, revrified the cache, and deleted the preferences, as suggested, with no improvement. I have only tried playing in windowed mode, as that is how I always play the game.
  8. where is this option? i didnt see it under national rules or advanced rules.
  9. Hi, I've been messing around with a database that moves all of the Scandinavian teams into the same pyramid, while retaining their own continental qualifying places. So, the top 4 teams from Norway will qualifying for Europe, top for from Sweden, Denmark, so on, based on how they finish in the league tables. It is working, somewhat. It is based in Denmark and teams from Denmark are qualifying correctly. Teams from Norway and Sweden are qualifying as well, but they arent qualifying during the correct season. Meaning the top 4 Norwegian teams for 2014-2015 arent qualifying for Europe during 2015-2016, but rather during 2016-2017, and so on. Same thing for Sweden. I havent looked at the other countries involved yet to see if the problem is there for them as well. Any idea why this is happening? I can only assume it has something to do with how their traditional league calendars went, but I'm not sure what I can do to fix it.
  10. to me, it would seem that potential ability for all players is too low, and reaching the height of potential is too easy. How many players in fm reach their full pa? People say it is rare, but to me in the real world only one percent of the one percent of players ever reach their max potential. If I'm in game searching for regens, im looking for the 5* guys, that is usually it. I argue that there should be a ton more guys rated with 4-5* potential, but only a fraction of those guys ever reach their max potential, based on a number of factors. It is just too easy now to look at a 15 year old and see that they could be good enough for the championship or good enough for the premier league with far too much accuracy. My issue could be addressed by either altering how scouts look at young prospects or by increasing pa as a whole, while making it harder to reach at the same time.
  11. Watching FM on twitch is fun. Maybe I'm different, but I never just sit down and play FM. I listen to music, watch tv or youtube, whatever. I like watching people like workthespace streaming on twitch, i put it on in the background when I play. Good tunes, good commentary. It is a good time.
  12. I would be interested in knowing peoples experiences playing "the realistic way". how much control do you have in first team signings? can the game really handle that role? it seems like a novel idea I would try, Im just not sure the game can handle it.
  13. How does this actually play when managing a college team? That is where id start if i used this database. Do you have any say in "recruiting" players, or do you only get players through youth intakes? i foresee a problem with that if teams arent making money then improving as a college team would by very difficult as you couldnt improve facilities/youth recruitment ect.
  14. not sure if this would be considered a bug, but I just had Royston Drenthe turn down 50k a week at monaco to sign for 5.5k at legia in poland....maybe there is logic in there somewhere, but i dont understand it at all...
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