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  1. I am managing Juventus. As such, I have some top notch world class midfielders on my team. So why the hell is every single player on my team completely incapable of passing? It seems like every single time they pass it goes straight to an opposing player. I see it so often, it's ridiculous. I lose many games I should easily win. Is it something to do with my tactics? How can I improve this? Now, I need to go into more detail. Don't I? I am having trouble getting a screenshot of my FM games. I could do it on my old laptop but can't seem to on here. I use a 4-3-2-1 formation. F AM AM LM CM RM LB CB CB RB Like so. When I was managing Arsenal, I used many different formations and this is the one that worked for me. So I used it as often as I can. Also, I use the tactic "More Direct Passing." Is what I used to always put with Arsenal and it worked. I have tried a few different things but I always go back to this. But I still seem to have to same problem. If anyone has any insight on this, much help would be appreciated. Is that better? Or do I need to provide more information?
  2. I am managing Juventus. As such, I have some top notch world class midfielders on my team. So why the hell is every single player on my team completely incapable of passing? It seems like every single time they pass it goes straight to an opposing player. I see it so often, it's ridiculous. I lose many games I should easily win. Is it something to do with my tactics? How can I improve this?
  3. So one of my players was concerned that he wasn't seeing enough first team football and wanted to leave. I let him know what I would let him leave. Seeing as I am coming up to the closing staged of the season, I figured he would be smart enough to realize that I would be able to sell him once the transfer window opens. Anyway, the season is almost coming to an end and he has requested a transfer. His reasoning was that he is angry at me because I broke my promise that I would sell him. But how the hell am I supposed to sell with before the freaking transfer window opens?! This is so stupid. And also, he is going to angrily request a transfer because he is angry at me and the fact that I supposedly broker a promise when he first requested a transfer? Makes no sense.
  4. I manage Arsenal and have just won the league for the 8th year in a row. In my game, Leicester have somehow come into some money. They frequently spend around 70-80 million a year. They do well most seasons, finishing high up to table. They even qualify for the champions league now and then. They never win anything. Just finish high up in the league every year. As well as winning the league 8 years, I have also won others along the way, such as the League Cup, FA Cup and the Champions League. Leicester put in a bid for one of my players, which I rejected. He then wanted to talk to me and ask me why I wasn't letting him talk to other players, to which I informed him I wanted to stay. When he inquired on why he should stay, I told him because he would win trophies. To which he then replied when, and seeing as there was no other available option, I told him we would win trophies next year. He then said if wed don't, then he's off. Now why the hell would I have to convince a player that we will win trophies soon when we have already won so many? And why would he be threatening to leave for a worse team, one that never wins any trophies?
  5. So, I manage Arsenal. After ten years with the club, Oxlaide-Chamberlain tells me he wants a new challenge. I have a couple of young promising players in his position who I wanted to give more playing time to anyway. He was still a great player so I figured I would get a good price for him. So I thought, why not? So I try and offer him to clubs, but no one wants to buy him. Even as I lower his price down. I would have settled for anything for him because his contract was coming to an end and he wasn't resigning because he wanted to leave. So, his contract eventually ran out. I thought, well **** him. He didn't wanna stay with Arsenal and he is now without a club. Eventually, Newcastle, sign him up. When he said he wanted a new challenge, I imagined he wanted to go play in another country. But now, he is just playing in the same league for a worse team. Well, that's his choice. Could have still been playing champions league football, but instead he is now playing for a mid table team. I replaced him with a very promising player from my youth team who was doing very well. Was a bit bitter he left on a free transfer, but didn't think it was that much of a big deal. After one season with Newcastle, Manchester United sign him for £15 Million! Bullocks!
  6. I have been playing FM for years. I am good at this game. Sure, I have always lost games before but this is getting beyond ridiculous now. I am playing as Arsenal. I can understand losing to the other big clubs but I am not performing against teams who are far inferior to me. There seems to be nothing I can do to help it. I have just lost for games in a row against teams I should have beaten. This is not normal. No matter what I do with my tactics or my formations, I still can't win. Sure, I get the odd win every now and then, but even then, my team does not play well and they are all close calls and very nervous wins. Apart from these odd wins, my team plays very badly. They seem to be completely unable to tackle anyone. Whenever a player runs at a defender with the ball, they always seem to get past them or get a shot on goal. They seem completely incapable of completely a pass. Even players who should be accomplished passers such as Ozil end up giving the ball away or kicking it straight to an opponent. On the moments where I do beat a defender and get a shot on goal, they only seem to be able to strike the ball directly at the goal keeper. It's as if the ball is made of metal and the keeper has magnets in his gloves. No matter what tactics I used, a team like Arsenal should be playing better against lower teams. But I get outplayed and completely over run in midfield by much lesser opponents. This shouldn't be happening. I can only conclude that they have made FM14 much harder and perhaps have made the tactics far too complicated and intricate. I should be steam rolling over some of these teams. Anyone else having a similar problem?
  7. I wasn't tryna get the exact same score. I was just tryna get the win. But I couldn't beat them! It would either be a loss or a draw. I eventually got the win. 2-1. Not as good as how much I originally beat them by but it will do.
  8. So, I have been managing Arsenal in my game for over ten years nows. I am in the year 2015 and I have turned them into a force to be reckoned with. I have won all sorts of trophies. In my current game, my next match is against Catania in the first leg of the first round of the champions league. Should be and easy game for me. And it was. I beat them 4-1. That's four away goals as well. The tie was essentially won. But I left my laptop aside and went to do something else. I then had to leave my house to run an errand. While I was out, my brother quickly used my laptop. After using it, he shut it down, so my game had not been saved. Now, I wont that match. I'm owed that win. I earned it. I figured, big deal, I will just beat then again. But I can't do it! Ever match I have had against them since, they completely play me off the pitch. I keep closing the game and restarting it because I originally won that match! But since then, I can't beat them. They completely run circles around me. My players can't string two passes together. They get tackled way to easily. They can't tackle their players. I don't know what's going on! I won that match and I deserve to win again. I must have restarted this match 15 times now. It's driving me nuts!
  9. Yes. I wanted to keep him as my first choice when my current No.1 eventually retired.
  10. I usually look for a young goalkeeper with lots of potential who can be seen as a understudy to my no.1. But last time I did that, he demanded first team football and forced a transfer. He is now the first choice goalkeeper for Man City.
  11. Makes sense. I have another German player in my team who is a back up and bit part player who gets called up all the time and he's a regen.
  12. I am still playing FM 2012 because I am currently in a mammoth game and I wanna keep playing it as long as I can. I am managing Arsenal. I am in year 2022 and I have had Mario Gotze in my team since 2015. Every season he has averaged a rating of around 7.50. He has been an amazing player for me. Yet, at the age of 29, he only has 6 caps for Germany. He never ever gets called up. Being one of my top players, you would think he would be an instant addition to any Germany squad. Anyone else have a similar sort of thing happen with their players?
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